Top 7 Best Heat Guns reviews

Top 7 Best Heat Guns reviews

When involving in the home or professional repairs, everybody needs the best heat gun to handle a wide array of home or professional repairs. A flameless tool operates neatly without damaging the surfaces. Some cheap models have a too low temperature to cope with home improvement projects.

There’re gas and electric models on the market and, in this case, choice stems from a supply of electricity or its absence. Regardless of the source of energy, when thinking of what is the best heat gun to buy, one should consider the device’s power, the flow of extremely hot air, and temperature control. Anti-overheating option and convenient handle are great additions to provide the heat gun’s safe and easy use.

The heat guns usually come with a pack of such accessories as scraper, cone and surface nozzles, spoon reflector. Those who are at the highest level of workmanship should pay attention to units with tons of extras. On the other hand, the kits with tips are cheap, so, one can afford them if it’s needed.

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Heat Gun Reviews

Genesis GHG1500A — Our Top Pick

Genesis GHG1500A
This model is among top-rated heat guns because it features great functionality that’s why it fits both contractors and handymen. Its deflector nozzles allow removing paint and varnish fast and effortlessly. Note that the nozzle attachments are heavy gauge and fit securely. The unit is also able to handle putty, soften caulking, and rusted bolts, as well as dry any surface. It can be even used to heat charcoal for a grill. However, one should bear in mind that it cannot work around the clock and its’ engine needs rest to avoid overheating.

Such great capacity is possible due to the tool’s powerful motor that has two settings. For example, if doing a work that needs lower heat, one can choose a 750-watt mode. If the surface isn’t sensitive to high temperatures, it’s possible to use all its 1500W.

This model has an integrated stand that allows working with both hands. However, it’s lightweight enough to use only one hand and work for hours tirelessly.


  • High-quality nozzles and protect glasses are in the box.
  • It’s got an ETL certificate that ensures its safe use.


  • It lacks a cool-off setting.
  • The cord could be longer.

Wagner 0503008 HT1000 — Best Heat Gun for Removing Paint

Wagner HT1000
This cheap heat gun can handle a number of different home needs. This electric heat gun requires a power source nearby. The unit works only at the temperatures between 750F and 1,000F limiting a lot of opportunities. The lowest threshold is useful to get rid of ice and the highest one fits to remove old paint from the surfaces. The tool comes with a handle that has a dial to switch temperatures. The fan speed is also adjustable and can be set to low or high.

This model has enough power to remove more than one layer of the paint from both the walls and pieces of woodwork. Besides, it’s simple to use even if being a newcomer in home repairs. The only thing one should note is that it’s crucial not to hold it close to the wrap and move the tool in circles in order not to let heat concentrate too long in one spot.


  • It works quietly, fast, and heats up quickly.
  • It doesn’t turn off at once after running on full-heat. It’s necessary to run on the cool setting first for a little while to cool itself down that prevents a tip from lighting something on fire.


  • No temperature control.


When speaking of the best heat gun for removing paint, screwing off rusted nuts, and tons of other straightforward applications, I can’t miss compact and lightweight HG1300. Its peak power is 1350W and the temperature is adjustable in the range of 750–1000F. Moreover, it comes with a rocker switch to change operations quickly and it also copies with prolonged periods of heating. That’s why it can be used for professional work.

The unit is convenient to use due to a wire bracket on the bottom of the handle that folds out to ensure a stable base. It’s designed with a metal clip on the handle to support the tool vertically. This model doesn’t require brand components and is compatible with generic nozzles that make it a good heat gun for the money.


  • The package contains a folded knife to scrape and cut.
  • It takes just four seconds to heat up.
  • Good heat distribution that makes hard work easier.


  • Additional nozzles are available for purchase only.
  • It doesn’t produce enough heat to melt solder.

Wagner 0503038 HT400 — Best Heat Gun For Crafts

Wagner HT400
Wondering what is a heat gun for crafts, take a look at the next item. This high-temperature heat gun is noted for its design and resembles a pencil. Such construction allows performing minor works when accurate direct heating is required. This mini heat gun is mostly used for art and craft projects.

That’s why it’s not suitable for vinyl wrapping and other similar projects because it may take a whole day to handle just a piece of work. However, the tool is able to re-melt adhesives and shape plastic materials, as well as do embossing (it heats rapidly that is good for this application). This model can work outdoors to heat shrink crimp on wire connectors in cool weather (40F, for example) and a cooler incoming air doesn’t mess with it.


