Are Brushless Impact Drivers Better?

Are Brushless Impact Drivers Better?

In a while, every large manufacturer can offer you the best brushless impact driver according to several parameters. However, it’s not surprising, as the brushless motors are the neoteric innovation. Despite this fact, they still remain a poorly known point for some of the potential buyers. In the present article, we will answer the most popular questions on the issue, so you could decide which type is better for you.

What is Brushless Motor?

The development of semiconductor electronics has led to the understanding that the brushes should be eliminated from motors. In a brushless motor, an electronic amplifier replaces mechanical switching contacts. The special electronic sensor defines the rotation angle and also monitors the semiconductor switches. All this has contributed to the friction reduction and increased the impact driver’s life term. In result, the brushless power tool provides improved work efficiency and is less susceptible to mechanical wear.

Pros And Cons of The Brushless Motors

The brushless motors have some significant privileges in comparison with brushed ones:

  1. The brushless motors are much better in transforming electricity into the mechanical force. The speed doesn’t depend on the centrifugal force, and the motor operates in the installed mode. So, even with current leakage or magnetization, the tool with brushless motor doesn’t reduce its productivity, and the speed of rotation coincides with the torque.
  2. The motor without brush doesn’t require winding and switch, and the magnet, used in its structure, has small dimensions.
  3. Such motors provide the ability of speed adjustment. At the same time, the user has a large variety of settings for this indicator, in accordance with the performed work and the place where you’re working.
  4. The tool breaks down often, because of the absence of the brush, and its maintenance causes fewer issues.
  5. The device copes better with a large load of work, connected with increased torque.
  6. The effectiveness of the brushless motors reaches 90%.
  7. The impact driver can be safely used in hazardous surroundings with the presence of explosive gas mixtures since it doesn’t cause sparks.
  8. Even big load won’t cause the speed reduction.

And the disadvantages are as follow:

  1. The high cost.
  2. The brushless motors are difficult in repairing.

Are Brushless Impact Drivers Better?

As it has been highlighted before, the effectiveness of the brushless kind of motors is about 90%. In comparison with them, the brushless ones have only 60%. So it comes out that the brushless impact drivers last longer on one charge, which is not unimportant if the source for charging is far away. In this regard, it’s safe to say that brushless devices are more effective than the brushed ones in all the parameters.

Despite this fact, the potential buyers are often confused by the price. Since any even the most expensive instrument, fails sooner or later, most prefer to work with cheap products. On the one hand, if you want to pick a long-term unit for a prof frequent use, then you should probably take a closer look at the brushless model. On the other hand, there are a lot of effective simple brushed impact drivers. And comparing the brushless vs brushed drill for domestic use, you will hardly notice the large distinctions between these motors.