6 Reasons to Buy Drill Press For Your Workshop

6 Reasons to Buy Drill Press For Your Workshop

The pillar boring machines have multiple spheres of implementation from metal works to mortising. With our top drill press reviews, everyone can pick a tool for himself.

No More Lock-Ups

It is pretty common to lock up the regular gilet tip. Once it happens you will have to twist and turn your hands and wrists to get the right position. Sometimes you have to go to some unbelievable mind-blowing angles to make the regular boring machine work.

This would never be an issue with the regular bench boring machine. Use the vice or clamp provided to fix the part in place and drill the hole you need. It is safe, fuss-free and the clamp makes it so much easier.


Buy yourself a special mortising extension and do the hollows in the wood panels by yourself. A tool essential for building furniture is really affordable and easy to use. No need to buy a separate standing mortiser as using pillar bores is much easier giving you the same work quality. Now once asked what is a drill press used for you will be able to provide multiple options and implementations.


The bench allows you to fix the panels for boring them. But you can also attach the tapping tip and make as many taps as you need. Insert a tap and extract it with a simple switch of your hand. It saves you a lot of time.


It is fairly simple to reproduce identical holes when you have a proper table drill. Among all things you can do with a drill press, this sphere of implementation is the most common. Once you fix the parts in place properly you can do identical holes of identical sizes. Make as many as you need.


Use the pillar boring machine to make carving patterns on the budget. There are many other drill press uses you can come up with while playing with your new toy. A bore can help you make the pattern on the front panel of your car etc.


The table drills can come with different capacity. Way more versatile than your regular hand bores. Plus you can also pick different drill bits and adjust the chuck. Really convenient right? No more need to worry about the burned down hand drills.