How Does Dual Fuel Generator Work?

How Does Dual Fuel Generator Work?

Having an extra source of power is crucial, especially if you work somewhere and you need to be provided with electricity constantly, or if you want to be ready for any emergency situation. In this case, the best dual fuel generator is the option for you. However, understanding how it works can be extremely helpful to understand clearly what you can expect from it and how to maintain it properly.

Fuel types

If you ask a simple question “what does a fuel generators do?” – the answer you will probably come up with is “generating some power”. It requires some amount of fuel to generate the required amount of power. However, various kinds of fuel can be used. Gas can provide you with a great amount of power and it is very effective, but it may be quite expensive in certain areas. Propane also provides you with some power, but you need to store them properly. Various types of fuel have their advantages and disadvantages, but if your model uses two types of fuel – you can combine their pros to build a very effective power source. Moreover, modern models can change from one type of fuel to another without turning off the generator, which makes the whole system more stable. Therefore, we can also answer the question “how a dual fuel generators works?” – these solutions use various types of fuel. They can work using natural gas, diesel, gas, etc.
It is important to be sure that you use high-quality fuel only – it will provide you with the necessary energy and it will not damage any fuel lines.

Power generating

How does a generator work? Why does it output power? – These questions seem simple, but if you know how generators work, you can understand what they are capable of. Moreover, you will be able to fix them on your own. There are several important parts:

  • Engine. It creates mechanical energy, which is later going through a conductor in a magnetic field, then it generates electric current. The engines installed in portable models are quite small, but they are still able to provide you with the required amount of energy. Choosing a model, consider getting a solution that features cast iron sleeve, which is an engine cylinder lining. It helps to reduce tearing and wearing, increasing durability. Overall, this feature will increase the operational life.
  • Alternator. It generates an electrical output, which is important for electricity generating. Consider getting a model with a metal housing as it lasts longer. This component has a ball or needle bearings. It would be better to get a model with ball bearings since they last longer. It will be great to get a model with a brushless alternator as it outputs cleaner power.
  • Fuel system. It may include various lines, pipes and pumps, and injectors. The main task of this system is to provide the whole system with the necessary fuel.
  • Panel. It is used to control the model. It has various switches and outlets. Some models also have small displays which provide users with important information.

Check it

First, you should study the user manual carefully. Do not forget about correct fuel storing, since it is inflammable and check your model eventually (at least fuel lines and pipes) – make sure there is no fuel leaking.