Top 7 Best Oscillating Tool Blades reviews

Top 7 Best Oscillating Tool Blades reviews
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Before oscillating blades or any other tool accessories purchasing, it’s important to find out the main purpose of these devices. The field of use determines not only the type of unit but also the materials it’s made of. Even the best oscillating tool blades for sewing will be relatively useless while grout removing.

Each possible multi tool blades owner has to pay attention to the fact that the oscillating tools perform side-to-side movements; the swinging can be rather slight (nearly 3 degrees) and impressively fast (approximately 20 000 strokes per minute), so the user gets an impression that the device produces vibration.

The way of working determines the types of oscillating tool blades, and among the whole diversity it’s important to discharge the most widespread edges:

  • Cutting blades become in hand while there is a need to cut the wood, metal, and other hard/soft materials. They have different endurance levels and the most used.
  • Sanding blades smooth the cutting tasks. The user doesn’t have to exert any energy at all while using it.
  • Sawing units can cope not only with the wood but also with wood-containing materials (plywood, hardboard, and chipboard).
  • Polishing blades (made from felt or fleece) are able to accomplish the project’s final handling and polish it up. According to described below information, such units are used in rare cases but perform their job flawlessly.
  • Scraping edge removes various materials from surfaces. It’s easy to pick up such a device because there are models for the firm and soft materials.
  • Rasping oscillating saw blades are created to work with rough surfaces like wood or concrete. Such units have the shape of finger, round, and triangular, each of which helps hard-to-reach places reaching.
  • Grout removal fitments can be diamond-edged (for hard materials) or carbide-edged (for soft materials).

If you want to purchase mentioned cutting edges, you should give consideration to the blade material and choose the rugged type for tough projects, thinner for wood cutting, etc. Check out oscillating tool blade reviews because mentioned products have various grades of compatibility with tools and its important to prefer the proper unit.

Oscillating Blades Reviews

DEWALT DWA4216: 5 Elements for Quick Installation and Clear Use

This set is designed for multi-tools. It includes two blades for wood cutting/nails pulling and three for wood fast cutting, flush slitting, and scrapping. Each of them can be used for universal oscillating tools and a special case helps keep all of them in one place. The kit weighs only 1.2 pounds so can be allocated on a shelf in a garage or storeroom. These blades are very strong, they don’t break even after falling or humming blow. Metal accessories are able to withstand both high and low temperatures, they don’t cover up with with corrosion.


  • The entire cunnings are clear and straight.
  • All the blades are made of reliable material and can cope with heavy loads.
  • The installation performs quickly.


  • The blades are thin and don’t fit the Dremel MM45.

Fein 35222942080: Device with Special Sharpen and Star Lock Mount

Fein 35222942080
The included blades are enough for all-purpose works. The carrying case can contain nearly 30 units, so the user can add some other accessories to keep them all together. Special Star Lock mount provides an opportunity to install the blade to various tools without problems and productivity sacrificing. The blades are not painted, so they can’t mark the wood. Moreover, they are thinner than other comparable products, but durability is still high. It’s hard to call them the best multi tool blades, but these DEWALT devices are noteworthy.


  • The blade teeth are breakage-resistant.
  • Blades cut nails and screws absolutely normal, but you have to turn the speed down to avoid material overheating.
  • The blade has a protection against rust even after frequent and prolonged contact with water.


  • The sizes of mounting holes are different in various blades.
  • These units can’t work with Hitachi tools.

DEWALT DWA4220: 2-Piece Construction that Removes Old Grout

The element’s working surface is sprayed with carbide, which makes the blade solid and sturdy. It’s used not only for mortar easy removing but also for stripping tile joints and grinding concrete. The DEWALT DWA4220 can be used intermittently because it quickly gets hot. There is no additional box for safe carrying, so it’s easy to lose the accessories in a garage. It’s important to complement this multi tool blades review with information about extremely low butt beats, which ensure smooth operation. Moreover, the product has a symmetric form of sharpening that helps get highly skilled cutting.


  • The unit is able to remove old grout even between tiles.
  • Its wave-like design quickly performs the basic task and even 2-piece construction is reliably joined.
  • It fits all-branded tools and there’s no need for an adapter.


  • After some heavy load works the rivets break and the blade falls apart.

Dremel MM485B: Set with Carbide Teeth and Quick Fit System

Dremel MM485B
The set includes three blades that can be exchanged easily anytime. Carbide devices cut various materials, starting with drywall and finishing with wood. They are not the best oscillating tool blades because they don’t fit some Rockwell and Dewalt tools, but at the same time, such devices easily make holes in drywall. They allow getting a clean cut. The user has to work with the Dremel MM485B relatively slowly; otherwise, the cutting part will be overheated and become dull.


  • The owner can prolong unit’s life by keeping the blade moving and don’t allow performing all the cutting procedures by only one area of the teeth.
  • Devices can cope with even the cast iron.
  • Accessories have a quick fit system that allows for effortless changing and oscillating tools setting.


  • It’s better not to use blades for nails cutting due to their sensibility (units become dull and need to be exchanged).

Fein 63502152290: 10 Sturdy Sharp Blades for Oscillating Tools

Fein 63502152290
The set itself contains 10 elements, and each of them has an impressive width that prevents blade slippage while cutting through nails. After using even with aluminum side tracks, the blade stays sharp. Devices are made of aluminum and copper, so they don’t afraid of the moisture, but it’s better to keep them in a dry place. There is no protection box, so the owner has to look for an object for storage.


  • Blades cut through wood, staples, and thin metal.
  • Installation takes only a few minutes.
  • If the user holds the tool straight while in service, blades won’t break.


  • They become dull after repeated heavy use.
  • The starlock is good in principle, but there are no longer star slots that keep the tool head pins in order to hold the instrument steady as it vibrates.

ABN Oscillating Multitool: Multifarious Kit of Blades without Adapter

ABN Oscillating Multitool
38-piece kit has a wide assortment for all-type works (cut or scrape plastic/wood things). The amount of items is good, but the blades itself are not reliable and the thin layer of the material won’t allow using them for a long time (because the stainless steel overheats). Devices are good for short projects, where the worker can perform all the operations with pauses.


  • The adapter is not required; all the blades work well with various tools.
  • Each blade is packed into his own bag, so they don’t rub against each other.
  • 38-piece kit has devices for hard-to-reach places.


  • Blades have too much black paint on them and the color wears off.
  • The used material is too thin and it’s easy to break the teeth (especially of metal and wood blades).

Rockwell RW8981K: 6-Units Set that Fits Most Oscillating Tools

Rockwell RW8981K
The accessories don’t overheat and there are no scratches on them after the working process. Included units are made as universal, but they can’t cooperate with all of the modern tools. The blades vibrate a little bit while working with wood. The set doesn’t take much space and can be placed on any shelf for keeping on a safe location.


  • Blades quickly perform easy tasks (cut thin wood and plastic).
  • All the elements from the Rockwell RW8981K set cut clean and straight.
  • The blades have a special inscription not only with dimensions but also with straight scale.


  • Blades don’t work with the old Rockwell Sonicrafter models (without Hyperlock), so the user has to buy adapter additionally.
  • The accessories are not sharp enough and while hard-wood cutting the worker has to make careful physical efforts.