How to find a stud with a stud finder

How to find a stud with a stud finder

It is a special device that helps you find where studs are. Studs are a special kind of fundamental construction elements that serve different purposes. Studs can be load and non-load bearing. These construction elements may be used to hold windows, doors, interior finish or other parts of the building. The construction elements are used to make the building stronger and make it able to withstand earthquakes and strong wind. Knowing where a stud is, you will know where to connect other structural elements.

Finding a stud is not hard at all. You just need to turn on the sensor and push it to the wall that there is no space between it and the wall. Then you should move slowly and check the device readings.

Types of the detectors

These devices can be divided into two main categories:

  • Magnetic. Such detectors use magnets to find metal parts. Magnets are attracted to metal details. The power of attraction grows, as you get closer to the metal part. Metal parts are fasteners that are used to fasten stud parts.
  • Electric. This kind of devices uses changes of the dielectric constant of the wall.

The best stud finder for your home

They can be extremely useful for you, but which one should you choose? A stud detector that relies on a magnetic technology can be quite useful, but sometimes, careless builders put useless fasteners. Since they are made of metal, you can find the spots that would be useless for you.

An electric finder may be quite precise, however there are cases like (uneven wall painting, bumps) when this kind of devices can lose their high level of precision. Make sure you check our other reviews where we focus on different stud sensors.

We are sure that our articles will help you find the best stud finder on the market and remember “safety first!”