Best Track Saw Reviews

Best Track Saw Reviews

One of the basic operations in the woodworking industry is sawing and the person should choose only quoteworthy tools for this task. It’s better to give preference to the best track saw that is a good choice for direct cuts creating. A mentioned saw type perfectly holds the line, performs cross cut without problems, and can work with a huge amount of materials. In order to cut laminate, plexiglass, plastic, or slate, you just need to install the appropriate cutting disc and select the essential mode of operation (adjust the speed).

Today, manufacturers offer saws not only wired but also battery-powered units. Modern technologies have made it possible to ensure that a high-power tool has a saw equipped with a fairly capacious battery and low-consumption engine. In addition, chargers for such batteries have impressive charging speed, so forced break for refueling with energy can last nearly 30 minutes. Of course, a cordless track saw is an ergonomic and mobile tool that roofers will appreciate.

It isn’t appropriate skimping on product quality when purchasing this kind of saw. It is better to buy a saw from a well-known manufacturer, with a guarantee of safety and reliability, than to buy a cheap unit and constantly be engaged in its repair. This survey contains information about five decent track saws that are able to demonstrate the brand’s peculiarities and please the owner with high cutting quality.

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Track Saw Reviews

Makita SP6000J1

Makita SP6000J1 6-1/2 Track Saw Kit
I really like that the cutting depth limiter allows making preliminary furrows up to 6.7 ounces deep. These furrows reduce the possibility of damage to the processed material during further cutting. There is a built-in nozzle for connecting a vacuum cleaner, which allows you to quickly remove sawdust and make the working process quicker. It starts slowly and protects the person who holds the device from kickback. I don’t feel any vibration while using it as torsion dampers reduce it.

It’s hard to keep the Makita track saw kit in hands for a considerable time as the device’s weights 17.02 pounds, so it’s better to hold it securely with both hands. The design of the saw provides the ability to work in a vertical and horizontal plane. I can also highlight a closed casing of the saw blade, which excludes operator injuries in case of an emergency. The button for the pre-cut can be easily pushed, but when you try to pull it back out the diminutive red rubbery cap heaves off. It is possible to perform the precise adjustment of the cutting depth by means of a screw control gear. Pay attention that the unified attachment point allows you to use bars of different sizes, designed to complete saws of distinct brands. The device is complemented with a suitcase for transportation that is made of thick plastic.


  • The unit works quieter than the jigsaw (noise level does not exceed 90dB).
  • Comfortable and long-term tool exploitation is provided by a convenient rubberized handle and a light weight.
  • Electronic speed control allows you to choose the cutting speed for any material.


  • The cord is relatively short, so the user has to take care of the extension wire.
  • The included blade isn’t able to cope with improperly dried wood.

Festool 575389

Festool 575389 Plunge Cut Track Saw Ts 75
The device weighs only 13.6 pounds and its dimensions (11.6 x 15.6 x 16.7 inches) are compact enough to store it in a garage. The Festool 575389 manufacturer complemented the unit with solid saw blade HW W48 that can be used to saw the hardwood even with nails. This facility is most often used for wooden construction cutting but can come in handy to work with chipboard, plywood, and even plastic. The model has not only a reliable saw blade but also an elastic handle. However, the device provides for the creation of cuts of different depths and at various angles, but there are no adjustable clamps, so you have to buy it independently. The case does not get hot; it is characterized by a high assembly quality (the body frame is solid; there are no scratches or squeaking sounds while using). This tool can be probably called as an indispensable one for every summer resident, as it has a wear-resistant engine (1600W) and a sole made of solid material. It has good balance, low weight, and easy operation. The Festool 575389 comes with a carrying case and set of other useful elements (wrench, flag window, etc.).


  • There’s an interlock that prevents accidental start-up.
  • A soft pad is able to reduce vibration.
  • It’s possible to make fine depth adjustment and angle of the bevel.


  • Rail isn’t included, so the owner has to purchase it additionally.
  • It’s better not to use the saw and blade that comes in a set on wet wood. The sharp part immerses into the unit and doesn’t move as it has to.

Dewalt DCS520T1

DEWALT DCS520T1 Flexvolt Cordless TrackSaw Kit
The variable speed button allows you to select the required number of revolutions depending on the material being processed. The anti-kickback mechanism is used for the user’s protection. Rotary dust collector helps get rid of almost 90% of dust; when working with materials that give small and light particles, it is worthwhile to immediately provide dust suction; otherwise, the cooling impeller will spread it throughout the area. A retractable propping knife is designed for safe operation when a blade is stuck in hardwood. It is worth adding that the maximum depth of cut at a right angle is 23 inches, at a sharp angle – 17 inches, and this is a pretty good indicator for using at home (comparing with other less expensive models). The saw comes with a 42-teeth blade that is useful for various material types (beams, boards, and diverse wood items). The mentioned track saw kit includes not only the device itself but also the 6.0Ah battery, wrench, blade, and the carrying box made of thick plastic. It weighs only 12.5 pounds, so it would be easy to control it while sawing and keep on a shelf in the garage.


  • Magnesium base and powerful brushless engine are solid components, which provide the reliability and item’s durability.
  • A special zero clearance system helps get precise and straight cuts.
  • It has a high-torque electric engine for work on building sites and in carpentry workshops.


  • The track itself isn’t included in the set.
  • The DCS520T1 stops working intermittently and then picks up speed again. It seems that the problem is in the battery.

