Top 7 Best Drill Bits reviews

Top 7 Best Drill Bits reviews

When engaging in renovation or minor repairs, it’s crucial to acquire the best drill bits since low-quality ones might result in damaging both the power tool and the surface. A good product is able to drill precise holes into the material that varies in thickness.

However, not only quality tooling but also its type is meaningful since even the most powerful drill will be useless if using the wrong bit. The following list of the drill bits allows choosing the item to work on metal, wood, or concrete and to make holes of a wide range of diameters. They provide fast drilling with smooth sides of the hole.

The current standard classification is very complicated and might be no clear to non-experts. For example, there are plenty of special case units to work with non-ferrous and precious metals, glass, etc. At the same time, it’s possible to find versatile advanced tooling. The reviews below facilitate the choice of the appropriate tooling and let everybody get the right bit.

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Drill Bit Reviews

Bosch TI18 18-Piece Titanium Twist Drill Bit Set

Bosch TI18 18-Piece Titanium Twist Drill Bit Set
If looking for the best drill bit set, the Bosch TI18 with titanium coating may be one among the claimers. The set includes bits of different diameters and sizes engraved on each element. They are designed for drilling alloy and non-alloyed steel with a tensile strength of 900 N·m. It’s versatile tooling to use it for drilling holes up to up to 1/8 inches into various metal stuff (sheet metal, ducts), PVC, and others.

So, it’s a good reason for getting the set for minor works but not for heavy projects. These units lack a heat resistance (threshold is around 600 °F) that’s why they are better suited for such general-purpose applications. They are able to take on good pressure, tensile stress, and dings and they’re resistant to rust and corrosion. The set is the perfect solution if needing more cutting power and taking on more abuse than standard high-speed steel drill bits. The bits will also drill through computer cases and anything that is less than 0.5 inches thick.
They sit securely in the chuck and don’t wobble due to bending. The cutting edges are well centered.


  • It’s not a pure product but a mix of high carbon steel and a titanium nitride coating. This feature ensures its durability.
  • The bit stays sharp for a very long time. If it becomes dull, one can sharpen it repeatedly. Note that as these are split point bits that make it a little difficult to sharpen.


  • The set is not suitable for concrete since the bit simply won’t go through the concrete surface.
  • The color of the sizes matches the rest of the plastic so that sometimes it is hard to see the number.

CO-Z 5pcs Multiple Hole 50 Sizes Step Drill Bit Set

CO-Z 5pcs Multiple Hole 50 Sizes Step Drill Bit Set
When searching for the step drill bit, pay attention to this set as it contains five pieces with various sizes. The kit is designed for very thin sheets and relatively thicker ones up to ¼ inches. For example, if requiring a drilling hole in a very thin sheet, use the smaller tooling to save effort and prolong the lifetime of the bigger units in turn. However, the bits are mainly used for expanding previous drill holes.

The set contains cobalt bits with titanium coating. They work well, but any user should monitor sure drill speeds, as it can’t be too high to maintain any cutting bits life. Generally, they are of good quality and will serve for a long time if maintaining them properly and using cutting oil. The bits ensure a nice clean cut and feature no hesitation at all.

These drill bits for metal allow making specific size holes (at each step of the tool) in sheet metal, aluminum, or plastic sheets. The tooling can be used with wood to make a stepped-hole that is cone-shaped. However, a dedicated cone-shaped drill bit, cone-shaped rotary rasp, or burr for wood is required to make a smooth cone-shaped hole.


  • It’s possible to use either 3/8 or 1/2 drill with the drill bits included.
  • Opportunity to work at a slow speed.
  • The tolling comes in a solid heavy-duty aluminum case that is reinforced at the corners with a positive latch. The dense foam inside holds the bits, and a layer of softer foam is glued into the upper lid.


  • The coating is wearing off easily.
  • It can’t handle thick aluminum and brass.

IRWIN 3018002 Drill Bit Set, M35 Cobalt Steel, 29-Piece

IRWIN 3018002 Drill Bit Set, M35 Cobalt Steel, 29-Piece
This cobalt drill bit set is good for metal but not for masonry. The units work great with stainless steel, black steel pipes, and even hardened steel. All the bits in the set are razor-sharp and dead straight. They are tough, stay sharp for a long period and sharpen easily.

The units feature 5% of cobalt, meaning their high-temperature resistance that is crucial if working with hard alloys. Their split point is 135 degrees that makes them very convenient for drilling round and smooth surfaces.

They work well in the drill press and provide clean cuts. Use lubrication on metal jobs to ensure good results and work at low speed to avoid soon dulling/burning. In fact, slow the rotational speed down (W-A-Y down), judiciously increase pressure (PSI-loading) and get the longer spirals for perfect drilling.


