Top 7 Best Drill Press Tables reviews

Top 7 Best Drill Press Tables reviews
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The coordinate table for the drilling machine helps to make the work of the unit accurate, smoothly move the workpiece to the desired position, avoid jumps, and twist the part. The efficiency of work on any type of machine increases significantly when using the best drill press table. But what is actually the best? Let’s find it out together.

Best Drill Press Table Reviews


The instructions from this table for drill press are apparently much improved.

Also, as others have noted, the caster assembly can be a problem. I received mine with the foot pedal, extending over the caster. In this position, the pedal provides considerable mechanical advantage. However, when the caster assembly is mounted outside of the base, there is a chance that you can stumble; when it is mounted inside the base, the shelf makes it impossible to touch your foot. Some customers have complained that they received the caster assembly mounted “incorrectly”. That got me to thinking.

I took the assembly apart by removing the main pivot pin. There is an e-clip on each end of this pin. If you don’t have a specialized tool, you can just use a screwdriver to pry one off. Pull out the pin and then pull the pedal out of the bracket.

There is a washer on each side between the pedal and the inside of the bracket – on mine, the sides of the bracket were angled in a bit, so the pedal and washers kind of popped out under a bit of pressure.


  • All parts lined up nicely.
  • Metal appears to be powder coated.
  • The hardware is all sorted out in bags telling you where they all go.


  • DeWalt not including any information on the caster assembly (re)configuration in any of their materials.
  • I didn’t see the reason since it’s so expensive.
  • The wheel that lifts it off the ground to move around is not easily used given that there is a shelf mounted right above it.

Woodstock D4033

Woodstock D4033
The table itself is made of cheap Chinese MDF with laminate on both sides. The drill press work table has white edge band wrapping around, and it’s strange that the seam is to the front ( as the table is mounted to a drill press ) – this doesn’t detract from the functionality of the table, but aesthetically it’s an odd choice of where to place the seam.

The table liner is a 3/8″ thick insert, and there are two taped on rulers/guides on each T-track. The tracks are held in place with three flat head screws – I removed the screws and replaced with 6-32 T-nuts from the underside and flat head machine screws to secure the tracks. I also went and sealed all exposed MDF surfaces ( as well as under the tracks when I had them off ) with a clear Minwax Polycrylic.


  • The hardware that comes with it was good quality, not great, but better than you might expect for the price.
  • This construction is durable but not invulnerable to heavy-handed oafs.


  • The “universal” clamps that come with this table. They are not universal enough to fit this drill press.
  • I had to drill through the table and replace the screws that hold down the tracks with nuts and bolts. The screws simply would not hold in the particle board.


This unit was well packaged in close fitting foam, the machine arrived with no damage and nothing missing.

If you are mechanically minded, you do not need instructions. The machine has been partially assembled in a very clever manner, and there is very little to do to complete the full assembly. It took me longer to modify a stand I had sitting around to mount the machine on than it did to set up this. From unboxing to plugged in and running was less than 45 minutes. Everything gathered flawlessly.

To test, I chucked up a 1/2″ drill (drill was new) and without a pilot hole, quickly drilled through a piece of 1/4″ steel angle and also through a scrap piece of 1/2″ steel plate. There was no bogging or hesitation. I have since drilled dozens of holes in steel, cast iron, and wood. I’ve used twist drills, countersinks, auger drills, paddle bits. This machine is not underpowered at all and absolutely destroys the performance of any battery powered hand drill. It’s obviously far easier to use for accurate drilling compared to a corded hand drill.


  • It has 5/8″ Chucking ( I need only 1/2″) I’d thought that I’d replace the Key’d chuck with a keyless except the supplied chuck is better than any key’s chuck I’ve ever encountered (I love the supplied chuck ).
  • The Lasers are wonderful (I’ve never had that feature on a Machine and thought it would be “training wheels,” but it turned out to be invaluable.
  • The Variable speed is superb. I replaced the supplied light bulb with an 80 Watt equivalent LED bulb to a great result.


  • No spindle lock. I’m adjusting to this missing element and may perform “surgery” to the Press to include this important feature.

Woodpeckers WPDPPACK1

Woodpeckers WPDPPACK1
This product screams quality the second you take it out of the box. Some may say it’s ‘pricey’ but do the math and to buy everything it would cost the same or more if you made it yourself.

The installation for this is for ‘certain’ drill presses. Other’s require using a piece of plywood. In both cases, this results in the purchaser drilling holes and placing wood screws into the MDF material. Over time this will weaken the material where the screws will not hold, especially if you ever take the drill press table off.

The big plus is that any clamping is super secure, and no wood screws will be pulled out of MDF because no wood screws are used. It can also be attached with wingnuts so the table can be removed if it needed, and reattached in seconds. All you need to do is purchase about $5 more in bolts, wingnuts, screws, and washers. If you have any skill at all, this should take no more than 1 hour to do. The completed table will take over 1000 of pounds of force and nothing will pull out, or pull off. Perfect if you ever use this with a mortising attachment and clamp to this.


