Best Circular Saw Reviews

Best Circular Saw Reviews

While looking for the best circular saw for installing the frames or cutting lumber, the first thing to do is categorizing the offers. If you need a tool for occasional household works, the comfort of use and accuracy would be of prime concern. While regular serious applications require a highly powerful saw with a massive shoe and overall construction.

The circular saws differ in their construction type, power, size and weight, versatility, and additional options. However, most commonly, these tools are divided into:

  • Corded. These saws deliver the constant high torque and fit for regular tough work like wood cutting, siding making, etc.
  • Cordless. Easy to use and portable, these tools require battery recharging or replacement upon some time of operation.

Both corded and cordless saws have different construction / connection between the motor and the blade, determining the maximum power produced, the unit weight, and position of the blade:

  • Sidewinder (with spur gears). Lightweight, usually right-sided, with a high RPM number.
  • Worm drive (worm gears). Middleweight, large size, left-sided, these saws produce a lot of power.
  • Hypoid (conical gears). Heavy and big, left-sided, these saws provide a lot of torque for rough cuts.

Get more information in detailed circular saw reviews below!

Best Cordless Circular Saw Reviews

Best Cordless Circular Saw Reviews

Dewalt DCS570B — Best Circular Saw

Dewalt DCS570B

The 7-1/4-inch cordless DEWALT DCS570B is one of the best circular saws for woodcutting since it’s fitted with a brushless motor, with a max speed of 5,200 RPM. It makes straight cuts and works at an angle between 0 and 57 degrees. The latter is the tool’s competitive advantage since most other models can cut at 45 degrees maximum. The depth also varies from 0 to 2.54 inches.

This tool works flawlessly when it’s required to cut subfloor, stringers, 2×4’s, trim pallets, etc. It easily copes with hardwood floors, laminated veneer lumber, plywood, PT, and MDF. Note that this saw is not suitable for metal cutting.

Those looking for the best cordless circular saw in terms of design should consider this model. The saw has a metal base, and its dials are also made of metal. It’s designed with electronic blade brakes to reverse the electricity flow and stop the blade right away. This feature reduces the risk of injury. The LED light illuminates the cut’s line well. The Allen wrench for blades changing is placed on the right side of the battery. The item has 11 x 8 x 10 inches in size and weighs 7.5 pounds.

  • High speed allows using modern thin kerf blades.
  • The saw is designed with a flip-out rafter hook.
  • The markings on the bevel are easy to read, even if they are covered with dust.
  • The gauge is hard to reach that makes it difficult to adjust the depth.
  • LED light is useless during the daytime.
  • The battery life is short: this tool can make approximately 242 feet on a charge while many other saws can pass through over 300 feet.
Video Dewalt DCS570B

Dewalt DCS571B

Dewalt DCS571B

The battery powered, 4-1/2-inch tool is equipped with a brushless motor that provides up to 339 linear feet of 0.75-inch cuts and 4,500 RPM of speed. This item is made for woodcutting, plywood, and MDF at the maximum depth of 1.55 inches, but also copes with soft metal. The branded bevel gear design ensures clear and even 2×4 cuts at 90 degrees. Besides, it’s possible to bevel the saw up to 45 degrees. It’s easy to “point” it along the line, making accurate cuts.

The item can be rated as the top circular saw without the cable due to its ergonomic construction. The unit’s sizes are 17.88 x 5.13 x 6.69 inches, and its weight is 6.6 pounds. The unit consists of the main handle and a removable auxiliary one that makes possible one-hand saw operation. It has a hang hook for easy placement when the tool is off. It’s also possible to connect a vacuum via the dust port.

The hex wrench system requires using a key to replace blades. It’s time-consuming, but the in-built blade key storage makes the process faster.

  • The scale ruler is in the pack.
  • The safety trigger has an S-shape form to reach it easily from the main handle.
  • The Dewalt 20v circular saw cannot handle plastic and ceramic tile
  • The knobs that secure height and bevel adjustments are made of plastic.
Video Dewalt DCS571B

Milwaukee M18 2630-20B

Milwaukee M18 2630-20

The versatility and high level of safety of this model combined with a relatively low price make it a good choice for occasional household tasks or for a particular DIY project. The 18-Volt battery holds the charge well letting the motor spin the blade at 3,500 RPM and cutting confidently through the wood of any type and density.

The depth of cut can be regulated up to 1 ½ inches letting minimize the kickback and drive the tool confidently on any material. The bevel adjustment up to 45 degrees allows making smooth angled cuts.