  • Good assortment of sizes with extra bits for the smallest sizes.
  • The 9/32-inch unit and zips right through a piece of 1/8-inch steel.
  • The 3/8-inch and larger items have a smaller shank to use the bigger bits with a 3/8 drill chuck.


  • The shanks are fully round that can lead to slipping in the chuck.
  • The bits are a little brittle.
  • It would be nice if the decimal sizes of the bits appeared in the case.

DEWALT DW1361 Titanium Drill Bit Set, 21-Piece

DEWALT DW1361 Titanium Drill Bit Set, 21-Piece
The DW1361 is not one of the largest drill bit sets, but it contains nine largest bits (ranging from 3/16 to 1/2 inches) that have hex shanks and the smaller ones from 1/16 to 11/64 inches with round shanks. All the bits are sharp and remain so for a long period with moderate use. The oil or cutting fluid is necessary or the bits will overheat and dull very quickly.

The units can be used on both metal and wood, but they provide longer life when using them with non-ferrous (non-magnetic) metals (aluminum, for example). The bits can effortlessly drill through a hollow steel frame. Besides, they are recommended for plastic applications but not masonry.

It’s necessary to keep units soaked with oil when using them to prevent from soon dulling and rust and to keep them sharp longer, especially when running them through harder materials. Generally, the set is perfect for a typical homeowner and light hobby work, probably 90% wood and 10% plastic aluminum or drywall.


  • They are compatible with any electric drill.
  • The smaller (1/16, 5/64, 3/32, 7/64 and 1/8-inch) bits come double in case of breaking one of them.
  • The case is thick and has no openings to make the bits protected in the tool bag.


  • No listing of the bit sizes.
  • The units aren’t rated for the impact drills.

Drill America 29 Piece M35 Cobalt Drill Bit Set

Drill America 29 Piece M35 Cobalt Drill Bit Set
The units are spirally organized in a small canister, making them easy to locate and just as easy to replace in their labeled slot when finished. The set comes with the bits from 1/16 to ½-inch in diameter. The overall length of the longest bit in it reaches 6 inches. The units are two-flute 135-degree split point bits.

They can be used to drill hardwood and metal. They are sharp, leaving virtually no burr. This set is a good solution for woodworkers and craftsmen who need to keep multiple bits at hand. They sharpen up well and then work like new bits.


  • It’s possible to grind them repeatedly and they remain as durable as when new.
  • They cut through high strength steel easily.


  • A tiny chisel point to allow for machining tolerances, meaning the split doesn’t quite intersect the cutting edge.
  • A couple of the smaller bits are mid-ground such that the trailing edge of the splitting edge is almost on top of the bit’s cutting edge, leaving a very thin flute.

DEWALT DW2166 Screwdriver Bit Set, 45-Piece

DEWALT DW2166 Screwdriver Bit Set, 45-Piece
The units in the set are designed for nonferrous metals, wood, and plastic but not concrete. The set includes slotted and Phillips bits, torques, and square tooling. The shaft width on the bits in this set is approx. ¼ inch and that fits any standard chuck on any standard drill. The bits are made of tool steel; they’re heat-treated and have a titanium nitride coating. They are considered standard units with the length up to 6 inches.

The set fits those that look for the strongest drill bits since they are made of hardened steel and feature titanium coating. So, their life expectancy should be outstanding as long as working with high pressure and slow speed on steel, high pressure and high speed on aluminum. Since titanium coated units cannot be sharpened it’s better to avoid doing a lot of hard steel (stainless) or titanium.


  • The units feature Pilot Point tips that resist walking and provide clean holes.
  • They’re suitable for drilling holes in the plastic.


  • The storage box is too huge and the units on the left side of the case are hard to get back into the slot.
  • Relatively few sizes are represented, but there are many duplicates in the set. It might fit occasional repairs but not professional.

BLACK+DECKER BDA91109 Drill Bit Set, 109-Piece

BLACK+DECKER BDA91109 Drill Bit Set, 109-Piece
It does its job as a starter set for household projects. They aren’t designed for professionals since they’re made of tool steel (no cobalt or titanium) are worn rather quickly. Still, it copes with small projects well and, besides, the set covers the majority of jobs that are usually run into around the house. This assortment of bits includes doubles of the smallest ones that tend to break, as well as drivers, bits, and even a container of screws.

The drill bits in the set are round-shaped and the screws feature a hex base. It’s possible to use hex-shaped quick connect to place it into a drill chuck for quick swapping of screw bits. Generally, this set means the opportunity to get tons of drill bits and screwdriver tips for electric drill/screwdriver, well organized in a nice carry case and at low cost.


  • The kit comes with five bits for drilling into the ceramic tile and even a masonry bits.
  • The set includes long drill bits that come in handy to cut through softwood quickly.


