Are Corded Impact Wrenches More Powerful?

Are Corded Impact Wrenches More Powerful?

Working on lug nuts and bolts with the hand socket set can be very tired. To fasten/unfasten the most stubborn of them without a tremendous amount of physical strength it’s crucial to choose the best corded impact wrench – one of the most widely used air tools. However, not only corded but also cordless modifications are introduced in the modern market. Both types of equipment can be convenient, versatile, and easy to use but plenty of repairmen and professionals are particularly interested: “Are corded impact wrenches more powerful?”

Corded Impact Wrench Power Components

While battery-powered (cordless) models focus on portability, battery packs’ versatility, and the ability to work in the darkness (they usually come with LED lights), corded tools are designed with great power to do heavy tasks (steel frame assembly, for example).

Corded impact wrench power is actually high that brings them quite close to the pneumatic models (air compressors). However, it deals only with the high-quality models in capacities from 250 foot-pounds of torque. The most advanced wrenches’ power reaches 450 foot-pounds of force and even more.

Such tools are able to handle the most stubborn of fasteners and can be used both at home and in workshops.

Not only torque but also motor power is meaningful. The most powerful models are fitted with 500 or even 600-watt motors. So, when choosing a corded wrench, keep in mind both its torque and motor power.

Note that plenty of corded models come with short cords that need an extension. The best tools can save stable torque even with an extension cord in use, as well as at voltage drops.

Corded vs Cordless Impact Wrench – Let’s Remove All Doubts

When comparing corded vs cordless impact wrench, the purpose of use should be kept in mind first. If it’s necessary to perform the entire range of tasks, it’s better to pick tools with the highest torque. In other words, a master should choose a corded powerful model. In case of fastening common bolts within the housekeeping or small repairs, a battery-powered wrench will be enough.

As corded wrenches need a power source, they cannot be carried everywhere. If operating in the darkness is required, one can get a cordless product or pay attention to the units that could be used with a generator.

The other thing to note is the storage area that should be larger for corded wrenches. The latter ones usually need wide shelves, fasteners, and deep storage bins.

The corded unit is a wise solution in terms of cost-effectiveness because it produces continuous power and torque to get the job done without a break. When charging a battery-powered model, one has to wait for about an hour and lose valuable work time.