Top 6 Milwaukee M18 Batteries

Top 6 Milwaukee M18 Batteries

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Milwaukee M18 Battery FAQ

How to reset the Milwaukee M18 battery?

Upon each 30th charging, the Milwaukee M18 battery should be reset to provide the accurate circuit. When the circuit is deviating from the normal state, it can send the incorrect signal to the sensors resulting in the sudden tool shut off or working at the marginal charge.

In order to reset the Milwaukee M18, perform a simple procedure:

1. Discharge the power bank operating the tool until it turns off. The lithium-ion M18 batteries do not discharge quickly. Besides, the battery isn’t drained fully; the tool shuts off at the critical reading letting the power bank hold enough voltage to get the charge and refill.
2. Take the battery out of the tool and put it on a charger disconnected from the power supply. Install the voltage indicator for the maximum allowed by the battery (20V).
3. Activate the charging appliance and let it feed the battery until the upper level. Though it’s better to disconnect the charger once the power bank is full, the Milwaukee charger won’t let it get overcharged cutting the voltage once the sensor shows the battery is full.
4. Switch off the charger, unplug the battery and install it into the tool. Let it work for a while, in order to discharge the power bank a bit. This is done to ensure the optimal operation of the battery, as lithium-ion batteries don’t hold the ultimate charge well. The battery is reset now and can be further used without issues.