Festool TS 55

Festool TS 55 REQ Track Saw
There are no clamps, as a special grip material on the lower part protects it from sliding. The main and additional handles are coated with microtexture, which ensures a comfortable operation process. It’s possible even to make a second parallel cut. FastFix system makes it simple to exchange the blades safely for the owner. The unit is more accurate than the wooden circular saw, and the soft start provides convenient use. There’s no unpleasant vibration, so the exploitation process isn’t tiresome. A delayed start feature is a serious bonus, as if the blade is already running and you incidentally pull the trigger, it won’t instantly start. The unit is amended by the micro-adjustable depth indicator and two specific cursors lines help control the immersion. Pay attention that you must constantly carefully monitor the height ratio of the propping knife and the saw blade. The first should be higher than the second by more than 0.07 inches. The saw blade is covered with a protective box as a guarantee of safety. If you are choosing among different track saws, the Festool TS 55 REQ can be probably regarded as a relatively good variant.


  • A spring-loaded riving knife is integrated and useful for kickbacks protection.
  • The unit comes with a carbide blade that can cut even relatively hardwood items.
  • There is a possibility of connecting a vacuum cleaner to ensure a clean workplace.


  • There are no saw blade brakes that are not safe for the worker.
  • Despite the ventilation hole presence, the unit gets hot quickly.

Shop Fox W1835

SHOP FOX W1835 Track Saw
This model can become a practical and more compact substitution of a table saw or panel saw. The unit’s secondary front handle can be easily grasped. It guarantees better stability as the user can hold it while cutting. There’s also a continuous cutting depth limiter, which allows scoring manually a sheet of material (for example, plywood) for getting cleaner cuts. The unit is complemented with a dust collection port (1-1/2”) that can be easily adjusted and collects nearly 80-90% of the dust. During the plunge saw exploitation, the fast replacement of the consumable is carried out using the quick-clamping lever or key. I really like that the tool has a bevel gauge together with a lock to make precision level bevel cuts up to an angle of 45 degrees. The device is portable and weighs 12.79 pounds, so it would be comfortable to use it even without arm support (while hanging). Its cord length (6 feet) is enough to use the SHOP FOX W1835 in the workshop and move it from place to place. I can’t perceive the specified model as the best track saw because this product has a limited set of functions, and if you want to make it more versatile, it has to be modified with various additions (change the plunge spring, wrench holder, etc.).


  • Soft start avoids overloads of the engine (otherwise, a sharp increase in voltage can lead to network overload).
  • When the saw lands on a section with denser material (for example, nail), the quality of the cut and the speed of work remain the same; jamming of the consumable is almost completely eliminated.
  • The rubberized handle fits comfortably in your hand and does not slip.


  • The depth stop isn’t smooth enough that makes me halt abruptly.
  • It doesn’t fit snugly on the guide rail.

Buyer’s Guide

Track Saw. Functions

A track saw is a powerful device specially designed for sawing cubic meters of boards, timber, drywall, laminate, etc. Such a unit can be perceived as indispensable while own-account construction performing. The scope of the saw is limited, but you can make a direct, precise, and quick cut in the wood of various thicknesses while using this product. It’s possible to change the depth and angle of the cut. Specified unit is a cross between a conventional jigsaw and a powerful chainsaw.

Among the frequently encountered and useful additional functions of a saw, the following should be highlighted:

  • Immersion in the cut material. A saw blade is capable of shifting in the vertical plane, so the cutting process can be started not from the edge but immediately from the middle of the board.
  • Adjusting the speed of the disk rotation. This function can be realized mechanically or electronically. Different materials require various cutting speeds in order to ensure smooth and burr-free cuts. Variable speed saws are more versatile.
  • Fast disk braking increases security.
  • Smooth starting of the disc also increases safety, as it eliminates the dynamic jerk when the engine is turned on. The load on the electrical network and the mechanics of the device are also reduced.
  • The built-in backlight and laser marking greatly increase the comfort of use and improve the accuracy of cutting.

It’s better to entrust the repair of saw to specialists in certified centers. If you follow the simple work instructions, device exploitation will be safe and effective.

Track Saw Using: Guide and Recommendations

  • Select the blade according to the required material. A 14-teeth unit is good for general use, but for melamine and plywood, it’s better to choose a 48-teeth blade.
  • Adjust the cutting depth. The immersion should be enough not to hinder accuracy and to eliminate the danger of blade damage.
  • Control the circular saw guide rail in order to get the required straight cuts.
  • Monitor plunge cuts as you can place the blade over any area of the material, even in the middle. The only peculiarity is that you won’t be able to see your cut path, so before putting the blade into the, for example, wood board, it’s important to clean the cutting path.
  • Start the tool correctly. You should enable both the plunge release and the power trigger. Then the user has to let the blade reach the required speed.

Don’t forget to follow the safety rules:

  • Use the saw only in conjunction with the swarf conveyance system.
  • Wear a respirator and safety glasses during operation.
  • Regularly clean workpieces and the tool itself only with a special brush.
  • Turn off the tool before changing the saw blade.
  • Lit the workplace to see everything clearly.
  • Not be distracted by anything during the process. The user has to keep a fulcrum point.
  • Fix the workpiece in a vice. This is safer and more correct than holding the material in your hands.
  • Make sure that the power cord is located as far as possible from the saw blade.