​Can a Drill Press Be Used as a Mortiser: 101 Guide

​Can a Drill Press Be Used as a Mortiser: 101 Guide

Although you can have a separate floor standing hollows making a machine to toy around and have fun with. Still, the mortising machines are mostly bulky and expensive. You have a legitimate solution on how to cut down on expenses and save more free space in your workshop or garage.

Together we can pick the best drill press that will suit your needs perfectly. Buying a mortising attachment for it will expand its functionality allowing you to get even more creativity. This tool can be just as good as buying a separate standing mortise.

Getting an Attachment

First of all, no matter what pillar bore you use getting a mortising addition to, it should be pretty simple. These are available for almost any gimlet model out there. The installation is a piece of cake even if you have never done it before.

First, clamp the mortise drill press to a separate base. This way you can attach it to the drill bench and regulate it separately. Mounting and dismounting process also will be pretty fast. You can just attach the hollower bench on top of the boring bench.

When doing the deepening make sure there is a gap in-between the auger and the cutting head. If you jam these two then the leftover wood shavings will have nowhere to go. When you mortise with drill press you want the edges to be smooth and the leftovers released easily. Do not let them get trapped inside the auger and spoil the whole process. You want to have the smoothest edges possible.


  • When you use a boring press for mortising you get to control the speed. It is very convenient as you do not have to worry about the smoke, screech or noise.
  • You can pick the shape of the mortise you need. A square hollower comprises of an oval bore tip with a sharp hollow mortise that has four corners to cut the squares in the wood after the gimlet goes through first.
  • Both augers and chisels can get dumb pretty fast but being very inexpensive you can always get the new ones.
  • The best way to pick your own drill press mortiser operational speed and angle is to experiment. So relax and play with your hollower a little bit. In a few trials, you will be able to pick the best speed for your work.
  • If you feel confident enough I would recommend you buying a pre-owned hollower. You will have the same quality tool but save even more money.