Should You Wear Gloves When Using a Drill Press: Top 3 Safety Rules

Should You Wear Gloves When Using a Drill Press: Top 3 Safety Rules

When looking for stationary tools such as a pillar bore you have to look for some expert advice. That is what I am here for. Check out our expert reviews and tips. Any top rated drill press that has been approved by our experts is already an amazing quality tool that is great to work with.

Let us expand on the drill press safety rules in order to make sure you can get properly set and prepared to work. The workspace should be as safe and tidy as possible.


I will give you the total must-haves of every laborer. If you love building furniture etc. If you need to know more about manufacturing safety here is your shopping list. All these appliances are affordable and easy to use. They will not hinder your work and won’t cut down on the productivity either:

  • Work gloves. Generally, the guideline says that you should not use work gloves with rotating tools. Make sure it does not get stuck and wrap around the moving parts. So the ultimate advice is for you to check the manual and see if the manufacturer is advising you to use some proper safety. Otherwise, the protective mittens can start interacting with the gimlet resulting in some bad consequences.
  • A spare bore. The drilling tip should be as pristine and wear-free as possible. It should also be perfectly aligned. If you see that the tip has worn out – replace it immediately. I suggest you keep a set of spare bores next to you at all times.
  • Clamp or vise. Do not try securing the drilling boards with your own hands. You need to secure it properly by using the designated clamps or other tools. The target should be perfectly coordinated with the boring tip. Secure the target firmly. Once the drill hits the surface and starts making a cavity you can release the hold a little bit. This way you can release some pressure.

Safety Tips

The drill press safety tips are pretty simple and are coordinated with common sense. First of all, remember to not exceed the recommended rotary element speed.

Consideration, precaution, careful planning, and dedication come first. Whenever you plan on using your bench drill or any other equipment you have to, first of all, take care of all the precautions. Take your time and pay attention to the details.

Make sure not to rush and not to cut corners. There essential safety rules for a drill press are applicable for most of your work tools. Teach yourself and your team to implement a proper work ethic and you will be safe for the years to come.