A reliable stud detector application and how can it help you?

A reliable stud detector application and how can it help you?

First, it is necessary to understand what a stud is and why you need to know where it is. A stud is an important construction element of a house. It can be non- or load bearing. It is used to anchor other structural elements. A stud holds windows, doors, finishing and other elements of your house. Another function of a stud is making your house stronger. Therefore, it makes your house able to withstand strong wind or earthquake. Knowing where a stud is, you can anchor other construction elements without making your house less strong.

A stud detector — an indispensable tool in the house

Usually, a stud sensor is used to find this element of a house. There are two kinds of these devices – magnetic (a magnet is used to find metal elements) and electronic (a dielectric constant is used to find a stud). These devices are not very complicated or difficult to use, we have different articles that are dedicated to choosing the best stud finder for you. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but today you can use an application to find a stud.

How does a stud finder app work?

There is nothing complicated about using an application for finding a stud. However, there are a couple of things you need to do to get precise results:

  • Take everything off the wall (pictures, shelves or other pieces of furniture that can impede you).
  • Start an application.
  • Run the calibration process (if necessary) following the instruction.
  • Put a device on the wall so there is no gap between a wall and the device.
  • Start moving slowly to the sides and pay attention to the readings.
  • Mark the stud.

That is how simple the process is. However, you need to remember that an application may not guarantee you 100% precision of the result.

Can an application replace a stud sensor?

This is a good question and it depends on different from facts. For examples, plaster and paint thickness, the presence of metal objects, etc. if you are a professional builder, then you definitely need a good stud detector. In that case, you should check our articles that are dedicated to the best stud finders available. An application may be an option for you, if you are not a professional and the wall surface is flat (even painting and plaster) and there are no elements that may cause an error (small metal objects, etc). If you need a precise result, then you should consider buying a suitable stud detector.