Best Butane Torch Reviews

Best Butane Torch Reviews

Why do you think I chose a butane torch as the main object of my article? In fact, there are no surprises or great advertising because such a universal item of everyday use answers for itself. The popularity of this tool for dabs is increasing dramatically due to its features, compactness, and ease of use. So if you buy a butane torch, you get a very multi-functional thing, which will become a reliable assistant.

Before checking out our top of the best butane torch recommendations, I want to recall the purposes of these devices. You can use it for cooking, repairing small parts, decorating, and much more. I hope this article will help you decide on the best torch for dabs and provide you with the most recent and necessary information on using the purchased gadget.

Butane Torch Reviews

Blazer GT8000 Big Shot – best butane torch for dabs

Best Overall: Blazer GT8000 Big Shot

The Blazer GT8000 Big Shot is among the most purchased and popular butane torches on the market. And it is not surprising – this small torch is equipped with amazing functions, among which are a great maximum temperature of 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit, a brass frame nozzle, and a piezoelectric ignition system. The piezoelectric ignition means that you do not need an electrical connection to start the device.

Based on our testing results, this potentially the best butane for dabs can emit an accurate and continuous flame for up to 35 minutes and blocks the supply of flame when it’s no longer used. As for the applications, the developers assure that this torch can be used for various purposes, such as dabbing, soldering, jewelry making, plumbing, brazing, and others.


  • Precise and adjustable flame
  • Continuous burn time of up to 35 minutes
  • An anti-flare, brass frame nozzle to enable flame control
  • A great gas capacity of 35 grams
  • Piezoelectric ignition system
  • Decent flame length
  • Compact and light
  • Manual lock
  • A detachable tabletop base


  • Lacks a butane canister (need to buy)
  • Home use is prohibited
  • No quick start

Sondiko MIHUX – best butane torch lighter

The Sondiko mini butane torch claims to be the best for dabs, because of its wide range of use. This torch has everything to make you satisfied with your purchase: multifunction and ease of use, two fire modes, safety, and flame lock, and many others. Also, this small device is popular among chefs.

This tool will be your good assistant for cooking because using it, you can make a fantastic creme brulee or caramel, an appetizing crust for meat or potatoes, melt cheese, or your favorite chocolate, and so on.

But apart from all this, this torch can be used for other purposes, for example, small repairs, welding, soldering, jewelry crafting, camping, etc.


  • Perfect for amateurs and professionals
  • Adjustable temperature switch
  • Comfortable and user-friendly design
  • Small size
  • Stable on any surface
  • Two flame modes
  • Significant safety and locking features


  • Users have to buy an additional butane canister
  • Insufficient power
  • No gauge to check how much butane is filled in the torch

Iwatani PRO2

The Best Portable Torch: Iwatani PRO2
Another universal kitchen device, which can be called the best mini torch, is the Iwatani PRO2 Culinary butane torch. Manufacturers promise high performance with ease of use, as well as practical design and one year of warranty. During the testing, it was noticeable that this device has a maximum temperature of 2700°F, thanks to 6300 BTU. It’s really nice to hold it in hand, and also it has a protective plate that will prevent falling or tipping over.


  • Adjustable flame
  • A one-touch piezoelectric ignition
  • Simple and fast
  • Portable and can be used anywhere
  • Quick start
  • Has a high-quality safety plate


  • The automatic lighter does not work properly
  • The torch heat is pretty weak

Dremel 2000-01

Dremel 2000-01

The Dremel VersaTip is the ideal butane soldering torch for people engaged in creative and detailed projects that require precision and versatility combined with portability. It provides soldering, melting, hot cutting, welding, shrinking, pyrography, paint removal, and making decorative burns in a wide variety of materials.

This is a perfect cordless tool for passionate users who require a highly accurate torch for doing detailed project work.

An integrated ignition trigger allows for an easy start, no independent ignition tool is required. It features a self-ignition button with a safety lock and a flame lock-on for continuous hands-free operation.

The VersaTip comes in a 14-piece kit making the torch a 7-in-1 tool.

The large tank capacity with standard butane gas allows working up to 75 minutes.

The kit includes the VersaTip butane tool, storage case, soldering tip, deflector, cutting knife, hot air tip, wide blower tip, shaping knife, solder, sponge, tins, wrenches, and protective cap.


