How to Safely Use a Stud Finder

How to Safely Use a Stud Finder

A stud is a constructional element of a house. It holds different elements that make your house able to withstand earthquakes or wind. A stud may hold such elements as interior finish, windows, doors and other parts of your house. This construction element may be load or non-load bearing. A stud is used to connect different elements to create the “frame” of the house. Nevertheless, one of the main functions of a stud is to make your house stronger and thus make it safer for you.

How to find a stud safely

There is nothing difficult about how to safely use a stud finder. Such devices are quite safe for using and there are no strict rules, but there is still something you need to remember:

  • Make sure you use new batteries.  Batteries with a low charge might be not enough to show where a stud is and you will just waste your time.
  • A wall should be clean. You need to remove everything that can interfere with the reading of a stud detector. Take your time to remove mirrors, pictures, shelves or other pieces of furniture.
  • Calibrate the device. Make sure you checked the user manual. Your detector should be calibrated in order to provide you with the accurate results.
  • Hold the sensor flat against a wall. There are should be no gaps between the detector and a wall. Otherwise, the device will not detect a stud.
  • Mark edges of a stud. Such sensors will detect edges of a stud. You should mark them in order to understand where the edges of a stud are.

These rules are not very complex but they will help you get the accurate results without damaging the stud finder.

What are the best stud finders for your home?

This kind of devices can be divided into two major groups:

  • Magnetic. Such devices use magnets to find metal parts that are used to connect different parts of a stud.
  • Electric. This kind of devices is more complex and they can be more precise.

Consider checking our articles where we compare different models of stud sensors. We are sure that our reviews will help you the sensor that will meet your requirements, but you should remember “safety first!”.