The cordless circular saw is made of heavy-duty but lightweight materials making it solid yet maneuverable. Its magnesium covers protect the tool from falls and occasional hits, while the aluminum shoe provides for confident smooth cuts and stable movement.

The safety is enhanced by the electronic motor stop. This also allows for clean and even cuts, without fringed edges.

With the enforced carbide blade, this tool makes one of the best circular saws for wood cutting, save for the particularly tough tasks like splitting thick lumbers on a regular basis.

  • The depth and bevel are adjusted simply by turning the levers.
  • The markup on the shoe lets position the blade angle and depth precisely.
  • The tapered main handle and soft auxiliary one provide for a strong non-slipping grip.
  • The blade size isn’t common; so, a replacement might become an issue.
  • The blade protector tends to stick occasionally.
Video Milwaukee M18 2630-20

Best Corded Circular Saw Reviews

Tacklife TCS115A

Tacklife TCS115A

This corded-electric tool is made to work with wood, plasterboard, plastics, PVC pipe, and tile. It’s fitted with a 710W/5.8A copper motor, having a speed of 3,500 RPM that is enough for home projects. The maximum depth of cut is 1.69 inches provided that a user holds the saw straight. The bevel angle is adjustable from 90 to 45 degrees, depending on the material thickness. For instance, 45 degrees are suitable to cut at the depth of 1.38 inches.

The saw has 6 blades in the pack for different materials of various thickness. The couple of 24T TCT (120mm) blades are for wood cuts and two60T HSS (115mm) ones cope with wood and soft metal. The pair of grit diamond blades (115mm) is designed for tile.

This is a good circular saw for being held just in one hand. The aluminum body has a branded metal handle that helps a user deal with fatigue and ensures stable clamping force. It’s easy to hold and fast to detach without applying extra effort. The saw features both on/off and safety buttons. They must be pressed at a time to start the machine, reducing the chance of getting injured. The laser guide and scale ruler provide accurate cuts. The tool is 16.5 x 7.5 x 4.7 inches in size, weighing 8.27 pounds.

  • The rip guide allows making parallel cuts.
  • The pack of sharp blades ensures an excellent cutting experience.
  • A dust port with an attachable hose is always on the way.
  • The workplace can’t be seen without the laser.
Video Tacklife TCS115A

Skil 5280-01

Skil 5280-01

The small weight, high power, and a bunch of additional options for precise and smooth cutting make this model unique in our circular saw comparison. It’s marketed as an enhanced DIY tool, while its specifications and performance allow it to be listed in the professional charts.

The motor in this multi-function circular saw produces a solid 1800W rotating the blade disk with 5,300 RPM. The precision-made shoe and blade result in a smooth deep cut reaching 2 ⅜ inches at the 90 degrees application. The bevel regulation lets establish the blade at 51 degrees angle and have a stop at 45 degrees as well.

The blade has 24 teeth enforced by carbide coating and ripping the wood accurately, without much debris left behind. It’s equipped with the snag-preventing lower guard that secures the tool at the narrow cuts. The built-in laser shows the saw route clearly providing additional visibility and precision.

  • Simple to use, the blade can be changed through the spindle lock mechanism.
  • Enforced blade covers and the trigger guard ensure the user’s safety.
  • The dust blower mechanism keeps the track of the saw free of dust.
  • The cable is rather short, only 6ft long.
  • The laser tends to wander aside slightly after extensive hard usage.

Worx WX429L

Worx WX429L

This tool may become the best circular saw for the money to cut small pieces of plywood, metal, pipes, etc. It has a 4-amp motor inside, and the blade moves at a speed of 3,500 RPM. The saw provides precise 2×4 cuts and smooth edges, whether they are straight or made at an angle from 0 up to 45 degrees. Besides, it’s possible to adjust the depth of the cut within approximately 2 inches.

This model can be considered as the best corded circular saw, if looking for a well-balanced tool. Its sizes are 15.08 x 4.17 x 5.79 inches, and its weight is 4.4 pounds. WORXSAW WX429L features a flawless weight distribution and soft grip making the tool suitable for long-term use. The tool has an in-built safety switch responsible for increasing the usage safety that is easy to rich with a finger.

The blade is attached to the left side, enabling a user to see the workplace clearly. The parallel guide attachment helps a user point the saw along the line. The depth gauge lever is right near the blade. The wrench secures the blade, and its bevel adjustment allows loosening or tightening it. The saw has a dust port to attach a hose for removing workplace dust.

