How Hot Does The Butane Torch Get

How Hot Does The Butane Torch Get

Both in everyday life and in professional fields, the butane torches are quite sought-after. The scope of their appliances is very wide, and there are also many varieties of their use, and picking out the best butane torch for current tasks can make a lot of different processes slightly easier.

The butane torch is among the high-temperature gas torches. Its temperature is able to reach up to 1,430 °C (2,610 °F). The main energy is concentrated in a cone, which is fairly stable and has a pronounced boundary. Such torches are used for heating, forging and bending high-carbon steels and massive parts. Its high temperature also makes it possible to temper and release the metal more qualitatively. The usage of the butane torches for melting of common metals such as aluminum or copper is an appropriate answer to the question “how hot does a butane torch get”.

In terms of soldering and welding, the temperature of the butane flame decently copes with stainless steel, without overheating the thin parts. Another advantage of the butane gas is its low boiling point, which makes it possible to use it at temperatures of -20 ° C even in torches without a heating circuit.

The Butane Torch Common Applications

The butane torches are often used as daily task tools for different kinds of everyday practices. The most popular of them are culinary and lighting up the cigars.


The butane torch heat often used for different cooking processes. Most likely, the device is used for creme brulee making to create a caramel crust. However, the varieties of usage of this torch are much wider:

  • the high temperature of the butane torch can substitute the pan when cooking steak;
  • the device makes it easy to remove feathers on the bird carcass before cooking;
  • if the meat was cooked without a ruddy crust, the heat of a butane torch is used to create it;
  • the butane torch is used to saturate the meat with herbs aroma: the iron bowl with meat herbs sets up on fire by the torch;
  • the butane torch gives a smoky flavor to vegetables and makes their taste more saturated;
  • cooking bacon in a griddle can be replaced by heat treatment of the butane torch;
  • the surface of the fish cooked in the oven is treated with a butane torch to make it the crisp crust, avoiding dryness.

The Lighter for Cigars

The special cigar lighters are often used by cigar smokers. These lighters are always filled with butane, as the butane flame temperature is ideal for convenient and fast lightening of a dense cigar. Another reason for the usage of the butane torches is that the cigars are very acquisitive to foreign odors, so the gasoline lighters are not used in this case. The burning temperature of conventional lighters or matches will also not allow you to quickly set fire to a cigar. In the case with the butane torches, the gas comes out at a high speed, which allows smoking a cigar evenly and quickly. That is why a butane torch is using as a portable lighter oftenly.