Cordless Impact Wrench: How Much Torque Is Needed?

Cordless Impact Wrench: How Much Torque Is Needed?

A wrench is a hand tool developed for tightening and unscrewing of the threaded connections of the bolts and nuts. They are meant to be used in the maintenance operations and car repairs, industrial equipment, at building objects, and also in any other cases when high torque is required. The best cordless impact wrench creates an additional force during rotation. It has a hammer in its construction, which creates an additional angular impulse in a continuous mode during the resistance to rotation. Usually, the hammer is located directly on the shaft in most of impact wrenches.

The compressed air is the most common source of energy for the impact wrenches. This particularity allows achieving the best ratio of output power to tool weight. Usually, the impact wrench mechanism uses four or seven blades (lamellas) for spinning.

How Much Torque Will You Need?

The torque is one of the most essential parameters, so the choice should be approached carefully. Therefore, the answer to the question “how much torque do you need” depends on the application. Your impact wrench should have the necessary torque required to complete the work, and different applications require different torque. For example, if it is required for repairing of the greenhouses from plastic, then an indicator of 160 Nm will be enough. And for the rail construction, it is about 610 and 1000 Nm.

You need to select the proper device taking into account the scope of applications where the impact wrench is needed. For a professional usage of the tool, I would recommend selecting an impact wrench with a maximum air impact wrench torque. For frequent home use, you also need to choose a more powerful tool.

The variety of tightening torques of impact wrenches differs from 30 to 3000 Nm. For the impact pneumatic wrenches, the torque ranges from 300 to 2200 Nm. If the tool is needed for tightening of the large-sized fasteners, then you should choose an impact wrench with a high level of the generated torque. For the installation and removing of the rims, a suitable working torque should be about 100 Nm. In the case with car assembly, where you need different levels ​​of torque for different components, the impact wrenches with adjustable torque is a suitable option.

To secure your choice, make sure that the maximum torque required for the application corresponds to the tool’s working torque and not the maximum tool torque. Note that with the wrong choice, the impact gun torque can lead to the tightening of the nuts with more or less power than it is necessary.

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