  • The saw comes with a 24-Tooth carbide-tipped blade with thin kerf marks aimed at lowering the heat while operating.
  • The pack includes all the necessary accessories: Allen key, blade, vacuum adapter, parallel guide, and manual.
  • The tool lacks the power to perform fast cutting.
  • The users have to screw and unscrew the bolt each time they need to change blades. This process requires time and efforts.
Video Worx WX429L

Dewalt DWE575SB

Dewalt DWE575SB

This top-rated circular saw is marked for considerable cutting power, enhanced safety features, and high versatility. Its motor delivers 1,950W making the blade move at 5,100 RPM and cutting easily through hard materials from wood to thin metal.

The saw has a secure blade guard ensuring smooth guard movement even during intensive work. The premium aluminum base ensures a smooth yet non-wobbling movement of the tool on the surface.

The shoe can be altered to bring the blade up as much as 57 degrees providing for accurate and quick bevel cuts. The bevel adjustment lever, as all other knobs and levers onboard are metal, ensures steady reliable performance.

  • The electric brake stops the blade once the trigger is pulled.
  • Small weight enough for establishing a good balance on the worksite.
  • No laser tracking.
  • No safety guard on the trigger.
Video Dewalt DWE575SB

Black & Decker BDCCS20B

Black & Decker BDCCS20B

This item can become the best circular saw without the cord since it comes as a set of circular and reciprocating saws. Besides, the 20-volt unit can serve for multiple purposes, as it cuts wood, metal, PVC, and plastic while working on small home projects.

A circular saw comes with a 5-1/2-inch fast-cutting blade. The item has a versatile blade fitting that guarantees its compatibility with up to 12-inch blades, regardless of the manufacturer. The safety button blocks the blade for safer use. There is a dial to loosen the shoe to put it up and down for changing the depth. Another dial works in the same way to change the angle.

The reciprocating saw has a 3,000-SPM motor, being designed to deal with small trees and branches up to 2.5 inches thick. The speed trigger integrated into the system allows speeding up and slowing down the cutting processes. The blades can be installed and replaced effortlessly. To do it, a user should flip the black tab on the side up and install the blade. Then, flip the black tab back down to lock the blade. The tool’s sizes are 15.6 x 3.4 x 7.1 inches, and its weight is 3.9 pounds.

  • The reciprocating saw easily cuts roots around the stumps and root balls thanks to its 7/8-inch stroke.
  • The battery replacement is easy via a click of a button on both circular and reciprocating saws.
  • There is no battery and charger in the package.
  • The markers for Black and Decker circular saw depth and bevel are hard to read.

Rockwell RK3441K

Rockwell RK3441K

The 4-1/2-inch corded-electric compact saw has a rear 5-amp motor hidden in the handle. Such a placement provides a better balance and easier control. The tool is designed for cutting wood, ceramic tile, and soft metal. It can perform cuts at an angle from 0 to 45 degrees. The adjustment lever regulates the cuts’ depth in the range of 0–2 inches.

The left-handed blade attachment provides the working area’s visibility to make straight cuts even without a laser. The dedicated port serves to hook up the vacuum hose to remove dust and keep the working space clean. The safety switch that prevents accidental start is easy to reach with a thumb for people with small hands.

The saw’s dimensions are 18.2 x 4.2 x 6.9 inches, and its weight is 5 pounds. It’s easy to operate the tool holding it in one hand. The set of accessories includes a 24-tooth carbide-tipped blade, a parallel guide, a vacuum adapter, and a hex key.

  • The tool makes clean cuts that don’t bog down.
  • The saw is capable of ripping wood by clamping a fence.
  • The compact size makes the tool suitable for maneuvering.
  • It’s challenging to get a compatible diamond blade for the saw’s arbor size of 0.375 inches and the adapter.
  • The screws loosen up quickly, making it necessary to check on them regularly.
Video Rockwell RK3441K

Hychika MS-85C

Hychika MS-85C

The HYCHIKA MS-85C corded circular saw reviews highlight the 4A/500W pure copper motor and the cutting speed of 4,500 RPM as the saw’s competitive advantages. The opportunity to work with not only wood and steel but also tile, plastics, laminate sheets, acrylic glass, and PVC are also appreciated.

The laser guide to shoot a line down and parallel guide attachment increase the cuts’ accuracy. It’s possible to regulate their depth within 0–1 inch for wood, 0–0.2 inches for metal, and 0–0.4 inches for tile. For this purpose, it’s enough to open the depth-control lock and calibrate it to the required depth. The saw stops running after the trigger is released that increases safety when working with the tool.

