Do You Really Need a Drill Press?

Do You Really Need a Drill Press?

Sometimes, you may ask yourself “Do I need to get the best drill press?”. If you are working with various materials and you have to make a nice hole fast and easy then the answer is “Definitely, yes”. It is not only the way to reduce the time you need to process a certain piece, but it also can improve your precision. Finding a good model requires you to spend some time checking various models and their features. Therefore, the question “how much drill press do you need?” can be answered, “You need it to facilitate the whole process and get some stunning results in no time”. Here are some reasons why you should consider getting a good model.

Less Time Needed

If you have a workshop and you sell something you make, then you should understand that if you provide your customers with a high-quality product fast, you will get another loyal customer. That is why everything has to be done fast and properly and that is the case when a good drill press can help a lot. Modern solutions are quite powerful to process various kinds of material, like wood or metal. You will always get a nice, clean hole without wasting any time.

Using a modern solution, you minimize or exclude the possibility of locking-up a drill bit since it rotates constantly and it has enough power to work with “tough” material.

A Reliable Table

One of the important factors of drill press uses is that this tool has some important accessories, like a table, which can hold a piece of material and modern solutions allow you rotate the table, raise, or lower it to meet your requirements. Such tables allow you to move the whole piece extremely precise. Another great factor about such tables is that they hold a piece very still, so you will always get a clean hole and it will have no vibration so you will not damage the drill bit or harm yourself.


One of the main reasons you need a drill press is that such solutions are extremely versatile and they allow not the only process various materials but also use numerous additional accessories to get exactly what you need. Modern models have several speeds adjustments, so you can work with “hard” material like steel or other metal, and “soft” material like wood. However, you need to adjust the speed settings correctly to avoid damaging the piece you process or the drilling bit you use.

Use Your Creativity

Since such tools provide you with a constantly rotating drill bit, you can make your own swirl patterns on various surfaces. However, it requires some experience, practice, and patience, but you can still master it and amaze your friends or customers.

Should You Buy It?

Of course, a drill press requires some space and it may be quite expensive (especially, if you need a powerful one) and produce some noise and vibrations (if it is powerful and not heavy enough). However, it is important what you get – you will have properly made, clean holes that may not require any additional processing. Such tools are very precise, which is very important if you work on something small or you need many holes, which should be spaced properly. Another important factor is the total productivity – you spend less time processing one element and you still get amazing results.

Overall, a drill press is a very important tool that will complement any workshop.