  • The clamps provided work great and hold the project in place very well.
  • It was easy to install, and I didn’t need to make any modifications to my drill press or the table.


  • However, be advised that if you get this table, you will lose a couple of inches of reach when you want to use the fence. I would recommend the table in all other respects.

Proxxon 27100

Proxxon 27100
This is the best small X-Y table I’ve used, and I highly recommend it for any small work. The gibs are very tight and precise, and both axes move very smoothly with the traverse knobs.

The ways are protected from chips, the gibs are adjustable, and the scales on both knobs plus a linear scale on the X-table are adjustable for ease of use. I work with watches and small clocks, so this table is ideal for my use, and it’s currently mounted to a precision micro-drill-press (Cameron 164).

I can position any work item very precisely, and it will be held securely for drilling. The graduated dials make positioning very easy and accurate. I am currently using this drill table with the Proxxon 24260 precision vise (excellent) and the Proxxon 24256 step clamps, both of which work well with this table.

I had had several inexpensive import X-Y tables before that was practically unusable due to sloppiness, crude construction or poor fit of components, this table is completely superior to all of them and totally out of their league. Note that I am not associated or affiliated with Proxxon in any way, I just appreciate a well-made tool, and I’m very pleased that Proxxon is able to offer these at such reasonable prices.


  • I found this table is remarkably accurate and rigid. Essentially no backlash as well, in the slide wheels.
  • It’s very easy to re-zero the slide travel indicators, and they are snug.


  • This is a SMALL X-Y table, it will not work well for large items, and you cannot put a massive milling machine vise on it (like, for example, a Kurt D30 3″ vise) it’s just too small.
  • I wouldn’t recommend it for tool steel, stainless or anything harder, it’s not that the table is inadequate in its own right, it’s just too small and lightweight, and you’ll get too much vibration to get a smooth cut.

Woodpeckers DP3FENCE

Woodpeckers DP3 FENCE
According to drill press table reviews, this unit will fit those work that requires repetitive drilling and frequent setting changes.

Once the thing is installed and calibrated, you can just use the markings on the fence, no need to double-check. I cut a bunch of inserts, then drilled a guide hole of each different size bit I own in the insert. I install the bit, then move my table until the bit slides easily in the hole.

Then I know the table is correctly positioned, and the scales will read accurately. I bought the extra high fence as an add on, which works well. The only downside is that for certain pieces of wood, the high fence is too high, and I don’t trust the low fence (which is just the channel aluminum) to keep the piece from rocking.

So I just made my own add-on that attaches easily using the track for those intermediate-sized pieces of wood. My only regret is not getting one of these fences sooner. Oh yes, it is made in the USA!


  • Screams quality.
  • Makes repeat operations a breeze.


  • This fence is basically useless without the accompanying Drill Press Table from Woodpeckers.
  • The build of this is pretty solid, but the design is flawed. the knobs are so tall that interfere with the plunger handle (at least on jet models) which makes it unusable.

MLCS 9765

MLCS 9765
It clamps ok to my drill press, though I’m wondering if I should drill some holes to bolt it on. It was easy to install. The quality is good for its money, and I like the T-track.

In some positions I have to use a shorter piece of wood for the fence because the handles to lower the drill interfere with the fence, this would be true with any table with a fence, so it’s not a complaint, just an observation for someone who is new to this.

Also, I made my own replaceable inserts, since the ones you buy are ridiculously expensive. The hard part of this was to find the right thickness of MDF. It would also be possible to plane wood to the proper thickness if you have a planer. In general, I’m happy with MLCS. They don’t charge a fortune for their products, but I’ve found them to be of solid quality. Plus they have good customer service.


  • Happy to say that you no need to adjust some additional item.
  • It also has the clamping capability to the drill plate (which is not mentioned in product description).


  • The mounting is not quite “universal” so expect some futzing if your drill press is not exactly what they envisioned.
  • Included two extra slot clamps that were not listed in the item description.

Buyers Guide

Important features to consider when choosing a drill press table

Important details taken into account when choosing this device include:

  1. Material manufactured by the machine, with the need to improve the performance of heavy equipment, preference is given to models with cast beds that can withstand significant vibration. For work with boring machines, a table with a welded steel or aluminum base is enough.
  2. The quality of grinding the working surface, directly affecting the accuracy of drilling. The presence or absence of an additional protective layer.
  3. Type of guides and drivers. With increased requirements for smoothness and accuracy of movement and drilling, preference is given to coordinate sites with sliding bearings (ball screw group), creating a minimum gap.
  4. The ability to control the CNC (relevant if the need for serial processing of parts or with increased configuration complexity).

What is the best way to install a drill press table?

The key criteria for installing the table on a drilling or other equipment are the number of axes of movement, the dimensions of the coordinate platform made in the form of a plate, the type of feed drive and the method of control (manual or automatic).

The parameters of the technological process are influenced by all dimensional characteristics, taking into account the state requirements, including the width and pitch of the grooves.