Top 7 Best Electric Snow Blowers

Top 7 Best Electric Snow Blowers

Snowy winter brings much more joy if the best electric snow blower is safely stocked in your shed or garage. The snow can be cleaned up fast and without manual work (except that of handling the blower machine).

Still, these devices are represented in several categories and feature a variety of options. The price can be totally different, too. So, whether you are shopping online or offline, pay attention to the following details:

  • Fuel type. Snow blowers can run on gas or electricity, both types have their pros and cons. Meanwhile, the electric category is divided into two sub-ones: corded and cable-free snow blowers.
  • Power. There are machines working slowly yet steady and the ones firing snow like a machine gun. Power wise, they can handle different types of snow: from thin fluffy cover to thick packed layers piled up as a result of snowplowing.
  • Size and weight. The snow blowers can weigh as little as two regular shovels put together or reach the weight of a standard size lawn mower. The large size allows faster operation, while smaller models can fit narrow and hard-to-reach locations.
  • Secondary options. An automatic spinning or controllable chute, adjustable handle, headlights make the operation more comfortable, while inevitably affecting the price.
  • Customer service and warranty conditions. Good seller reputation and clear warranty terms let choose without risk, as well as get help for any issues related to the machine.

Construct your perfect snow blower image and find it among our top picks.

Electric Snow Blower Reviews

Greenworks 2600502 Corded Snow Thrower

Greenworks 2600502 Corded Snow Thrower
The compact size, as well as considerable clearing capacity complemented by the low price let list this product as the best electric snow blower for a household. Still, its corded design puts certain limits to its use.

The snow blower is equipped with a 15-Amp motor delivering enough power to pick 2-day-old snow and lob it sideways. The fresh light snow of 10-12 inches is removed easily and quickly and can be thrown as far as 20 ft distance. The 20-inch width of the blades’ mouth lets clear a path to the gate or a garage or clean a standard driveway in four runs.

The machine is equipped with the solid spinning chute allowing to pick any angle for snow discharge within 180 degrees perspective. The handle has a good length to maneuver the snow blower.

The wheels have 7 inches in diameter allowing the snow blower to slide on snow or pavement without effort. The machine itself is lightweight not exceeding the weight of the heavy-duty sport bicycle. It doesn’t produce much noise and would hardly be heard through the shut window. Overall, the Greenworks snow blower provides good value and reliable operation for yard-related activities.


  • Quick start and ready-to-go once connected to an outlet; even in extreme cold.
  • The chute position is adjusted easily by hand.
  • The handle is collapsible making the machine take less space while in storage.


  • Plastic paddles get stuck on icy patches.
  • Cables connected to the handle in front of the operator come in the way when moving the machine along.

Toro 38381 Curve Snow Blower

Toro 38381 Curve Snow Blower
The high power and deep-cleaning technology paired with lightweight design make this machine stand out among electric snow blowers of its class. Still, the price justifies the difference, making at least 1.5 more than average competitor’s one.

The 15-Amp motor enhanced by the Power Curve technology allows clearing the 12-15-inch layer of snow completely from the soil / pavement. The specific paddle design makes the intake deeper shoving in the snow of different consistency. Its 18-inch width provides the clear pathway and decks within minutes, while the pieces of ice and highly compressed snow patches don’t slow up the operation. Once taken in, they are pushed up to the chute and discharged accordingly.

The snow blowing direction is adjustable both in horizontal and vertical planes. The integrated zip deflector makes managing the chute “mouth” and increasing or decreasing the height of the throw. The chute can be turned within 160 degrees by the chute lever or directly, determining the place for the snow discharge, at about 30 ft distance.

The snow blower has a foldable handle padded for a stronger grip and easy maneuvering. It’s put at the optimal angle providing for efficient leverage and pushing of the machine along the snow.


  • Quiet operation.
  • The assembling is a no-brainer: fit the handle and levers, plug the cord, and start right away.
  • Solid and comfortable lift handle let carry the blower along with the site with ease.


  • The main trigger is difficult to press, especially in gloves / mittens.
  • Small plastic wheels tend to stick in high slushy snow.

Snow Joe SJ621 Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower

Snow Joe SJ621 Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower
The strong build of this snow throwing machine makes it a reliable helper in snow clearing. For the moderate price, it’s equipped with additional comfort features making it a good option for the backyard and middle-sized driveways clearing.

