What Are Impact Wrenches Used For?

What Are Impact Wrenches Used For?

Are you knocked down looking for a tool that would help at once with the repair job and other household works? Are you tired of switching among similar tools to find the one which can cope with the task?

In this case, you should opt for an impact wrench. This new generation tool combines ergonomic look, convenience, and incredible power. Let’s define what the uses for impact wrench are, and it’s quite possible that after reading this article you will run to the store to look for the best cordless impact wrench for changing tires.

What Does an Impact Wrench Do — Classic Usage

First of all, impact wrenches are known for being irreplaceable while loosening and tightening lug nuts on tires. That’s why all the drivers are familiar with this tool. Of course, impact wrenches differ according to the features like the number of lbs of torque it can deliver, presence or absence of power lever control buttons, even size, and weight. However, any model will provide you with a possibility to change tires quickly and seamlessly.

Advantage over an Impact Driver

From the first sight, these two tools look very similar. However, their functionality differs a lot, the root of which lies in the power of the tool. Impact wrenches win in the competition of how much torque they can deliver. It means that impact wrenches can cope with heavier work and loosen ever rusty screws at one stroke.

Hang Heavy Things with Ease

Fastening nuts and bolts trying to hang a new cupboard in the kitchen with a weak tool or, what is worse, manually can play a bad joke. You’d better be sure about the security of work you’ve done in order not to find the new-hung furniture falling down on your head. In this case, you can rely only on a power tool which is designed specifically for a heavy job.

Leave Hand Wrenches in the Past

You keep asking yourself a question: what is an impact wrench used for? If you have never had a pleasant opportunity of working with impact wrenches, or electric drills, or pneumatic, cordless impacts of any kind, then I’m afraid you will be shot down by the work this bad boy can do. Just think about these figures: an impact wrench can deliver up to 13 000 lbs. of torque! Having this bad boy in your household will definitely save your time and nerves. Using this tool you can easily assemble and disassemble various things, as well as it is extremely useful for car and truck maintenance and repairing, mainly for changing tires.

You Are a Novice in This Business

I understand very well that everything new is unknown and scary, but in this case, it’s worth it leaving your comfort zone. At the end of the process, you are going to receive an irreplaceable helper. This tool might make you feel like a professional, being easy to use for novices though. When you are in a groove, just make sure to use the right touch in order not to tighten bolts too much.