Beginners Guide: Tips on Chainsaw’s Maintenance

Beginners Guide: Tips on Chainsaw’s Maintenance

The best lightweight chainsaw requires certain care after exploitation, as well. This is especially important when you have been using it frequently and for a long time. Otherwise, there will be definitely some problems with its launch, increased fuel consumption, power reduction, or even more serious breakages. Of course, nothing lasts forever. And even with proper care, the time, when it will need the help of a master, will come. However, if you know how to maintain the chainsaw in good condition, it will serve you well even longer than you expect.

How To Service A Chainsaw

#1 Transmission

Remember that the “heart” of the gasoline chainsaw is its engine, and if it shows some signs of breakage, you won’t get pleasure from its work. The gasoline must be diluted with good oil in the proportions recommended by the manufacturer. It is recommended to buy bottles of oil with tick marks or you can measure the oil with a large syringe.

#2 Air Filter

The air filter is another important point of the chainsaw service. It is should be periodically cleaned from the wood dust. If the chain is ill-sharpened, a thin sawdust and wood dust will clog the filter very quickly. Thus, it interferes with the air supply, decreases the engine performance, increases fuel consumption, and generally contributes to many problems with saw staring.

Therewith, the adjustment process is directly related to this item, and it should be carried out several times a year. First, check the condition of the spark plug and the air filter. Then carry out the adjustment in accordance with the instructions. It is good to make adjustments with the seasons changing – some settings will be for summer, and others – for winter. In the end, the temperature of the air injected into the engine is rather an important parameter, and during the year it can even fluctuate up to 122 °F.

#3 Cutting System

Before starting each long work with any kind of chainsaw, it’s necessary to check the chain tension. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. Also, check the amount of the lubricating oil for the chain before every cutting session. Sometimes, sawdust can clog the oil supply. However, it is can be easily checked:

  1. Start the chainsaw.
  2. Turn it to a high speed.
  3. Bring closer the end of the guide bar to the wood that you are going to cut. When it’s lubricated correctly, the particles of oil will drip from the end of the saw. If after a few seconds of work the workpiece is dry, this is a bad sign. It is necessary to check whether the oil supply channels are clogged with sawdust if there is oil in the tank. And don’t forget to make sure that the oil supply is set up correctly.

#4 Chain Tension

The chainsaws maintenance also requires following the necessary steps. Assure that it doesn’t hook on stones or even dirt (for instance, when you are cutting scattered branches in the garden). Only one nail or stone may be the reason for sharpening the chain. The dirt causes dullness of the chain and slows down its work.

If you need to sharpen the chain, it is better to give it to someone who has special skills. The cost of such service is usually not expansive. Besides, if you even want to sharpen the chain yourself, it will be a waste of time. After all, you will not do it as good as a specialist.