How to Choose the Best Corded Impact Wrench?

How to Choose the Best Corded Impact Wrench?

Corded impact wrench, this model is varied – a thick short tool with a block handle, designed to work with a hammer, which provides even more power. Used to clip or unscrew a large attachment. The corded impact wrench gives you the power you need to work efficiently and quickly. There is a logical stage: choosing the best corded impact wrench.

A corded impact wrench is a very handy, multifunctional tool that allows you to assemble and disassemble various threaded connections. Also, with the help of an impact wrench, it is possible to do this with various parts that are already covered with rust or have an unusual shape. Due to these features and capabilities, a corded impact wrench becomes one of the most essential tools in every home. However, not all people know how the corded impact wrench works, which species exist and how to choose corded impact wrench choosing tips.

The principle of a best corded impact wrench.

The principle of the work is as follows: when the initial twist, the hooks move in a light and smooth way, and therefore the corded impact wrench takes the work for “long” strikes, while at a time when there is a direct impulse, work begins on short beats. And when the nut starts to twist heavier, then the force of the impact of a corded impact wrench becomes much stronger, due to which there is a reliable and solid twisting of the parts. Thus, the principle of working with a shocked wrench can be defined as shock-rotating or simply rotational. Of course, before choosing a corded impact wrench, you need to know not only the principle of its work but also what its kinds exist.

Types of the corded impact wrench. So, to date, there are three types of corded impact wrench, which can be considered the main, they are the following types:

  • Hydraulic corded impact wrench.
  • They provide the fastest process of screwing, unscrewing and tightening bolts and fasteners. This type of nut is built on the principle of a hydraulic pump.

  • Electric corded impact wrench.
  • With their help, you can easily perform twisting and twisting of the nuts, and various bolts, while they accurately place the exact moment of the tightening itself. Such corded impact wigs feature the same thing as a very fast job. Although there is a drawback, the so-called binding to the power source;

  • Pneumatic corded impact wrench.
  • To date, they have enjoyed stupendous popularity on the market, making it possible due to compact size and affordability. But at the same time, such numbers are considerably weaker in power, unlike hydraulic, and slower, unlike electric. Pneumatic wrenches are designed for the process of collecting and analyzing various carvings.

How to choose the right impact wrench?

Now, having all the necessary knowledge in the arsenal, let’s consider the main points of the choice of a nut wheel:

  • To begin with, you need to understand why you are buying an impact wrench, for use in a simple home environment or professional work. Hence its rotational speed will follow, under normal conditions, it will be enough 25-45 revolutions, and for professional use up to 1500 revolutions per minute;
  • Then, you should think about its power factor and the amount of time it can work without recharging the battery because this is an important characteristic that will allow you to work comfortably with this tool;
  • Attention should be paid to the presence of a switch in the corded impact wrench of the electronic speed control of its rotation, as well as the return switch, and the ability to quickly stop work. Because exactly these features speak about the quality of this tool, a specific model of corded impact wrench;
  • It is desirable to choose an impact wrench, the body of which is made of metal and has free access to brushes, for the convenience of their cleaning;
  • Hold the selected corded impact wrench in your hand, see if everything is convenient for you, namely, the convenient shape of the handle and its location on the instrument. Make sure it’s easy to use now because it’s up to you to work with it later.

We should not forget about additional features that increase the convenience of working with the tool.

  • Impact mechanism;
  • Adjustment of tightening force. This feature is not recommended for neglect. For example, if you have to twist the nuts, then without the regulator force them to break in 1 second. Also, a nut cover, with tightening torque control, allows you to evenly tighten the connection, which is useful when installing car heads;
  • Type of gearbox. Not always a gun in the form of a pistol allows you to solve all the issues during repair and assembly work. Sometimes the amount may be in inaccessible places for this type of corded impact wrench. Therefore, for such purposes, it is customary to use a corner knife.
  • Built-in backlight. A very convenient addition to the tool, especially when car repairs;

Also, when choosing this tool, pay attention to how it is in the hand, or the convenient handle, which weighs the device, where the start button and other, not less important characteristics and parameters are located, in particular, the factor of ergonomics determines the comfort of using your corded impact wrench.