How to Find Studs In Ceiling

How to Find Studs In Ceiling

A stud finder is a device that is able to find different studs that are hidden behind the walls or ceiling. It is necessary to use best stud finder dealing with the formation of complex devices on your ceiling, such as decorative and functional partitions, columns, arches, and niches. Of course, it’s easy when the beams are the part of the interior, but when they are covered so that they become invisible, you will need to make an effort to find them.

There are different ways on how to find ceiling joist. We have chosen four options that can be used by anyone, regardless of the skills.

#1 Use a magnet
Using the high power magnet is one of the simplest and affordable ways to find studs under the ceiling. It’s able to discover the screws, which fasten the ceiling material to the wooden slats.

Detecting studs under the ceiling with a magnet requires the following steps:

  1. Determine a certain place where you need to install anything in a ceiling.
  2. Pick up a magnet.
  3. Move it slowly until it stops moving along the ceiling.

It is better to use a big magnet for finding studs in ceiling. This will help embrace a larger area saving a lot of time.

#2 Use A Stud Finder
If the previous way requires a few minutes, this one requires only a few seconds. However, it may seem unprofitable for someone because this device is costly. The stud finder detects the location of the studs in two ways:

  • due to the magnetic method that finds the hardware that holds the stud;
  • with the help of electronic sensors.

You just need to move it across the surface of the ceiling till the signal will alert you about the location. Nevertheless, this method may show some inaccuracies: if it is calibrated incorrectly, the detector may trigger in the areas where no beam is. Drive a little nail in the detected area to make sure that the stud is there.

#3 Use a Knocking
This one is considered to be the easiest and the most affordable way, as no additional tools are required. It is enough to squeeze a hand into a fist and knock the ceiling in the right place. The places of voids will knock deafly, but above the studs, the sound will be different. Make a mark in the appropriate place with a pencil so you know where to drill.

#4 Use a Plan or Drawing
Using the plan or drawing is, perhaps, the most logical answer to the question on how to find studs in ceiling. The studs are usually located in 16 or 24 inches. You can independently calculate the location of the beams – it’s considered an engineering way. Thanks to it, you can approximately determine the location of the studs. Then you can either knock the ceiling or poke a nail into it.