How to Change Box Cutter Blade Fast and Easy

How to Change Box Cutter Blade Fast and Easy

A box cutter is an essential tool for any DIYer or professional who deals with cutting materials on a regular basis. One of the most important maintenance tasks you’ll need to perform on your box cutter is changing the blade. Fortunately, this is a quick and easy process that you can do yourself with just a few simple tools. In this article, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step guide on how to change a box cutter blade, so you can get back to your project in no time.

A Step-by-step Guide: How to Change Blade On Box Cutter

Step 1: Gather Your Tools

Before you begin, you’ll need to make sure you have the right tools on hand. For this task, you’ll need a new box cutter blade, a screwdriver (depending on the type of box cutter you have), and a pair of pliers (optional).

Step 2: Prepare Your Box Cutter

Next, you’ll need to prepare your box cutter for the blade change. If your box cutter has a retractable blade, make sure the blade is fully retracted before you begin. If your box cutter has a fixed blade, make sure the blade is facing away from you, and the cutting edge is pointing down.

Step 3: Replace box cutter blade

Using a screwdriver (if necessary), carefully loosen the screws or other fasteners that hold the blade in place. Be sure to keep track of any small parts or springs that may be attached to the blade assembly. Once the screws are removed, you should be able to lift the old blade out of the holder.

Step 4: Install the New Blade

Take your new blade and carefully insert it into the blade holder. Make sure the blade is oriented in the correct direction (with the cutting edge facing down) and that it is seated securely in the holder. If necessary, use a pair of pliers to tighten any screws or other fasteners that hold the blade in place.

Step 5: Test Your Box Cutter

Once you’ve installed the new blade, it’s a good idea to test your box cutter to make sure everything is working properly. Open and close the blade a few times to make sure it moves smoothly and that the blade locks into place when fully extended.

Step 6: Dispose of the Old Blade

After learning how to replace the box cutter blade, it’s important to dispose of your old blade safely and responsibly. Box cutter blades are sharp and can cause serious injuries if not handled properly. To dispose of the blade, wrap it in several layers of newspaper or cardboard and tape it securely before placing it in a trash can or other appropriate disposal container.

How to Remove the Blade from a Box Cutter: Tips and Tricks

Changing a box cutter blade is a simple process, but there are a few tips and tricks you can use to make the job even easier and faster.

  • Keep a supply of replacement blades on hand, so you don’t have to interrupt your project to go buy more.
  • Use a pair of pliers to hold the blade in place while you tighten the screws or other fasteners. This will help ensure that the blade is seated securely and won’t move around while you’re using it.
  • If your box cutter has a spring or other small parts that are difficult to keep track of, place them in a small dish or container, so you don’t lose them.
  • Always dispose of your old blades safely and responsibly. Never throw them in the trash without wrapping them securely first


Changing a box cutter blade is a simple task that anyone can do with just a few basic tools. By following these simple steps on how to remove a box cutter blade, you can replace your old blade with a new one in just a few minutes. Remember to always use caution when handling sharp blades, and dispose of your old blades safely and responsibly. With a little practice, you’ll be changing box cutter blades like a pro in no time!

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