How to choose the best 3/8 impact wrenches

How to choose the best 3/8 impact wrenches

Auto mechanics widely use this kind of tools. 3/8 lug nuts are used to hold wheels of an automobile. Usually, five lug nuts hold a wheel. Therefore, to change only one wheel you need to unfasten five lug nuts. It can be challenging. For example, the lug nuts may be frozen and you need to heat them up to unfasten.

When you unfasten all five lug nuts, you can take off the wheel and put a new one. Then you need to fasten five lug nuts. It may sound like an easy task but it is not. It is important to fasten every nut correctly with the right amount of torque. If some nuts are fastened too tight then you will not achieve the even distribution of the load. As a result, some lug nuts will wear faster and it may be a reason for a disaster.

The 3/8 impact wrenches are widely used in auto mechanics, since such tools can facilitate the process of fastening and unfastening lug nuts. Moreover, impact wrenches can provide the right amount of torque and every lug nut will be fastened correctly.

Finding the best battery impact wrench may be quite challenging. Please consider checking our reviews dedicated to choosing the best cordless impact wrench. That article can be very helpful for people no matter how experienced they are.

The best 3/8 cordless impact wrenches for automobile 2018 edition

The best 3/8 cordless impact wrench for you and your automobile

There are many wonderful impact wrenches available to you, but if you look for a good, reliable device with many useful functions, then you should pay special attention to Dewalt DCF813S2. It is a great tool that is widely used both by amateurs and by professionals.

It has such features as:

  • Torque power is 1150 in/lbs. That is quite high and it guarantees you can unfasten and fasten any kind of nuts or bolts tightly enough
  • 3 LED lights make it possible to use in dark areas
  • A 3/8’’ hog ring anvil-type assures fast changing of sockets
  • The drive is 3/8’’ square
  • Weight is only 2.8 lbs. This device is highly-mobile
  • Length is 6-1/4’’ In
  • The Li-ion battery. It makes it one of the best battery impact wrench available today. You can use it long enough to unfasten and fasten back everything you need. Buying this device you get two batteries
  • A cordless power type. There are no cords connected to the device, so you can move freely
  • A fast charger

It is an excellent tool with very high reliability. However, the most important factor about this device is its torque, which is quite high. You can unfasten and fasten everything without any troubles.

The best 3/8 cordless impact wrenches 2018 edition

Impact wrenches not only let us avoid fatiguing processes, but also save us a great amount of time. Dewalt DCF813S2 is a great tool that can help you with fastening.
It would be a great idea to take it with you during long trips. It may happen that you will need to change a tire in a middle of nowhere and this tool will help you.
If this is not the device you need, then you should pay attention to our articles and reviews that are dedicated to other impact wrenches. We are sure you will find those articles very helpful.