  • It comes with a little removable stand.
  • The unit heats up to 650F that’s really great for such a small model.
  • It melts a solder without an issue.


  • It’s fitted with only one heat setting.

Wagner Spraytech 0503070

Wagner Spraytech 0503070
When speaking of the best heat gun, the Wagner 0503070 worth mentioning because of its powerful engine that features 1500W. On low fan speed, this model goes from 125F to 1,300F for five speeds and one cool-down setting. In other words, it can melt any type of plastic (consider not to take surface too close to the heating element to avoid smoking). The heat gun is designed with a dual fan speed selector that makes high and low fan speed adjustments in order to dial the amount of heat that’s needed.

On the top of the device, one can see an LCD screen with push-button controls. It comes with an ergonomic stand to allow installing the gun and use it hands-free. A convenient hook is also on board to mount the gun on the wall or support it while working at an altitude in order to move hands. Various settings allow getting the proper heat and changing speeds to prevent a burn. Besides, this model is suitable for a wide array of work – shrinking, heating up various materials, paint stripping, heating PVC pipes, and so on.

The model is remarkable for a good insulation of the body of the gun. When the metal around the tip takes it beyond 400F, it’s still possible to touch its cabinet bare-handed.


  • It’s a lightweight model to use it effortlessly.
  • The kit includes two nozzles.


  • Not durable switch that can stick in a while.
  • Takes a lot of time to heat and cool down.

DEWALT D26960K — Best Heat Gun for Electronics

These heat gun reviews can’t miss the DEWALT D26960K and its case with 12 accessories inside to handle both simple and hard work. Moreover, it’s fitted with an LCD screen on the top of the device that displays the heating temperature. The tool operates at the temperatures from 150F up to 1100F and has two speed modes. No one will be worried about overloading due to its protection system that’s developed to escape burn up.

This unit’s design got a new feature – stable kickstand support to avoid tip falling over and provide quick and hassle-free shrink-wrapping. It’s made of sturdy high-quality plastic and feels well designed. It heats up fast and stays consistent. The Dewalt heat gun is absolutely safe – whether to use it indoors or outdoors.


  • Extremely long 10-feet cord.
  • It comes with a cord protector to prevent tearing it away from the tool.
  • Built-in hang ring for convenient storage.


  • It’s not very effective for pulling oils out of poly plastics.

Hitachi RH650V

Hitachi RH650V
It is reasonable to consider this model as a professional heat gun because it copes with tasks great and features the adjustable temperature in the range of 120 –1200F. The unit comes with the overload protection on the system that turns off the gun automatically when using it for a long period.

The Hitachi RH650V is fitted with a soft-grip handle to hold it with maximum comfort. The additional nozzles are included in the kit. Besides, its extremely powerful motor (2000W of input power) makes it possible to copy with stripping paint, removing flooring, loosening rusted nuts and bolts, thawing frozen pipes, softening or removing adhesives, drying paint or plaster, heating shrinking packaging and tubing, shaping plastic and PVC.


  • Gun’s body does not get hot even when using it for hours.
  • It has an automatic cool mode.
  • It offers six fan speeds to choose from.


  • A short cord that is just about 2–3 feet long.

Buyers Guide

What is a Heat Gun Used for?

Actually, the list of jobs it can handle is very long and it’s clear from the reviews above. However, a certain set of functions depends on the model. Some units are designed to do home repairs and the others are helpful for contractors. There’re also units that are developed to create pieces of art (sculpting, pottery, etc.). The number of opportunities also depends on the heating gun price.

The most traditional guns’ use is removing paint and other types of adhesives, but even the low-cost models can bend plastic tubes, weld foils, solder pipes, and do defrosting. Some creative people use it to roast coffee beans and melt chocolate to take baking up a notch.

How to Use a Heat Gun

In fact, this tool is very simple and doesn’t demand special skills. Just turn it on and hold it at an angle of approximately 45 degrees from the work and not too close to the surface to avoid burning the material.

The further procedure depends on the project. If removing paint, turn the tool off when seeing the bubbles and then use a scraper to finish this application. In addition, each tool needs an assortment of nozzles for diverse jobs. Choose the right one to proceed correctly. For example, tale a reducer nozzle to focus airflow and a flat tip to produce its wide distribution.

The Maximum Temperature of a Heat Gun

Another frequently asked question is “how hot do heat guns get?” The biggest possible range of degrees is from 12 up to 1100F. However, just a few models can get hotter than 1300+. The range covers a whole set of home and plenty of professional projects, but it’s not able to weld or cut iron, of course.