Top 6 Porter Cable 20v Batteries

Top 6 Porter Cable 20v Batteries

Video Review – How to Revive Lithium Porter Cable 20v Batteries?

Porter Cable 20V Battery FAQ

How long does a 20V lithium battery last?

The service life of such batteries is determined by the number of full discharge cycles. The manufacturers set the bar at 3000 cycles. Pay attention that the self-discharge level of lithium batteries is 3-5% per month (for comparison, this value is 10-15% for lead-acid batteries), which guarantees the possibility of long-term storage (it holds charges up to 18 months while storing without being used). Note that popular Porter-Cable 20V battery lasts nearly 30 minutes under heavy loads, which is a good indicator for home usage and for small projects. Most 20V lithium batteries have the same duration of work.

How long to charge a 20V lithium battery?

It requires nearly 5-8 hours charging the unit while using a standard charger and 1 hour when choosing the quick charger. If you are going to charge the battery and store it, keep in mind that it will lose nearly 5% during the first 24 hours and lately between 1% and 4% per month, depending on the accumulator deterioration.