  • Good for soldering in tight spots
  • Heats up fast
  • I can start this with one hand, it’s safe and easy to use


  • The first time the button is pressed, it makes a high-frequency noise
  • In a while, it gets extremely hot

Dremel 2200-01

The Best Portable Gas Torch: Dremel 2200-01
This small butane torch, the Dremel Versa Flame 2200-01 deserves to be called the best portable gas torch available. Why? The Versa Flame is an indispensable helper for a person who wants to do everything with his/her own hands. It is capable of producing variable temperatures and has flame control functions for both torch and standard flames. In addition to the torch itself, there is a storage bag, deflector, flame diffuser, soldering tip, solder, blower, and jars. You can use the Dremel 2200-01 at home, at work, or on camping. It’s perfect for leather crafting, soldering, wood-burning, repair jobs, shrinking, and culinary as well.


  • Compact and portable
  • Long run time of up to 75 minutes
  • Impressive flame control features
  • Built-in ignition button
  • A kit with 9 accessories
  • Attachable base
  • A two-year warranty


  • Needs a more reliable ignitor wire
  • The flame does not produce enough heat

Power Probe PPMTKIT01

Power Probe PPMTKIT01

The Power Probe Micro Torch Kit is both versatile and powerful, being perfect for automotive or home use. You can use it for brazing, soldering, loosening tight bolts and nuts, heat shrink tubing, plastic forming, plastic cutting, radiator repair, and more.

The Torch mode provides a maximum temperature of 2,400°F, while the Soldering mode provides 950°F.

It has electronic ignition and adjustable flame length: 0.5 – 2.5 inches. Easily refueled with butane and will last up to two hours between refills. It includes various nibs and nozzles in a lightweight, blow-molded case. The Power Probe uses standard butane fuel (not included).

Accessories included: an electronic micro torch, blower tip, heat shrink adapter with shield, hot knife, soldering tip, solder attachment, heat blower tip, tube of rosin core solder, and blow-molded case.


  • Solders in any angle, even upside-down
  • Air bleed for flame temperature adjustment
  • Gas flow regulator
  • Metal body
  • Non-corrosive RA type flux


  • Requires the valve control to stabilize the flame
  • Slide type plastic switch

Power Probe PPMT

Power Probe PPMT

The Power Probe MT Micro Torch comes with a blower tip, heat shrink adapter with shield, soldering tip, solder attachment, heat blower tip, and a tube of rosin core solder. All accessories are packed in a case, so it can be used anywhere. There’s also a detachable stand so you can use it hands-free.

It’s ideal for minor works because the flame is relatively small. The torch has a maximum temperature of 2400°F when used as a torch, 950°F when used for soldering.

It is equipped with electronic ignition for an easy start and flame adjustment is 0.5 – 2.5 inches. The PPMT is easily refillable with butane and will last up to two hours between refills.


  • Adjustable flame.
  • Electronic igniter.
  • Easy to use with just a flick of your thumb.
  • Can be used for soldering jewelry pieces together.
  • Works in moderate winds.


  • Unreliable and difficult to refill igniter.

Blazer ES1000

Blazer ES1000
The Blazer ES-1000 is a slim but powerful micro torch. Its advantages are high flame temperature, the duration of burning, accuracy, and attention to detail, excellent construction, and durability. The 8 g fuel tank holds enough butane for over half an hour of continuous use, and it’s design allows it to fit almost anywhere.


  • One of the most durable torches.
  • Brass frame nozzle.
  • A gal-flow adjustment dial to control the flame length.
  • Low blow-out rate where necessary.
  • Detachable tabletop base.
  • Precise flame with a range of 0.5 to 3 inches.


  • A prohibition on home use.
  • Does not include a standard butane canister.

Lexivon – best butane torch for jewelry making

If you need a practical and convenient soldering iron set, feel free to choose the Lexivon butane torch multi-function kit. It is perfect for wire soldering, decorative wood burning, jewelry making, plastic cutting, or even making delicious crème brulee and soldering.

Portable & ergonomic – no more frustrating cords or annoying wires for you. The advanced electronic self-ignition trigger will make starting solder torch 100% hassle-free.

Precise flame control from 0.5 – 2.5 inches length. A large leak-proof tank saves time while working, which can be fully refilled in just 10 seconds and last up to 75 minutes. Besides, you can perform more tasks thanks to the high working temperature (up to 2400° F and up to 1100° F while using with soldering tips).


  • Adjustable fire control
  • Multiple attachments for soldering
  • The placement of the igniter wire in this model is well designed
  • It is easy to set up


  • There is no adjustable airflow intake
  • You have to use both hands in order to lock the flame on

Jo Chef – best butane torch for cooking

Jo Chef

The next refillable butane torch is the Jo Chef Torch. What makes this kitchen appliance so useful is that it is made of quality materials and is guaranteed to last a long time. For a reason, this hand torch is often bought for restaurants and cafes – it helps create culinary masterpieces in a short time and without much effort.

