Best Cordless Jigsaw Reviews

Best Cordless Jigsaw Reviews

The automatic jigsaws work faster and more precisely in comparison to the hand saw. However, there is no single universal tool for any type of work. This tool can have different blade-holding mechanism and motor power, need various supplements (even the best cordless jigsaw tool needs a backup battery for the continuous work).

The jigsaws can be powered in three ways:

  • cordless – its best advantage is portability. Cable length and power outlet proximity don’t limit the operation. Still, these models cannot work for hours, requiring recharging. Another downside present even in the best cordless jigsaws is the considerable weight of the tool – it is much heavier than corded models.
  • corded – this is usually more powerful than a cordless tool, even if you will choose the best cordless tools for you, it has a stable current supply and doesn’t require batteries. It can be used for long-lasting heavy-duty work. Their only drawback is limited portability.
  • pneumatic – it’s powered by the air and require an air compressor to be applied. On the market, there are just a few models and we don’t recommend purchasing them.

Cordless Jigsaw Reviews

Dewalt DCS331B

This solid tool has a metallic working part and blade-changing mechanism. It can work at high speed of 3,000 SPM for more than an hour due to 20V Lithium-Ion battery.

This cordless jigsaw allows choosing the orbital speed of the blade between four-speed grades, thus, adjusting to the different materials: plywood, wet wood, plastic, metal pipe, etc. The solid shoe can be beveled at four detents ranging from flat to 45 degrees angle. The item enables thin curved cuts with high accuracy.

This frequent nominee of the best cordless tool reviews has a large ergonomic handle situated at an angle. It ensures a comfortable grip and quality control over the tool’s operation.

  • Quick and safe blade changing mechanism allows no contact with the blade at manual changing.
  • Cuts the wood very clear in the straight blade position, no splinter even at the highly chippy materials.
  • Wide propelled trigger is handy and ergonomic, so you get tired more rarely.
  • No laser guide for the demonstration of the tool’s motion direction.
  • Too low power of the built-in dust blower isn’t enough to remove the sawdust completely.

Makita XVJ03Z

Makita XVJ03Z
This sturdy tool is often placed on top position in the cordless jigsaw reviews. It has solid all-metal adjustable shoe coated to ensure steady motion and worksite protection. Due to wide clearance, it also enables accurate and well-controlled cuts.

The battery has 18V capacity, which is enough for most of the DIY tasks and projects. Makita XVJ03Z is quite powerful. It can cut at three grades of the orbital speed and provides fast and pure straight cuts. It deals with all types of materials from softwood to ferrous metal equally smoothly. However, the speed must be adjusted accordingly.

The tool has a grippy rubberized handle and a wide trigger accommodating two fingers. This makes the operation easy and comfortable.

  • Steady vibration-free operation at maximum 2,600 SPM speed.
  • The integrated LEd light guide is aligned precisely, clearly displaying the tool’s motion.
  • The speed control lever is sturdy yet responsive enough to be switched quickly during the operation.
  • It’s rather heavy, that might become an issue at long-lasting projects.
  • High price.

Porter-Cable PCC650B

This low-priced jigsaw cordless adjusts the cutting with regard to the user’s needs and the chosen material. It has three positions of the orbital speed of the blade that allow varying between blunt straight cuts and more careful curved ones.

The tool is quite powerful — its 20V Lithium battery can power the motor to produce up to 2,500 strokes per minute. It can slice the wood with clean straight splinter-free cuts or accurately saw through the thin copper plate. The actual operation speed can be controlled through the pressure on the trigger, which is quite responsive.

The blade can be changed fast, by simply shifting the clamp. However, to make bevel cuts at an angle, an Allen wrench must be used to fix the footplate in the needed position.

  • The compact design allows using the jigsaw with ease in the corners and tight places.
  • Rubber handle has an ergonomic construction letting apply little force to operate the tool.
  • Long-lasting battery life ensures the least interruption in the work.
  • No LED or other track guide is foreseen.
  • The shoe can go unstable at the high speed; the vibration is felt.

Bosch JSH180B

Bosch JSH180B
This cable-free tool is secured from all sides and provides highly safe operation. The middle part of the blade is covered by inventive metallic fencing not letting the outside objects to get to the blade. The motor and the battery are safe from the excessive load and heating up by application of electronic protection.

The button locking the blade is helpful when the jigsaw is used at the height or carried along. The tool is lightweight and can be easily operated with one hand only. So can the blade exchange process. The T-shank blade can be removed without touching and the new blade can be installed and fixed easily.

  • The footplate can be fixed at different degrees up to 45 in order to provide smooth and precise bevel cuts.
  • Four orbital-action options allow setting the most efficient cutting mode for wood or metal.
  • Tapered rubber handle is compact and ensures a tight and comfortable grip.
  • The integrated LED light glares at laminate and other shiny surfaces making the track poorly discernible.
  • The battery discharges fast.

Ryobi One+ P523

Ryobi One+P523
Ryobi One+ P523 it’s a versatile tool which has a compact size and can fit into many tight places that even the corded models cannot reach. The weight of this cordless jigsaw with battery is also light that allows taking it along when working at the height.

The battery is 18V feeding the motor well ensuring 3,000 SPM maximum speed. It allows controlling the orbital action adjusting the blade motion and providing clean and sharp straight cuts and accurate curved ones.

