Best Corded Impact Wrench reviews

Best Corded Impact Wrench reviews

Reliable corded impact wrench will be handy in any kind of repair, maintenance, or assembly work. However, it is getting harder to select the best corded impact wrench due to the variety of models and emergence of new ones. Another difficulty is that you will need to choose among not only impact wrenches but also impact drivers, so every customer has to know the difference.

Impact wrenches are mostly used by mechanics. They are usually larger and heavier. So if you need to do some light housework, an impact wrench will be handy. It is less powerful and, in general, is designed to be applied differently. Anyway, let’s see what representatives of the corded impact wrenches and drivers worth your attention. This corded electric impact wrench review serves exactly this purpose.

Corded Impact Wrench Reviews

Porter-Cable PCE211

Porter-Cable PCE211
The Porter-Cable PCE211 secures 450 foot-pounds of torque. The wrench presents 2,200 RPM and 2,700 BPM that guarantee impressively high speed. It is equipped with a 7.5 AMP motor that can perfectly deal with heavy-duty applications. When looking for the best corded electric impact wrench that allows coping with various lawn, house, or garden jobs, and will become loyal assistance when repairing a car, it is definitely worth considering this option.

The PCE211 has a comfortable handle that makes the work process easier and more pleasant. However, there is a small disadvantage: this corded impact gun is not as lightweight as many users used to. Its weight is 7.5 pounds. Anyway, any more or less experienced contractor will manage to use it without difficulty. In order to smooth out the weight issue, the manufacturer has cared for reducing the vibration of the wrench, and thus, it becomes possible to get the most accurate results.

Saying that the Porter-Cable PCE211 is definitely the best corded impact driver may seem a bit presumptuous. Nevertheless, it belongs to the class of the best ones undoubtedly.


  • Comes with a durable case.
  • It doesn’t hammer while working.
  • A 3-year limited warranty.


  • It doesn’t fit in tight spaces.
  • Forward and reverse are the same switch.

Enertwist ET-IW-1020

Enertwist ET-IW-1020
If you’re looking for the impact wrench with a good torque able to deal with the majority of DIY and household tasks, consider this Enertwist model. It’s fast and powerful both for forward and reverse operation, has a solid build and costs a little more than the low-cost models. This unit could well be called the best corded impact wrench, if only it would be more compact and lightweight. The wrench is over 12-inch long, 8-inch tall and 3-inch wide, weighs 8.2lbs, and requires strong hands and muscles to operate for several minutes.

With the 8.5-Amp motor, this impact tool can rotate at 2,600 RPM and 2,700 IPM. The maximum torque makes 1,050ft-lbs for bolt removal while the regular torque equals 450ft-lbs. This tool removes the lug nuts, anchor bolts, and the hex nuts swiftly. The anvil has ½-inch length, so that it can deal with the surface and slightly recessed bolts and nuts, and fits the heavy-duty tasks like the removal of the lug nuts on a truck.

The socket is fixed with the hog ring ensuring the fixed socket position but not providing for the quick socket exchange. The nose of the wrench is covered with rubber so that the work surface isn’t scratched or marred during operation. The handle is also rubberized to ensure the non-slipping grip and steady operation. Summing up, the Enertwist ET-IW-1020 is definitely worth to be listed among the best corded impact drivers on the market.


  • All-metal parts and joints make the tool highly durable.
  • Reverse-forward switch is incorporated into the activation trigger and can be managed with one finger.
  • A 9.9ft power cable provides enough movement freedom in the workplace.


  • No fixed speed modes.
  • Gets hot upon a short time.


The HAMMERHEAD HDIW075 is one of the winners in the best corded impact wrench for automotive category. This model presents 240 foot-pounds of torque (that is almost twice less compared to the Porter-Cable PCE211). Nevertheless, it is a quite decent performance level for a corded-electric wrench. The tool is solidly built and should serve well for long. Since this is a high-quality item with some heavy parts, the wrench weighs a bit more than an average one. However, this is not an obstacle to use the tool and achieve the desired results. The wrench is also equipped with a forward/reverse switch that allows alternating between the directions quickly and easily. The HDIW075 is the one of the best corded impact wrenches for the money.


  • Does not cause fatigue on hands and wrists after some time of work.
  • Removes even rusty nuts with ease.
  • It delivers high power without requiring a stationary air compressor to make it run.


  • It is heavyweight, indeed, but you’ll get more impact on the hand and less impact on the object you’re trying to move.
  • When using the wrench, friction holds the sockets in their place. However, it happens that the socket leaves on the nut when you start pulling the wrench away, and it’s irritating.
  • Very noisy.

