A Dual Fuel Generator – A Reliable Power Source

A Dual Fuel Generator – A Reliable Power Source

A generator is your power of source wherever you are. You may have a long trip or you may be a driver who needs to go through the whole country and an additional source of power will be crucial for you, since you don’t know what problems you may have to deal with. Finding the best dual fuel generator is challenging, as there are various models are available to you – they have different power output, weight, additional features, etc. Such solutions are also great if you want to make sure that your house always has power even when it went out.

Have Power Everywhere

Some people may ask – what is dual fuel power generator? – The dual power generator definition states that it is a generator that uses two kinds of fuels. They may use propane, diesel, natural gas or gasoline. It gives not only certain flexibility but also makes it more reliable and easy to use, since you have two options to make your generator work. It also excludes the necessity of choosing between various types of single-fueled generators, which is quite difficult, since both kinds of fuels have different power output, plus their price makes the choosing process even harder.
If you have a dual fuel solution, then you should be always able to find fuel. You can get gas even in the smallest town. Moreover, different fuels allow you choosing the type that will be perfect to get the necessary power output.

Get The Generator You Need

There are many models available to you, but they have some common features. Usually, such generators are quite large. They have wheels to make them easier to move. These models are quite heavy as well – their weight is in the range from 90 lbs to 270 lbs.
Different models have various run-time when you use as they may provide you with the output power (with the load of 1000W) from 17 to 48 hours or even more, while their rated AC output may vary from 3500 W for some small models to 9500 W for heavy-duty generators.
The price is different as well, a 4850 W starting generator will cost you around $380, while a heavy-duty powerful model that has 5500 W will cost you around $2600.
Such generators have different power outlets, gauges that provide you with important information, necessary for maintenance and tracking the output power and other features.

How To Choose The Best Model

To find the best dual fuel generators you need to clearly understand when you use it. These solutions are great when you need a reliable source of power that uses two kinds of fuel. Choosing a model for you – pay attention to different outlets and what power they can output. Do not ignore the loudness level (some models are quite loud). It is also necessary to focus on customer maintenance – keeping everything maintained will prolong the generator’s service life.