7 Techniques For Removing Dry Erase Marker From Wall

7 Techniques For Removing Dry Erase Marker From Wall

If you have ever puzzled over a question “how to get dry erase marker off wall” then you had this situation when your child had painted the wall with this type of marker or your hand had accidentally jumped off the whiteboard.

The mark of the dry erase marker can be easily cleaned from the wall without anyone’s help. It’s not necessary to buy any expensive unique means in the stores if you don’t know how to get whiteboard marker off walls. You can cope on your own, using available tools to remove dry erase marker from wall.

Rubbing alcohol

The marker can be removed with alcohol. Please note that the only suitable one is with alcohol content of at least 45%. Just wipe the soiled area with a rag dipped in alcohol and that’s it.

Hair spray

It’s another effective way to remove the marker stain. Plentifully spray the lacquer on the polluted area and wait for it to absorb. Then take a piece of cloth and rub in circular motions, and then wipe the area with a damp cloth. It should be mentioned that since you risk removing a layer of paint, this procedure is not appropriate for all types of walls. To avoid it, try this procedure in a separate section first.

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Melamine sponge

You can buy it in a hardware store or online. A miracle sponge is able to clean any surface from various kinds of stains, including dry erase markers on walls. Use a sponge that has been dampened with water to scrub the soiled area. If it wasn’t possible to remove the marker with the first try, just repeat the process.

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Office eraser

If you winder how to clean dry erase marker off wall, this method is suitable if the marker stain is fresh, and probably the simplest one — you only need to rub the polluted area with an eraser.

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This remedy is strong, so you need to handle it carefully. To avoid the wall damage, you need to try to apply acetone on a small piece of the surface first. If the paint from the wall isn’t gone, then feel free to use acetone to launder the trace of the marker. Wipe the polluted place with a piece of fleece dipped in acetone. If the stain is old, you will have to repeat the procedure several times.

Acetone-free nail polish remover

Every woman who cares much for her hands has an acetone-free nail polish remover. In order to remove whiteboard marker from wall, it is necessary to apply a large amount of liquid on a cotton pad. Wipe the soiled area with a wetted disc. Leave the agent for 15 minutes, and then rinse it off.

Household stain removers

Such products are considered effective because they contain chemicals. Read the directions thoroughly before using it. Some stain removers may remove the paint from the wall along with the writing, so try first on a small piece of the surface. Apply the product and wait for 10-15 minutes. The stain remover may be used without risk if the paint still remains.

This is how to remove dry erase marker from wall with the aid of one of these techniques for sure.