Using a Generator Properly

Using a Generator Properly

Such models provide you with perfect versatility since you can choose what kind of fuel you are going to use. It is difficult to name the only best dual fuel generator, since there are various factors, which you need to consider, like the total power output and the types of fuel it can use. However, finding and getting the model you need is not the only thing you need to consider. It is important to use a generator properly, so it can output the right amount of power without wasting any fuel. Moreover, if you use your model properly, it will work for years without requiring you spending any extra money. Here are some tips to use a dual fuel generator.

Fuel purity and its importance

The main advantage of the models which use two types of fuel is that you can always choose the type that is perfect for you needs in terms of the price. Moreover, many modern models allow you to change the type of fuel to use without shutting down the generator. One of the important dual fuel generator usage tips is to make sure you use high-quality fuel only.

Pool-quality gas may damage the fuel lines, while propane or natural gas may not provide you with the necessary amount of energy.

The amount of the generated power

One of the dual fuel generator uses cases also includes using the model that generates the right amount of power. It is necessary to calculate the amount of the necessary power to provide all the devices or appliance you use with energy.
Getting the most powerful model you can get is not a great idea since such models are quite expensive and they consume more fuel. Therefore, they generate the power that you do not use.
However, if you get a model that does not generate enough power – you will not be able to use all the appliances you need. It is necessary to find the model that generates slightly more power than you need – it may give you some freedom because you will be able to connect more devices.
Manufacturers prefer to mention “peak” and “rated” power.
Peak power is the maximum amount the generator can output. This is an “extreme” mode and it can be used for a few seconds only
Rated power is the amount of the energy that they generate outputs when it works “normally”
Manufacturers also prefer to mention “peak” and “rated” power values for both types of fuel. Therefore, you can find what fuel will work better for your case.


Usually, such models do not require any special maintenance. You need to make sure that the generator is not damaged – especially the fuel lining. It becomes extremely important if your model uses propane or natural gas since this fuel is inflammable.
Make sure to clean all the outputs before using it – they should have no dust or moisture. Make sure you place the generator in a safe place, so nothing will fall on it and damage various parts.
If the generator does not work, or you damage it, then you should consider getting professional help.

When do you need it?

A reliable source of power is crucial if you travel or you are away from a source of electricity or if you want to deal with any emergency situations without any problems. Do not forget taking precautions storing fuel as well – propane becomes dense during cold seasons and it expands when it is hot outside.