Electric vs. Pneumatic Impact Wrench

Electric vs. Pneumatic Impact Wrench

Such tools are used by auto mechanics. An impact wrench is used to unfasten and fasten lug nuts. Such nuts hold the wheel. Usually, you need to five nuts are used. However, fastening and unfastening may be quite challenging and that is why an impact wrench is needed. For example, a lug nut may be frozen. In this case, it may be extremely difficult to unfasten it.
Therefore, you need to heat it and after that, you unfasten a nut. Another important factor to mention is that all nuts should be fastened with the right amount of torque. Some manufacturers of automobiles provide a chart where torque values are mentioned.

It is necessary to distribute the load evenly between all five lug nuts. In this case, all nuts will wear equally. If the load is distributed unevenly, some nuts may wear faster and it may be a reason for a disaster.

The last but not the least – impact wrenches save time and they exclude the necessity of unfastening nuts manually. It is not hard to change only one tire, but what if you need to change four, ten or twenty tires?

That will be super hard. Impact wrenches are extremely useful and if you want to know more about how to find the device that will meet your needs perfectly, then you should consider checking our articles dedicated to the best cordless wrenches.

We are sure that the cordless impact wrench review will be super useful both for people who are looking for their first device and for professionals who know everything about this kind of tools.

Air impact wrench vs. electric

About air impact wrenches in general

Impact wrenches may be divided into two large groups – air and electric. Air wrenches use air to unfasten bolts and nuts. The flaw of compressed air is able to generate the right amount of force that is needed for different fastening activities.

  • Uses compressed air to unfasten and fasten nuts, bolts or fasteners
  • A perfect option for fastening and unfastening large nuts, bolts or fasteners. Even if they are over tightened or rusted
  • High durability. This kind of wrenches can not burn out, since air flow cools down the tool
  • Light weight
  • Usually cheaper than electric wrenches
  • Easy to replace worn parts
  • Such devices need an air compressor, which can be quite heavy, and it limits your movement (remember that an air impact wrench is connected to an air compressor).
  • This kind of tools is not a great option for fastening and unfastening small nuts

Pneumatic Impact Wrench

About electric impact wrenches in general

Unlike air (or pneumatic) impact wrenches, this kind of tools uses electricity to generate the right amount of torque that is needed to fasten or unfasten lug nuts or bolts or any other kind of fasteners.

  • Can be used to fasten and unfasten small nuts, as well as large ones
  • Cordless devices are highly-mobile. You can move freely
  • Cordless tools can be used everywhere. You just need batteries
  • Cordless devices can be quite heavy, since there is a battery. In addition, batteries have to be recharged. Power of a tool depends on a level of battery charge
  • Corded tools limit your movements. Moreover, you need a source of power
  • Can be difficult to repair

What impact wrenches should you choose — air or electric?

What impact wrenches should you choose — air or electric?

Both kinds of tools have their pros and cons. However, to choose the device for you, you should know where and what you will use it for. If you need a good, reliable tool that you will always take with you in order to change a tire in a middle of a desert, then a cordless electric wrench is right what you need.

If you need a powerful device that will serve you for dozens of years and you do not need to be mobile, then an air wrench is right what you need. Please consider checking our other reviews dedicated to this kind of tools.