The Jo Chef Culinary Torch has many different uses, apart from culinary, they’re jewelry making, soldering, and welding as well.


  • Built-in flame-adjusting regulator
  • Made of reliable materials
  • High burning temperature
  • A locking mechanism


  • May not shut off completely at times
  • Zippo butane it’s not suitable for this torch

Blazer GB2001

The Best Butane Torch for Jewelry: Blazer GB2001
The Blazer GB2001 self-igniting butane micro-torch is a time-tested and one of the best torches that is highly valued by buyers. It is equipped with the most important functions, has a stunning design, and can be used in a variety of processes such as cooking, jewelry crafting, plumbing, soldering, blazing, and others. Moreover, the Blazer GB2001 produces spectacular performance results thanks to long burn time. Also, this is an ideal choice for beginners because of a quick and easy start as well as an adjustable flame control.


  • A variety of appealing features
  • An elegant and convenient design
  • High flame performance of up to 1.25 inches
  • Long burn time
  • Gas regulator to control the flame
  • Piezoelectric ignition system
  • Enables a hands-free mode due to a tabletop stand
  • Takes a little to refill


  • The butane leaked once during the test
  • Not hot enough

Buyer’s Guide

In this section, we have put the most relevant and necessary information about butane torches. Here, you will learn about the basic applications of this device, features which need to take into account when you will buy it, and how to use torch in everyday life. We hope that this article will help you discover the basics of this item and help make a right buying decision.

Why You Need a Butane Torch

First of all, I would like to say that a butane torch lighter is a small and portable device, and does not require special efforts. It is used, for the most part, for such purposes:


The first and main reason for buying a handheld torch today is its indispensability in cooking. In fact, if you take, for example, the Sondiko or Jo Chef Butane Torch, you will receive a great and effective tool for the embodiment of your culinary dream. With this device, you can fry crispy toast, melt flavored cheese, or get the best steak. Confectioners can do various miracles in the kitchen, for example, to make a stunning caramelized top on the creme brulee or meringue for baked Alaska.

Today, the purchase of this device means the improvement of your culinary skills and simplify cooking. And also, such a small and portable gadget does not take up much space and is easy to use, which cannot but rejoice.

Jewelry making

If the main purpose of buying this tool is jewelry making, feel free to choose the new Blazer GB2001. This model is very compact and convenient, so with it, your hobby will become even more interesting. Jewelry making is obviously hard and laborious work, requiring great concentration and responsibility. With the best butane torch for dabs, you can create the most beautiful jewelry of the highest quality, believe me.

These devices usually come in a small size, with a light ignition, and a handle to control the flame. When you want to create something, you will always have a torch on hand, which will provide a constant flame for a long time. So, you can solder earrings, rings, links, and other products in size from one inch. Sounds awesome, isn’t it?

Small repairs

Butane torches are so multifunctional that anyone can use them for personal or household tasks. And most importantly, you do not need to be a professional to use this device. For example, the Blazer GT8000 Big Shot or other models of this manufacturer are very popular because of the successful combination of the most basic functions and applications, including small repairs. If you’re looking for the best micro torch for repair jobs, you should find something that is ideal for welding, soldering, shrinking, defrosting, plumbing works, and other activities.

A butane torch for dabs is suitable for small repairs because it easily fuses conventional metals such as aluminum and copper. And that’s because it can blast off flames of up to 2606 degrees Fahrenheit.

Things to Consider

Now that you know what a butane torch is and where to use it, it’s time to sort out and learn its main characteristics. These very things will help you later choose the right product that is suitable for you.

  • Check for a flame. The first and the most important thing to look for, when buying a torch, is the flame that it produces. It’s nice when the torch gives an even and precise flame. But it’s even better if the tool features a flame adjustment lever, which allows the user to adjust the flame size.
  • Find what suits you most. This particular thing works not only when buying a butane torch but for any shopping in general. When you choose a product, you usually take a long time to see if this or that thing suits your style or way of life. Therefore, choose this device focusing chiefly on your needs. Choose the most beautiful or convenient design for yourself, decide on the torch applications, pay attention to the noise from the device, find out how it works, so that in the future you won’t face any unpleasant situations.
  • Remember about the refilling convenience. The other thing to consider when selecting a micro torch is the convenience of refilling. In our reviews, you probably noticed some products with a low-quality refueling. Some models really need to improve this function. So, when it comes to you, find out about the refilling convenience of the torch by looking through the customer reviews.
  • The shape is essential. The design of the butane torch is one of the most important characteristics that determine the price and quality. Choose a compact but stable device so that it does not overturn. Also, it should have a huge base, allowing you to work hands-free.
  • Size. The size of the torch that you want to purchase also depends on your needs. If you are looking for a portable device that you can take with you, choose a small handheld torch. If you want to work in a garage or at home, you can choose bigger models.
  • Price. The last thing to consider buying the torch is certainly a price. On the modern market, there are many torches of different values, and you should choose one that will be in line with your budget. But be careful: sometimes the price does not match the quality.