VonHaus 15/194 US

VonHaus 15/194US
If you don’t mind the bulky size and heavy weight, the 15/194 US could be the best corded electric impact wrench for the occasional vehicle maintenance or other household applications. It weighs 11.6lbs, so the prolonged use isn’t feasible anyway. Besides, the 5.1-inch width and 12.9-inch height backed up by the 15.3-inch length will do a good job on the wheel lug nut but simply won’t squeeze into a tiny place like corners, beam joints, and recessed bolts.

The wrench has the ½-inch driver with the secure hog ring. This enables operating the tool in different positions, even vertically, without losing much of the impact power. The switch between the forward and reverse motion is located on the handle. The high power produced by the impact wrench is secured with the 8.5-Amp motor backing up the 290ft-lbs torque. The power is transmitted through the construction of planetary gears ensuring precision and high impact of the tool. This model is indeed the strongest corded impact wrench intended for non-professional use. Removing or tightening the lug nuts, fixing the bolts on the cabinet, screwing tight the plate with the house number on the wall is simple and quick with this tool.

The VonHaus impact tool is supplied with the four sockets of different sizes and shapes. The kit includes a single circular and three square sockets with the sizes of 11/16 inches, 13/16 inches, ¾ and ⅞ inches. The set is complete with the hard carrying case. The cable has a 6.5ft length.


  • Steady operation thanks to the two-bearing system damping the vibration efficiently.
  • The soft handle provides a good grip and control over the tool.
  • Quieter than other models.


  • No variable torque options.
  • No trigger safe guard.


If you’re looking for a tool for the professional jobs or just ready to shell out an extra amount for the power and comfort of operation for your regular household needs, this high-performance impact wrench is a worthy option. Like many other models on our list, it features the hog ring fixation mechanism and can be used on various bolts and nuts in angled and vertical positions. The driver is ½-inch long ensuring the heavy-duty performance, in such spheres as construction, vehicle maintenance, etc.

The electric wrench is equipped with the 7.5-Amp motor, which provides the high torque reaching 345ft-lbs. It rotates at 2,100 RPM speed at no load mode and produces 2,700 IPM. The speed is variable via balancing the pressure on the trigger, which is quite responsive. The electric wrench works for forward and reverse rotation, the switching between the modes is performed via the AC/DC trigger rocker.

The Dewalt corded impact wrench has rugged metal construction and incorporates the ball-bearing mechanism. It emits little noise and next to zero vibration even at high load. The user’s comfort is ensured by the steady position of the tool and the soft rubber handle, which is easy to hold even with the small hands. The wrench’s width is 4.9 inches, the total length makes 11 ¼ inches, height is 10 inches. It weighs 7lbs and is easy to manipulate.


  • Durable build and rubberized parts provide protection from scratches and small falls.
  • Smooth speed increase.
  • An 8ft heavy-duty cord doesn’t twist easily and provides enough space for maneuvering.


  • Requires several applications at strong nuts.
  • The hog ring seal might melt at the constant high load.


Topcraft 7.5
The EVERDRAGON IW-03 wrench has an easy-to-operate forward/reverse switch so there are no issues with the alternating between the directions. The wrench comes with a great bonus: its packing includes four sockets (17, 19, 21, and 23mm), and a case to store and carry the tool with the sockets easily.

This corded electric impact wrench has probably the lowest price for such a good-quality wrench. Nevertheless, before buying it, consider that it delivers 230 foot-pounds of torque, which is not enough for actually heavy-duty applications. Thus, many car lug nuts cannot be removed using this wrench, in case they are attached very tightly. One more issue to consider is its weight: the 8.8-pound tool is heavy enough to make you feel tired faster. The price is one of its biggest advantages so do not ignore this model when checking out top corded impact wrench reviews.


  • This model has a long enough 6-feet cord.
  • It is perfect for house and garden maintenance jobs (such as loosening blade nuts commercial mower).


  • Weak power.
  • A snap ring wears out rather quickly.

Makita 6952

Makita 6952
The Makita 6952 is an ideal tool for HVAC installers, plumbers, electricians, drivers, or mechanics who work under different conditions. The wrench is featured with a variable speed trigger that is easy-to-operate and provides extra control for better results. The gearbox is covered with an impact-resistant aluminum shell that secures many years of the wrench good service. Though its 2.3 AMP motor is not very suitable for heavy-duty applications, it demonstrates high performance. Another advantage of this wrench is that it is equipped with a reverse switch next to the trigger, which provides its comfortable handling. Also, the Makita 6952 deserves some extra points for its ¼ hex bit shank that allows changing the bit quickly.


  • This is the wrench with great gear protection and durability.
  • It is equipped with the dual ball bearings that help the tool serve longer.
  • The Makita 6952 is a pretty lightweight model (only 6,5 pounds).


  • It delivers only 88,5 foot-pounds of torque.