Best Screw Extractor Set Reviews

Best Screw Extractor Set Reviews

In order to remove the jammed part of the fastener from the object, it’s necessary to pick it up and unscrew it. Sometimes the fastener doesn’t withstand the load and breaks down, consequently, that part of it remains in the unscrewed object, while the second – in the hands, and if you leave everything as it is, it can lead to the equipment’s damage. Therefore, the solution is a convenient tool – the best screw extractor, with which you can easily remove any bolts, and debris of heavily stuck studs.

The device is able to fix the problem, appeared after the mismatching the screw’s head, putting too much power on the screwdriver, or maybe just attempting to drive a screw in at a wrong angle. Pay great attention to the following data because each screw extractor review contains only important information and is a helpful base for the right choice making. All of these bolt extractor kits are highly popular among users, and some of them may be used to replace other components.

Best Screw Extractor Set Reviews

Topec — Best Screw Extractor Kit

The long-lasting chrome-molybdenum steel socket set comprises 13 pieces for removing rusty and broken fasteners. All the items feature good torque thanks to internal thread design, meaning their capability of withstanding high loads. Besides, they remove the bolt and, at the same time, leave the reusable socket in place. The black oxide surface adds durability and protection from corrosion.

The sockets have various sizes from 0.31 to 0.75 inches plus two adapters of 0.25 and 0.37 inches. Both metric and SAE marks are onboard, featuring excellent accuracy. The units are compatible with wrenches, pliers, and vise grips, working with spline, Torx, hex, octagon bolts, brass plugs, and various soft-metal plugs. They also work with oil pan rounded bolts and oil drain plugs.

The sockets come in a heavy-duty yellow casing with a locking mechanism to keep it closed. The case has built-in sizes to identify the extractors’ sizes without looking at the tools.


  • The sockets are suitable for gripping the threads and turning them if the head broke off the bolt.
  • Each bolt is removed in a matter of seconds and with little effort.


  • The sockets should be deeper. It’s necessary to cut the extended threads on a bolt to get the extractor on the nut.
  • They sometimes fail to remove overly tight rounded nuts.

Irwin 53535 — Best Easy Out Screw Extractor

Irwin Industrial Tools 53535
Although the tools are simple to use, you must first make a very large hole in order to be able to grasp them. It’s better not to attach extractors to the drill because the screw retrieval is rather a slow process. Vice grip, apply abate pressure down, and spin dilatory as an alternative. It’s hard to choose the best bolt extractor among all the items because each of them can be useful in different situations and is resistant even to aggressive chemicals.


  • The primary component or the tools are not harmed during the proper use.
  • The box itself has a small size (0.5 x 5 x 5.8 inches) and it’s easy to place it even on a small shelf, which requires only compact and lightweight objects.
  • The spiral screw extractor has special flutes, which make it simple to dip into the metal without putting extraordinary forces.


  • Five components are of good quality, however one of them has a tip that initially rounded, then broke off within.

Irwin 11119 — Large Screw Extractor

Irwin 11119
The Irwin screw extractor is a set of spiral flutes (reusable extractors and drill bits) for socket screws, broken and stripped fasteners, bolts, studs, and fittings. The tools feature high gripping power, drilling deeply into the most stubborn fasteners. The left-hand bits means to drill in reverse. Both bits and extractors are made of extra hard cobalt that provides them with longevity and good resistance to the massive heat.

All the items in the metal box have their sizes of EX-1, EX-2, EX-3, EX-4, EX-5 and recommended drill bit sizes of 0.078, 0.11, 0.16, 0.25, and 0.29 inches. The square shanks’ sizes are ST-1, ST-2, ST-3, ST-4, ST-5, and ST-6.

Square-shaped spiral extractors and smooth reverse drill bits characterize this product. The extractors are designed to work with a tap wrench rather than with a drill. It means drilling the starter hole with a power drill with the further tapping in the extractor with a ball-peen hammer.


  • It’s possible to sharpen the bits without losing cutting effectiveness.
  • Both at low and high speeds, they operate without a hitch.
  • The bits are compatible with any drill.


  • The drill bits are a bit weak to remove stuck screws.
  • Having instructions included in the packaging would be great.

Irwin 394001 — Best Rounded Bolt Extractor Set

This Irwin set contains five pieces for different bolt extractor sizes. The devices retrieve bolts and nuts without devastating any surrounding metal and keeping, for example, the engine’s threaded hole in safe. The case doesn’t hold the sockets securely and they rattle around, so the owner has to be careful with it. Each little screw extractor has a high carbon steel structure for greater durability and extended service life.


  • The instrument’s lobular design is suitable for different popular types of fasteners, so it’s easy to use units in various situations (to remove rusted, painted, or over-tightened elements).
  • The method of removing the transmission is not straightforward, and even MAPP gas heat/penetrating oil proved ineffective, but a breaker bar with a 1-foot extension made it easy to find the bolt.


  • The tools sometimes strip the teeth right off the sockets and round the bolt further, so it’s hard to call the units universal.
  • For such a compact set, the case is surprisingly large and takes up a lot of space.

Rexbeti REX077 — Best Screw and Bolt Extractor Set

Rexbeti REX077
The set may be regarded as the best stripped screw extractor due to its high durability. The molybdenum steel used to make all bolt and nut removers is also corrosion resistant. The material contains chrome, making the set suitable for high pressure and temperature use. This property significantly increases the unit’s applicability in various industries (energy, oil, and gas, automotive, metal production, etc.) to remove broken or seized screws.

