Top 3 Dewalt Battery Adapters

Top 3 Dewalt Battery Adapters

Dewalt 18v to 20v Battery Adapter – Video Review

Dewalt Battery Adapter FAQ

What tools are compatible with the Dewalt DCA1820 20V MAX battery adapter?

The 18-to-20 Volt Dewalt battery adapter brings higher capacity and performance efficiency of the latest 20V power cells to the majority of 18V lineup of Dewalt instruments (XRP and NANO style):

– Impact drivers. Models: DC825, DC826, DC827.
– Impact wrenches. Type DC820, DC822, DC823, and DW059 ½-inch.
– Drilling tools of a different kind. Hammer drill appliances, products DCD760, DCD775. DC212. Ordinary drills, with various motor types DC212, DC213, SDS, DCD950, DCD970, DW960 models.
– Angle grinder, model DC411.
– Jigsaw cutting tool, product label DC330.
– Plaster cutting instrument, type DC550.
– Reciprocating saw, model DC385.
– Lighting equipment. Xenon torches of DW908, DW919 models. Fluorescent illuminating tool DC527. Laser leveling products DW074, DW077.
– Electric shears, type DC490, DC495.
– Vacuum cleaner (wet and dry model) DC515.

The adapter is incompatible with the following Dewalt equipment:

– Higher voltage lineups like 60V MAX, 120V MAX style.
– DC759 and DC970 cordless drills, of the 18V lineup.