How To Tighten Chain On Electric Chainsaw?

How To Tighten Chain On Electric Chainsaw?

Even the best small chainsaw or any other electric device for sawing needs to be set up properly in order to achieve the greatest results. Every user has to be informed of how chainsaws work. And if your chainsaw doesn’t work correctly, then more likely the reason lies in the incorrect tightening of the chain. Therefore, how to deal with this issue?

Checking The Chainsaw Chain Tightness

If the chain has been installed recently and has only a little wear, it makes no sense to change the chain. All you have to do is just to slightly tune its tension.

So, what are the signs of insufficient tension? If in the lower part the chain sags, and in the upper part shifts sideways, this leads to a bias during sawing and demands tightening. In addition, the insufficient chain tension increases the risk of jumping off the guide bar, causing quick wearing out of the saw blade. Therefore, tightening the chain doesn’t mean just getting rid of its sagging, it is also important not to tighten it too much as well. It provokes the increased load on the engine and other working knots of the tool. Try to hand-spin the chain around the bar. If it is difficult to do, the chain should be loosened.

It is also important to know that most often, a new chain requires tightening, as it tends to stretch when you use it for the first time. Constantly check its tension and adjust if necessary. Thus, you will extend its life term and reduce the wearing out of other important parts of the saw.

Ways To Tighten Chain On Electric Chainsaw

It is crucial to identify a few simple rules before tightening the chain, as it’s may be dangerous. First, you must be sure that it is completely disconnected and isn’t plugged into any outlets, and there is no risk of accidental activation. Secondly, all work must be carried out when the tool is cooled down, as the hot saw chain is longer than the cold one. If you start stretching it, there will be a risk of deformation. And don’t forget about safety! Put on protective gloves to avoid cutting your hands with sharp chain blades.

Despite the fact that instructions contain the info about chain tightening, you don’t always have opportunity to do it, especially, if you borrowed or rented the tool. Therefore, we will describe a couple of ways of tightening chainsaw chain.

Traditional chain tightening

You are going to need a standard key, which is usually included in the kit along with the chainsaw. On the one side, it has a working part for loosening the nuts, and on the other – a slotted screwdriver. However, even if you don’t have it, you can use a simple screwdriver as well. First, you need to loosen the nuts on the cover, which closes the attachment point of the guide bar. Then, insert a screwdriver into a special groove and rotate it to tighten the chain. Don’t do it too diligent, it is better to do it gradually. Make a few turns and then check the tension with your hand, pulling the chain to the lower part of the bar.

Tightening chain without tools

This method is much easier and faster than the previous one. There is a special adjusting screw that regulates the tightness of the chain on that you can find on the cover. By rotating it, you can control the decreasing of the chain slack.