Begginers Guide: How to Refill Butane Torch

Begginers Guide: How to Refill Butane Torch

A butane torch is a kind of lighter used for soldering, brazing, welding, creating jewelry, and other high-temperature processes. Its biggest benefit is that you can always carry it in your backpack because to its mobility.

Going to camping or on a picnic? To be fully equipped, don’t forget your butane light and its refilling.

To refill butane torch, you will need a canister of butane fuel. Butane fuel cans are often not included in the package and must be ordered separately or purchased at specialist retailers. But, refueling a butane burner is more simpler and takes much less time.

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How to refill a butane torch — common guidelines

The one important thing that must be done before the refilling is to clean the torch of old butane. This helps to get rid of the air and gasoline that build up in the torch and may harm it. To bleed your butane torch, turn off the gas valve, turn the torch to the floor, then insert a screwdriver into the port and press until the hissing of the gas stops.

Video — How to fill butane torch

Now you can start refilling your torch by following these steps:

  • check that the burner and gas flow control are both switched off
  • Turn the torch upside down to reveal a refill port, then locate the refill nozzle and shake the butane to warm it up
  • insert the nozzle into the canister and place the butane filler in the direction of the torch, then press and hold. This pressure should instantly cause the flow of gasoline into the nozzle
  • within a few seconds, the torch is filled and you should remove the butane refueling