How to Change the Bit on a Drill Press

How to Change the Bit on a Drill Press

A drill press is an important tool that you need to make holes. Such models are very precise and are super important if you like to do something on your own. This kind of tools is relatively easy to operate (but you still need to be careful) and their prices are not very high. A good drill press can work for years without requiring any special kind of maintenance, however, you may need to replace a drill press bit. Luckily, there is nothing difficult about it and you can do it within several minutes.

Drill Bits

These parts have to endure high loads, but even the strongest tool has to be replaced. Such parts are easy to find and get. There are many manufacturers who can provide you with high-quality bits. The prices are not very high and you can find the option that meets your requirements.

Replacing the Bits

The whole process will not take much time, but first, you need to get all the tools required to perform the replacement operation. You need to have:

  • Drill press bits set
  • A chuck key

The very first step is to put on protective equipment – despite the fact that this operation does not include using a working drill you have to be careful. If there is any dust (including metal swarf) – clean the necessary space with a special brush.

Now you can change a drill bit. The process is quite simple and it has such steps:

  • Remove a drill bit, you need to use a chunk key to loosen the chunk – insert it into one of the holes (there are three of them) in the chunk. Make sure the key teeth fit into the chunk grooves. Turn the chunk key to the left. When you loosen the chunk you can stop using a key and continue using your hands. Use one hand to hold the bit – it should not fall, otherwise, you are risking damaging the bit.
  • Now you can install the new bit and insert it into the spindle. You should get as much of the shank as possible with covering no drill bits flutes with the chunk jaws. Then you need to tighten the chunk using your hands so the bit does not fall. Now you can use the chunk key – insert it in one of the chunk holes and turn it to tighten it. You need to repeat this process for all the holes. Make sure that everything is tightened properly and the bit is placed correctly – nothing should shake. It is necessary to mention that there should be some shank space between the chuck jaws and the flutes. It would be ideal if space is about the same as the drill diameter.

That is it, that is how simple and fast this process is. Now you can start drilling holes. Make sure you always use personal protective equipment and high-quality bits.