How Do You Use a Drill Press Safely?

How Do You Use a Drill Press Safely?

The drill press machines are come with the motor to perform the drilling operations. Especially, the chuck attached on the drilling machine head will accept the drill bit or cutter to drill the components. You can find the drilling machines in different size and shape to cover the procedures for each operation. Safety plays a vital role while working on the drill press table involving entire power equipment. Read more this article to know the right safety measures without causing any damage to the equipment or manual someone nearby.

Safety tips and measures to use the drill press

Read the manual properly

Before step into function the drill press, the user has to well-known about the machine by reading the manual of the machine. After reading it you can get small ideas regarding drill press usage rule to handle the machine on the right applications as per the procedure. Follow the instructions mentioned on the manual to ensure the adjustment, maintenance against your working projects.

Check the condition of the pre-mounted particle

It is a common thing, before using the drilling machine checking the condition of the machine is necessary to be safe. Don’t use your hands to stop the chuck on the functioning machine. Using the limb to rotate the nozzle is better than using the finger. Even you can use clamps and vices to be safe against the slipping possibility. Use the right accessories to remove the broken drill bits.

Mount the Security accessories

Safety is the most important thing to mind while working in the drilling machine. Wear safety gloves which are suitable for your drilling projects as per drill press safety tips on manual. Wear the specialized face shield while winding and other drilling related works. Instead of wearing the face mask you can go with the safety goggles which will protect you from the drilling operations. Never wear accessories like ring, long-chain and loosen dresses to avoid causes of injury.

Special care to increase the efficiency

Don’t let the machine to work even at the high temperature it will create the machine to attain the adverse condition. The user has to take proper maintenance on the machine to keep the motor running cool. Don’t leave them unused for a long time. Start the machine at the slow speed and wisely increase the speed of the machine to attain the best performance. Prefer to run the machine on right temperature as per your application and avoid overheating.

Lubricate regularly

Have you ever heard about the tips of how do you use a drill press safely by lubricating the machine? You can get the steps to lubricate the machine properly as mentioned in the manual record for the machine. Clean the stagnant specks of dust on the machine after using it avoid using the dirt bits, belts and pulleys on the machine. Wipe out the dust on all spindles, sleeves, chips, and shaft to avoid damaging the precision. To prevent the machine from rust putting the light coat of oil on the painted surface is a better idea.

Overall Security Rules

Besides the drill press safety rules there are other small things you need to follow in order to ensure your workplace is casualty proof. First of all, make sure your clothing fits you well, it is fastened and secured and won’t get stuck in the moving parts. Pull up your hair, if it is long of course. Take the jewelry off. The gloves might get stuck in the moving parts as well.

Make sure nobody comes close to the operating machinery, keep the random people away from your workshop. Clean the space of all the shavings and chippings, keep the floor and all surfaces clean at all times.

Remember to always use protection for the sensory organs. Cover your eyes and use earplugs if the drilling gets way too loud. This simple guideline often gets overlooked. Hope you found my simple drill press rules simple and useful.