Top 5 RIDGID Impact Drivers

Top 5 RIDGID Impact Drivers

RIDGID Impact Driver Review

RIDGID Impact Driver FAQ

How does an impact driver work?

An electric impact driver, whether it is electric or cordless, provides a tangential impact in a plane perpendicular to the axis of rotation. In other words, when tightening the screws, the force, developed by the tool, is not continuous but represents a high-frequency series of small strokes. Its work is similar to putting on an open-end wrench on a nut and when tapping on this wrench with a hammer.

How to use a manual impact driver?

– Install the bit adapter and required socket on the unit.
– Keep the tool firmly in your hand.
– Engage the stuck screw or bolt.
– Start to power the driver when attempting to turn the unit you need to screw in the required direction.

Why do I need an impact driver?

– The DeWALT, RIDGID impact driver, or any other model brings convenience when screws tightening. Due to a low level of resistance, the tool is able to operate in a shockless mode, developing the continuous force necessary for twisting. If the resistance increases, the tool switches to shock mode when tightening is performed with a high moment.
– The tool eliminates the reliance on large pressing forces, which allows you to save the surface of the screw hats from damaging. This feature of the tool makes it possible to unscrew the screws, the head of which has already begun to tear out.
– It helps reduce torque load on the user’s wrist.