This corded snow blower features the 13.5-Amp motor removing over 600 Lbs of mid-compressed and light snow within minutes. The auger has four blades made of steel and installed to grab the snow just above the earth for 10 inches height and send it immediately to the chute. The 18-inch blades width let make the single passage or clear the middle-sized driveway quickly and without much effort.

The chute is regulated within 180 degrees and can throw snow as far as 20 ft long. It also features a deflector to adjust the snow flow height and discharge distance. The chute can be controlled via the lever having a comfy tip and allowing it to adjust the position easily.

The Snow Joe snow blower has a convenient handle and the activation button located within easy reach. It can be operated at dusk and at night as well, thanks to the 20W halogen light providing full illumination of the machine path ahead.


  • Lightweight; at 33 Lbs can be easily operated and carried.
  • The blades have soft edges ensuring a mild impact on the surface while cleaning.
  • Wheels are big enough and don’t get stuck in the snow.


  • The handle doesn’t fold.
  • The light doesn’t stay on when the machine doesn’t run.

Ryobi RYAC801 16 in. 10 Amp Electric Snow Blower

Ryobi RYAC801 16 in. 10 Amp Electric Snow Blower
Original design, compact size, and durability make the Ryobi snow blower a worthy alternative to consider. It possesses many handy features, while the compact size results in longer working on large piles of snow.

This small snow blower has a 10-Amp motor that rotates the blades easily sending the snow up and throwing it away. The blades are wave-shaped and let pick the snow close to the ground; still, they leave some clearance. This allows using this machine to clean wooden decks and patios without scraping the surface, while the gardens and walkways are also cleared with ease.

This model doesn’t have a chute; yet, it throws the snow at a full 16-inch width separating it by four partitions. The latter can be adjusted to direct the throw into different sides. The controls are standard, by a metallic lever with the tip. The snow can be thrown up to 25 ft distance.

The on / off button makes operation hassle-free and lets activate the machine when the user is ready. The handle has good length, which allows handling the snow blower regardless of the user’s height and can be folded to take minimal space in storage.


  • Deals with thick and tall snow easily; can discharge 20 ft in a few passes.
  • Rubber blades are flexible ensuring additional safety of wooden surfaces.
  • The “grip” part of the handle is padded for additional comfort.


  • Wheels are plastic and don’t feel durable.
  • Protective cover around the cord plug limits the range of the cables used (in favor of smaller gauges).

Snow Joe SJ623E Electric Snow Thrower

Snow Joe SJ623E Electric Snow Thrower
The high power, throw distance, and considerable clearing depth let rate this machine as the most powerful electric snow blower in its class. Yet, this corded model still doesn’t reach the power of the gas analogs, which are messier and require more preparations though.

This unit is equipped with the standard 15-Amp motor, which, however, due to the solid construction, can discharge snow deeper and faster than similar models. The blower can move up to 720 Lbs per minute dealing with an 18-inch wide and 10-inch deep area of middle-heavy snow. It can handle the large walkways and driveways as efficiently as small backyards and send the snow 25 ft away.

The snow blower features rugged design. Its auger is made of steel and can pick even compressed and ice-patched snow without issues. The blades rotate steadily, with a small clearance, which allow using the machine on different surfaces including wooden ones. The chute is easily controlled via the standard lever that lets change throwing direction within 180 degrees.

The SJ623E model isn’t the lightest; yet, it’s quite simple to start and operate. Upon plugging the cord, the start and stop are performed by a single button. The handle feels sturdy and doesn’t slip due to the padded area.


  • Powerful 23W light illuminates the path fully and clearly.
  • The wheels have a big diameter and don’t catch much snow.
  • Comes with a small shovel for cleaning the chute, once clogged.


  • Requires a heavy-duty extension cable, no longer than 100 ft.
  • Slows down on hard wet snow and can jam at road salt.

Snow Joe iON18SB Stage Snow Blower

Snow Joe iON18SB Stage Snow Blower
Cable-free, enhanced controls, and user comfort all vote in favor of this relatively small electric snow blower. Still, it requires a break-in operation to recharge the battery or replace one.

The machine gets the power from 40V battery letting it operate within 50 minutes on a light snow. The power bank is lithium-ion one, getting charge quickly (it goes full in about 2-3 hours) and feeding the motor and the LED light steadily. The motor is the brushless type ensuring longer service life and being maintenance-free. It lets the thrower catch the layer of snow 8 inches tall and 18 inches wide and release it immediately. This results in up to 500 Lbs of snow cleared each minute.