Learn How to Refill

Even the best butane torch should be refilled occasionally, so follow this simple instruction. First, you need to make sure that the torch is completely off. You can still lock the safety switch so that there is no accidental release of the flame, and also check whether the gas flow control is turned off.

When you are sure that the tool is ready for refueling, you should do the following. Turn the device upside down and you will see the nozzle for refueling. Shake the butane in order to heat up the gas. Next, find the filler nozzle, which needs to be inserted into the canister. Arrange the cylinder for butane gas in direct accordance with the burner nipple. Now, insert the tip of the butane filler into the canister, press, and hold. You will see that the nozzle immediately begins to produce pressure, thereby causing a flow of fuel into your device. But remember that this process lasts no more than 5 seconds. In the end, remove butane from the torch and wait at least 5 minutes before using it again.

Safety Issues

Before you start working with such devices, you should read the instructions and security measures in detail. Many torches currently have several safety functions, such as the following:

  • Safety locks – it is the most important function, it prevents accidental inclusion. Designed specifically for beginners and those who have children at home.
  • A secure igniter – you need it so that you do not light the torch yourself with matches. Just one click on the button and the device will start automatically.
  • Use the device wisely – you need to be careful with butane torches and similar devices. If the torch can only be used for industrial purposes, never use it at home, and so on.

How to Use

Once you have learned about the main applications and features, and also some safety issues about the torch, it’s time to learn how to use a torch in everyday life.

First, turn on your device with the lever located on the side. Turn the control gas flow control to the right. You will immediately hear the hiss of gas.

Secondly, press the ignition button to generate a flame. You don’t need to search for it for long, as it is usually the biggest or brightest button. But keep in mind that some devices have a safety switch, which must be turned on before you press the ignition button. If your device has it, do not forget to turn it on to prevent accidental flame formation.

Next, you can select the flame size by adjusting the heat output yourself. Do it by turning the lever to the right, or vice versa, counter-clockwise, if so indicated on your device.

In addition, some these devices have a small button with the click of which you sustain the flame when you have stopped pressing the ignition key.

To turn off the device, you need to shift the gas control lever to the left.

Safety Tips

In addition to safety rules, I would recommend you to consider some of our tips on using a butane torch:

  1. While working with a torch, always wear safety glasses for eye protection. Also, they are strongly recommended if you wear ordinary glasses.
  2. Wear plain cotton clothes and never wear synthetic clothing while working with this tool. All because synthetics can easily flare up from sparks of flame.
  3. Work in a convenient place for you, for example, a garage, where there are windows or doors to ensure good ventilation.
  4. Always keep the fire extinguisher at hand.
  5. The torches have a flame size regulator, so use it correctly. To decorate culinary dishes, use a smaller flame while soldering, use a larger flame, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to use a screwdriver to open and refill the torch?

Usually, you will not need a screwdriver to insert the butane nozzle.

Why are butane torches shipped empty of butane gas?

Most often, the torches are supplied without butane cans since they are considered to be flammable.

Consequently, suppliers are afraid to send them, and users are advised to buy them separately.

How to get rid of old butane lighters?

You need to empty the canister in order to recycle it later. Also, you can pierce it for easy processing.

What temperature does the butane burn at?

Butane is a flammable gas that quickly evaporates at room temperature. The lowest temperature at which it burns in a normal atmosphere is 761 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can I use a butane torch on food?

Of course, you can use it for cooking, but you need to proceed with caution. To not spoil or burn food, light the torch away from food, and then adjust the flame to the minimum.

Is it possible to melt glass with the torch?

Most lighters are not hot enough to melt glass, and a butane torch is the only convenient solution. But you’ll need to use a torch that burns at a temperature of not less than 2900 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the hottest point of a torch?

The hottest torch fire burns with a blue flame and can reach up to 4700 – 5400 degrees Fahrenheit.