The Ryobi one handles hardwood, softwood, plastic, and metal. Its enhanced operation control lets pick the suitable mode both for a solid lumber piece and thin metal. It doesn’t chip off the material and brings little sawdust. The latter is not an issue as well due to the built-in dust blower.

  • The adjustable base can be elevated to ensure the deeper penetration of the blade; handy if the blade started wearing out.
  • The trigger lock button lets remove the tension from the hand and operate the tool more accurately.
  • The LED light maps the tool’s motion providing for the precision of the cut.
  • The battery gets flat quickly at the maximum speed of work.
  • Inserting the blade might be tricky – it must be pushed fully into the holder. Otherwise, it might fall out.

Milwaukee 2445-20

Milwaukee 2445-20
This lightweight jigsaw is simple in design and operation. It has a straight outline with the solid metal footplate and is highly durable. The handle is situated at the side of the tool and isn’t encircled as in other popular models. It feels solid and grippy due to rubber coating; it also has the place for the little finger to rest while working.

The battery capacity is 12V, which isn’t much. However, it provides up to 2,800 strokes per minute and is able to deal easily with plastic and metal pipes and thick plywood.

The shoe can be put at an angle without any additional tools and provide angular cuts up to 45 degrees. There is a non-marring insert, letting the working surface stay clean and the jigsaw to glide calmly along. The built-in LED light is a good addition that allows orienting the user while working.

  • This tool makes deep straight cuts into the wood without the slightest blade bending.
  • Quick and easy blade exchange (no tool required).
  • The anti-splinter insert ensures the cleanness of the cut.
  • No orbital action control.
  • No front blade protection.

Hitachi CJ18DGLP4

Hitachi CJ18DGLP4
The strong build of this cordless jigsaw ensures its steady high-quality performance even at the maximum speed. The latter equals to 2,400 strokes per minute and is enough to slice the plywood in straight stripes or perform delicately curved cuts in plaster for trimming.

The tool is powered by the 18V Lithium-Ion battery that holds the charge well and doesn’t “spill” it at the heavy-duty operation. The integrated LED light keeps precise track of the direction in which the tool moves, mapping the further operation.

This item has a universal blade fixation mechanism letting it use both T-shank and U-shank blades. The blade exchange is completely tool-free; they can be removed and installed by means of the manually switched clamp.

  • The sturdy metal shoe can be sloped to 45 degrees to enable the angular cuts.
  • Ergonomic tapered handle lets control the operation comfortably and confidently.
  • It’s equipped with the blade storage holder for enhanced user convenience.
  • The tool is quite costly, especially considering the price of the batteries.
  • No integrated dust blower.

Buyers Guide

What to Look for When Buying a Cordless Jigsaw?

When shopping for a сordless jigsaw, the primary consideration is the task and frequency you are planning to use the tool for. Pay attention to the following issues:

  • Power. The in-house trimming or occasional DIY projects don’t require as much power as heavy-duty contracting works. A jigsaw with 18V and 4 Amps makes a good example of the “golden mean”.
  • Speed. Straight abrupt cuts through tough materials like hardwood ones need high speed. At the same time, going through the aluminum sheet would require slower speed and careful proceeding.Curved cutting doesn’t need high speed, too. That’s why the option of the speed adjustment is valuable, making this tool versatile.
  • Construction. The sturdy build of all parts, all-metal rugged foot, and working part are the must-have for the heavy-duty jigsaw jobs. However, smaller models with thinner shoe can have better clearance and be more lightweight and thus, handier.
  • Angle adjustment. The ability to cut at an angle can become a crucial one at some tasks. Most of the modern cordless jigsaws can shift the angle and provide for precise beveled cuts.
  • Design. The position of the handle, its diameter, material, the width of the trigger sets out the user comfort and efficiency of the operation.

How to Use it Safely?

As any powered appliance and sawing tool, the cordless jigsaw has its own safety regulations to be adhered to.

  • No fire, no water. Even the tiniest spark can cause the battery ignition, while a drop of water can cause electric shock. Keep away from any hazards during your cutting work.
  • Do your homework. Learn the basic principle of the jigsaw work before starting using it. The manual to the actual model can help, too.
  • Dress safe. Put on all the safety things you have, such as clothes, goggles, work gloves, and dust shields. Do so even for the minor tasks, as the small splinters can spring off unexpectedly out of almost any material.
  • Check the blade. Use the sharp blades only. The dull ones won’t make a cut you need and might cause the jigsaw bounce from the workpiece, especially if too much pressure was applied. Always clean and lubricate the used blades. This will prolong their lifetime.
  • No drinking. Narcotic or alcohol intoxication is a taboo for jigsaw working.
  • Warn the others. Make sure the people around you know the cutting power appliance is used.
  • Stay concentrated. Do not distract while working. If something requires your immediate attention, stop the tool, lock it, and then go for the source of distraction.

How to Cut with Jigsaw Cordless?

Most jigsaws have the design and features alike, so the cutting techniques don’t differ much. Still, there are various tactics available depending on the type of blade you use.

  • With the regular blade teeth position (upward). For such cuts, you’ll need to hold the tool firmly and slightly press it to the surface. Since the cut comes to bottom up, the displayed side of the material must face downward.
  • With the blade with reverse teeth position. The on-display surface must be visible, as the stroke goes for final tear-out at the bottom position. With such blades, the jigsaw might be bouncing slightly, so, some pressure might be needed to steady it.