The throw point can be chosen anywhere left, right, or ahead of the snow blower. The fan sends it as far as 20 ft away to clean the mid-sized paths and yards quickly and without double work (without having to clean the pile made of already cleared snow). The chute cover can be adjusted in order to make the stream go higher or lower.

While the battery adds up to the machine’s weight, it remains quite lightweight not exceeding 32 pounds. Considering the steel auger and other metal parts, this product provides good value for the price.


  • Automatic chute rotation, controlled by the switch.
  • Very quiet operation, even in comparison to corded electric blowers.
  • The regulated handle provides comfort and faster working speed.


  • Bogs down on compressed snow.
  • The blades rotate quite low and might scrape the surface.

WEN 5662 Electric Snow Thrower

WEN 5662 Electric Snow Thrower
Good power, simplicity of use, and enhanced safety make this model stand out of the row of electric snow throwers. Still, it isn’t as lightweight as the competitor corded models and doesn’t feature a light to enable the dark-time work.

The 13.5-Amp motor installed in this unit can efficiently handle the light and mid-wet snow as thick as 7.8 inches during one pass. It turns the auger at 2,000 RPM clearing the 18-inch path fast and easy. The sturdy auger blades have flexible edges in order to prevent damage to the surface and not pulling the grass out.

The snow releasing mechanism is simple and solid. The wide opening prevents clogging of the fluffy and even the slightly wet snow picked up. The chute can be put in any position within 180 degrees controlling the stream height up to 10 ft high.

The snow thrower is equipped with the safety switch button as well as the power trigger to ensure safe operation. The trigger is made as a second easy-to-grab and hold handle and stops the machine immediately upon being released.


  • Shooting distance makes 20 ft with the powdery snow.
  • The spring-loaded mechanism provides for easy height adjustment.
  • Cable holder lets keep the cord out of the way.


  • Can get jammed at too fast proceeding.
  • All-plastic build.

Buyer’s Guide

What are Snow Blower Types?

There are two main categories of snow blowers:

  • Electric. Such blowers don’t require maintenance or advance preparation, lightweight and quiet, though not so powerful. They can easily handle the light snow up to 12 inches in height. These blades can be cordless (getting fed from the high voltage power bank) or cabled.
  • Gas. Heavy-duty tools are able to deal with heavy snowfalls and ice. Depending on the construction, one-, two- or three-stages units can be acquired. Each stage requires a more powerful motor and features the reinforced auger or even the additional one that’s installed to break the wet compressed snow and ice and send it aside.

Picking the Best Electric Snow Blower. What to Consider

The modern market presents a wide range of snow shoveling tools having different specs and prices. Before taking one, make sure to tick the following cells as “considered” ones:

  • Standard weather. There are regions that have constant snowfalls covering the earth for several feet while others see snow just a few times during winter. Whereas the residents of the former will benefit the heavy-duty gas snow blowers, the people of low-snow regions will enjoy a hassle-free operation of electric analogs.
  • Area to be cleared. If you’re going to deal with a small backyard or the concrete driveway, the electric model will suit your needs even during a blizzard. Meanwhile, if there’s uneven surface and soil or gravel, the electric models might bog down on them, while the gas-fed ones will do the job. Consider the distance to go and see if the cable can reach to the farthest spot. Or just go with the cordless snow blower.
  • Maintenance and storage. Gas-powered machines are sturdy and reliable, but they’re also bulky and heavy. Meanwhile, the electric models can be carried along without significant effort and don’t take much place in the garage or another storage place.
  • Tips for Maintaining Snow Blower

    While electric snow blowers are usually labeled as “maintenance-free”, they also require a bit of attention before going to work for a season. Follow the next few steps to ensure you’re ready for winter.

    1. Inspect the machine. Look out for any parts that are damaged or worn: for the bolts loose, for the belts loosened or partly torn. Pay attention to the shear bolts (ones found between the gear and the blades’ mechanism), to the auger belts, and the spark plug in the gas-powered models.
    2. Check the accessories. Wheels, headlights, chute controls, cables must be closely inspected and replaced if necessary.
    3. Oil and charge. Oil the driving parts in the gas-powered blowers, smear the plastic wheels with oil in the electric ones. Make sure the gas tank is at least ¾ full, and the battery on the cordless electric machine is charged fully.
    4. Give it a try. Turn on the snow blower and let it work for 3-5 minutes. This would help find any problems and fix them before the snowfall season starts.