How is Drill Press Size Determined

How is Drill Press Size Determined

If you struggle to find the best gimlet press to fit all your needs my entry will be your holy grail. There are so many brands, options, and additional features that you can easily get lost. Unless you are an experienced user of course.

First of all, you need to get your hands on the high-quality drill press that won’t break the bank. My reviews will be just the thing you need. Each model is studied and valued thoroughly so you get to have the most accurate information.


Since you can use your gimlet press for a variety of functions like drilling, sanding, boring, wood shaping, reaming, etc. It is important to be peculiar about sizing functions and implementations. Think through all the possible uses for your very own gimlet press. Do you want to use it in the household only or will you also be carrying out commercial works on it?

The size is not determined by speed, drill size, overhead volume, etc. All the numbers, figures, and guidelines do matter a lot. Besides, you need to know how to measure the drill press dimensions correctly. That is where my knowledge will come handy.


To put it simply you can determine drill press sizes by measuring the distance between the column and the spindle center. It might sound a bit baffling at first. This sizing makes perfect sense. Because the size is determined by the biggest diameter of the disk that you can gimlet through in the center.

I hope now it all makes more sense to you. Of course, you might say that looking through the manual is well enough to determine the center hole disk diameter. And no doubt you will be right. I am here to help you learn faster and understand the basics of drilling better.


You can easily get your hands on a good quality preowned pillar drill. If you do, you can easily handle it by yourself without ever having a need to look through the manual. Plus since in most cases the manuals for preowned tools are unavailable. Drill press sizing although sounds unusual makes a lot of sense when you get down to actually using the bench gimlet on practice.

I have seen smaller table gimlets starting from just 6-inch sizes making them perfect for hobbyists and beginners. The options go up to infinity with industrial capacity state of art pillar drills that can do all calculations for you.