There are 13 screw extractors in the set, ranging in size from 0.31 to 0.75 inches. The average length of different removers is 1.1 inches, and their width is between 0.078 and 0.157 inches (the smaller sockets have thinner walls). As a result, neither the sockets nor the screws will break. It comes in a hard red-colored molded case, keeping all the sockets in their places, even if the user drops the case.


  • The sockets can cope with both stripped standard and Torx bolts.
  • The extractors work well with the impact wrench if the user turns them slowly.
  • Both metric and SAE measurements mark the removers.


  • Only regular bolts may be used in the sockets; reverse thread cannot be accommodated.
  • The font on the labels to define the socket’s size is not legible.

Irwin 53227

Irwin Tools Hanson 53227
Given that the set’s case is just 4.1 x 11.4 x 1.8 inches in size, it is not difficult to find a spot for it in the garage or any other room. There is a thread on the cone-shaped working part, so each piece is not driven in but screwed into an object, which gives a reliable connection with the extractor.


  • The heavy-duty bolt extractor case is made of a reliable plastic and all 25 elements are kept in it seamlessly.
  • The left-hand spiral design is made in an aggressive way, so this peculiarity helps an extra gripping power getting.
  • The lifetime warranty on the goods attests to their good quality.


  • Its weight (4.05 pounds) is rather big, so it’s hard to move about with it.
  • Pieces don’t remain firmly in their positions.

Alden 8440P — Best Small Screw Extractor Set

Alden 8440P
Even the painted-over machine screws, which also had rust on them, may be handled by each component of the system. After useless attempts to get rid of them (via drill and wrench), the Alden 8440P extractors help me remove some screws that appeared to be in perfect condition and can be reused.


  • Each unit from the set can be both a two-step drill bit and extractor.
  • The drill’s tip may self-center.
  • Extra hardness helps deal with the old bolts and withstand the pressure.


  • The lack of illustrations in the instructions makes it possibly unclear.
  • I put too much pressure on the extractor while removing a bolt from a motorcycle engine cover. It is broken now and all I can do is drill out the engine case.

Panovos — Best Heavy Duty Bolt Extractor Set

PANOVOS (8pcs)
Most devices have transparent thread, and the extractors are manufactured of dependable steel. They have passed the test for resistance to high loads. When the element from the set is properly used, it really quickly pulls out the bolts, even if they are significantly corroded. Naturally, as additional help, you need to use oil (to lubricate the bolt).


  • The PANOVOS is a flexible product since the set includes components in a range of sizes.
  • The devices can remove rusted, broken, or even stripped elements from different surfaces, without scratching it.
  • Here you can find even two water pipe extractors, which were made especially for broken water pipes.


  • One easy out bolt extractor doesn’t seem to be of high quality because the thread has some roughness.
  • The plastic casing is brittle since the top clear section immediately shattered.

Buyers Guide

How to Use Screw Extractor Set

With the help of the tools in the set, you can simply hook the stuck item, and then unscrew it from there, but first, you need to know how to use a screw extractor. The process of twisting is reduced to the preliminary drilling of a small depression at the central part of the stuck element. After that, you should insert an extractor of the required shape – conical or cylindrical, depending on the type of part that is stuck and broken in the object, and then part of this detail is quietly unscrewed. The tool will jam and shatter if the hole is bigger than required because of the thinness of the remaining wall and the usage of the threaded extractor of the following size.

You need to follow certain rules in order to unscrew stuck fasteners quickly and efficiently.

  • If you want to increase the extractor’s life, use cutting oil.
  • It’s better to heat the jammed product slightly before using the extractor. This method will make it simpler to remove the stuck screw or bolt.
  • The use of reverse threaded drills greatly simplifies the process of unscrewing stuck debris.
  • If the jammed part has a thread broken, then a six-sided key can unscrew it.
  • It’s recommended to wear protective goggles while using a screw extractor. This is because while dealing with metal, it’s possible for the extractor to be damaged or destroyed, and pieces of the ripped-apart instrument will spread in all directions and get in the user’s eyes.
  • If it’s impossible to pull out the broken element, you will have to re-do a hole of a larger diameter and cut the thread.
  • It is best to first lubricate the broken part with any lubricant such as solvent or oil before starting work.
  • A hammer and a core can slightly move the jammed part and then make it easier to pull it out.

The Screw is Stuck: What You Can Do About This?

Sometimes you may encounter a screw that doesn’t twist back. This is very annoying, especially if the screw is torn off, glued, or just stuck for no reason. To fix this issue, follow the instructions.

  • Make sure that you are performing the unscrewing in the right direction. In most cases, turning the screw clockwise will tighten it, and turning it counter-clockwise will release the screw.
  • Try out a variety of instruments. Use the correct size screwdriver. Most gadgets have ordinary screws, just very small ones. Sometimes the screws may be too big for the screw key you are using. Make sure the mentioned key fits into the slot in the screw head.
  • Take a hammer and tap the bolt driver’s base. Such manipulation will help place the turn-screw into the head and create the conditions for further hammer’s setting down and removing the screw.
  • Keep in mind that this technique only works with soft-metal bolts.
  • If the screw doesn’t loosen and the head is sticking out, you can try to use the pliers. Fix the protruding part of the screw, and then twist it.
  • It’s better to use a socket wrench or vice to increase torque. This can help if your screwdriver has a hexagonal or square tip.

Benefits of Using Screw Extractor Set

If the attempts to manually unscrew wedged parts are vain, using an extractor has several undeniable advantages:

  • The tool is incredibly simple to use. You don’t need to have any particular repair skills.
  • These sets include different extractors of various sizes and diameters.
  • There is no need to put a lot of effort to get the stuck element in furniture, equipment, or car.