  • It’s a bit difficult to remove and replace drill bits. Besides, the case comes with plastic inserts for keeping the bolts in place when shipping but if taking them out, the case doesn’t close properly.

DEWALT DW5207 7-Piece Masonry Drill Bit Set

DEWALT DW5207 7-Piece Masonry Drill Bit Set
The set includes masonry bits for concrete and no units for metal or wood. They are compatible with any drill, but they work better in hammer mode. Although they aren’t designed for drilling ceramic tile, this application is possible if using rotary motion only rather than percussion. In addition, it’s necessary to make a clay dam around the drill on the ceramic surface and to fill it with water before drilling. Besides, they drill through bricks.

The masonry drill bit works great with poured concrete but if having rebar in the concrete, it’s crucial to avoid hitting the rebar or it will dull the bit. If meeting rebar while drilling, stop and use a metal bit to cut through the rebar, and then proceed with the masonry bit. The bits also fit brick, mortar, cinder block, and stone.


  • It doesn’t come in a hard case but in a plastic one.
  • The bits can go through sheetrock easily.


  • No grooves for percussion drill.

Buyer’s Guide

How to Sharpen a Drill Bit?

If doing a lot of drilling in metal, there comes the moment when even the best drill bits don’t go any further because it’s getting dull. There are drill bit sharpening kits on the market to sharpen a bit, but they’re not efficient. That’s why for this purpose, it’s better to use the bench grinder.

The important thing is to make sure that the front edge, the cutting edge is the forward part of the bit and that the point stays in the center, and that it’s symmetrical. Then, do the following:

  • Angle bit approximately 30 degrees from stone.
  • Just put the bit in the grinder’s wheel and keep the edge horizontal sweeping it away. When sweeping this edge back, don’t do it too far back or a cutting edge will be destroyed.
  • Tilt the bit down for about 30 degrees.
  • Grind the hill until reaching the opposite cutting edge.
  • Check both cutting edges for being identical in length and angle.

Note that it’s possible to sharpen some cobalt bits with cutting liquid relatively easily.

How to Replace a Drill Bit?

When asking how to change a drill bit, there are few things to keep in mind to ensure success. The part of the drill that holds the bit in place is called the chuck. There are three jaws inside the chuck that are visible when rotating the cower. The most important thing is to make sure that the bit is centered between all three jaws of the chuck. It’s easy with the larger bits, but small ones can be stuck between two jaws.

How to Remove a Damaged Drill Bit?

Sometimes it happens that the bit breaks while drilling and gets stuck in the unfinished hole making us think of how to remove a broken drill bit. For that sort of thing, it’s necessary to have a kit with the dedicated tools at hand. First, it includes locking pliers. They clamp down on the bit with considerable force and let you remove it. Just spin the pliers clockwise to back out the broken unit and remove it.

If failing, use screw extractors with either spiral or straight flute structure. To that end, use a center punch to make a little hole on the end of the bit. Install an extractor bit (it should be smaller than damaged one) into a drill and insert it into the hole on the end of the broken unit. Switch on the drill and make clockwise turnings.

Types and Modifications of Drill Bits

The types of drill bits in terms of their ability to work with various materials are divided into units that work with steel, wood, or concrete. However, most of these tools are compatible with a wide range of materials that is the reason for deeper classification.

First, let’s look at what the bits are made of:

  • Carbon steel. Soft low-carbon units are mainly used for wood and require frequent sharpening. High-carbon products cope with both wood and steel.
  • High-speed steel (HSS). It deals with carbon bits that are resistant to high temperatures and usually coated with titanium nitride. They can work with metal, hardwood, fiberglass, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and aluminum at great cutting speeds.
  • Cobalt steel. Such bits can work with both hard metals and softer materials. The units are made of steel alloy with 5% (M35 grade) or 8% (M42 grade) of cobalt.
  • Carbide tips. These drill bits can cut through masonry, glass, or tiles since they’re extremely sharp.
  • Solid carbide. The drill bits are installed on the drilling machines and used when it’s necessary to cut holes through hard materials.

Besides, the drill bits are distinguished by their construction.

  • Twist drill bits are common and fit for everyday drilling with portable tools or automated assemblies.
  • Counterbore units are designed for drilling blind holes in wood or plastics.
  • Countersink bits drill a tapered surface through the hole with a smaller center hole.
  • Flat-bottom boring units come without a center bit and they are good for making large- diameter through the holes or flat-bottom blind holes.
  • Masonry bits are produced for working with concrete and brick.

There are three main types of coating for drill bits. Black oxide is used for iron and steel rather than aluminum and other softer materials. Bronze oxide coating has nothing to do with bronze, except for the color. It’s sometimes used on HSS bits just for show. Titanium enhances the bit’s hardness and lets work with a wide array of materials.