The circular mini-saw doesn’t make noise when operating. It boasts a robust design, being made with metal wraparound base and aluminum protective upper cover. This model has a green LED indicator to show the tool is on.

The 7.04-pound compact saw is 16.9 x 15.4 x 11.6 inches in size with a 10-feet cord. The pack consists of a 30-Tooth HW blade for wood, a 36-Tooth HS blade for metal, and 1 grit diamond blade for tile. The Allan wrench, and a couple of cells for laser guide together with a dust pipe are also in the pack.

  • The handle is covered with a soft rubber to reduce the risk of slipping out.
  • The saw has a scale ruler to make proportional linear measurements.
  • The cutting angle is not adjustable.
  • The cord often gets tangled up with the saw.
Video Hychika MS-85C

Buyer’s Guide

What to Look for in a Circular Saw?

Here are the factors you should pay attention to if you wish to purchase a quality circular saw:

  • Power. Depending on the type of work, you might be satisfied with 3,000 RPM (for occasional household work or a simple project) or shop for a serious 7,000 RPM model (for dealing with hardwood and concrete).
  • Accuracy. The accurate performance means you will make a single intended cut instead of several “about” ones. The visibility of the blade and cutline markings, the seamless shoe contact with the surface, quick retraction of the blade cover make for the accuracy of the performance of the circular saw.
  • Visibility. The proportion of the model and the working position (hands on the saw) must ensure good track visibility. The integrated LED light and a dust blower also help in this issue.
  • Depth of cut and adjustment. The deeper the saw can cut, the more versatile it is. The depth adjustment lets vary the position and apply the power efficiently.
  • Angled operation. The beveled position adjustment means you can work on different surfaces, not just the ideal horizontal ones, and make different cuts.
  • Safety lock. That’s a major safety issue in the circular saws preventing the sudden starts. The electronic brake is another feature making the blade stop once the trigger isn’t pressed anymore.
  • Build. Strong metal is preferred over plastic.
  • Weight. More weight means more effort but also a better balance.
  • Ergonomics. The comfortable grip and auxiliary handle provide better control over the operation and reduce the user’s fatigue.

Corded or Cordless Circular Saw: Which to Choose?

The latest tendency in crafting, building, and other working areas says, “Go cordless!” The cordless tools become less demanding and more powerful. However, both categories still have an ace up the sleeve. Let’s have a look at the circular saw specifications and determine what type is more developed:

  • Power. Here, the corded models score. Though cordless ones can often produce the same high RPM number, they still can’t do it throughout the whole operation. While the steady supply spins the motor of the corded saw with the same high torque.
  • Comfort. Now the cordless saws take over. No need to look for a socket, simply activate the saw and work. Anywhere.
  • Portability. Again the cordless is unbeatable. Though being slightly heavier than corded units, these saws can be carried anywhere they are needed.
  • Maintenance. The corded saws even the score. No battery – no charging, replacing, etc.

So, there’s no ground to prefer any type to another. Depending on the actual situation, the power of the corded saw or the portability of a cordless one can become the advantage.

Quick Guide on a Circular Saw Usage

Follow the next steps for ensuring you use your circular saw in a safe and efficient way.

  • Prepare the saw. Read the manual, learn the features of your saw. Make sure you have all the required tools at hand (e.g. for blade changing, depth / bevel changing, etc.). Pay attention to the trigger lock and the proximity of the power source / the battery charge status on your saw.
  • Prepare the worksite. Make sure there are no outside objects, and children and animals are safely out of the worksite. There should be enough air circulation and a grounded socket (for corded circular saws). Use sawhorses or a sawing table for your project. Make sure the material is positioned securely, tie or clamp it, if needed.
  • Get protection clothes and boots, as well as goggles and gloves. The sawdust or sparkles can be dangerous.
  • Mark the material. Make visible lines with the marker tracing the planned cut line on your material.
  • Set the depth and bevel on your saw. Use the knobs or levers / keys intended for that.
  • Put the saw shoe on the piece of material with the “0” line matching the marked cut line on your material.
  • Release the safety lock and press the trigger. Make quick clean cuts driving the saw slowly towards the end of the marked cut line.
  • Release the trigger once the cut is over. Before making the next cut, make sure the blade isn’t rotating and completely stopped.
  • Unplug the tool / remove the battery once you’ve finished your current work.