What is a 10-inch Drill Press?

What is a 10-inch Drill Press?

Having all kinds of equipment you need is crucial if you prefer making something on your own. However, when it comes to choosing a drill press, you need to consider various factors. Getting a high-quality drill press is not enough, as you need to decide how big the drill should be to perform the necessary tasks.

Picking the Tool Sizes

There are various drill press sizes and understanding how it is measured is crucial since it shows how big a piece of material can be processed using a certain model. However, getting a big model to process small parts is not a great solution since the results may be not the best.

It is important to mention that the drill size is measured by using the distance from the support column to the center point of the spindle (the part where insert a drill bit). This distance multiplied by 2 – it is also known as swing. Therefore, a 10-inch drill press means that the gap between the spindle and the pole is 5 inches. Still, such models can drill a hole in the center of a piece that is 10 inches long or wide.

Types of Models

Depending on the type of processing you need, you have to choose the model. The 8-12 inches models are relatively portable and you can place them on top of a table. Such models are often called “Benchtop”. The larger models called “Stationary” and these models range from 12 to 20 inches. Choosing a model, you should clearly understand when you will use it.

A 10″ drill press is a good option in most cases – such models are not very expensive. You can find a reliable model that will cost you around $180-230. Moreover, many models have various additional features which facilitate processing, like several speeds option, additional alignment solution for high precision, a worktable that can be adjusted as well. Manufacturers also provide you with additional accessories which are necessary to replace a drill bit (keys and other tools).

Choosing a model, you also need to pay attention to its serviceability – after a certain period of exploitation (depending on how often you use it) you may need to find extra parts to replace them. Getting a large drill press is not a great option if you need to work with smaller pieces since it is hard to process a small piece with a large drill press and larger models will also cost you more and require much money to maintain them.

Additional Accessories

Getting high-quality drill bits is as important as finding a reliable model with enough power. Drill bits sets are provided by many manufacturers and finding them is not a big deal. It is necessary to clearly understand what you need to do (what kind of material you will work with and how big pieces will be) in order to get a corresponding model and the necessary accessories.