Top 8 Best Angle Grinder reviews

Top 8 Best Angle Grinder reviews
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The best angle grinder is a tool managing all the tasks your current project presumes. Often, getting an overkill appliance will mean the waste of money. The best metal grinder might turn out to be too heavy and powerful for wood polishing. The less powerful models can become helpless at hard stuff like concrete, etc.

The main difference between the types of such equipment is their cord dependance. Let’s list the main pros and cons of the corded angle grinder vs. the cordless one.

  • Power. The corded models are usually more powerful and can deal with harder materials like solid wood, tile, etc. Still, the cordless angle grinder wins the battle in the places without the electricity source or where the outlet is too far.
  • Portability. While a battery-equipped device is considered more portable due to no cord limit, it also has an additional battery weight. At height works, this might become a drawback.
  • Cost. The cordless tools are usually pricier than the cabled ones. That’s a positive point for the corded angle grinder.

Picking one of the top rated angle grinders is always a matter of weighing pros and cons. Do it efficiently, with the help of our smart angle grinder reviews!

Best Angle Grinder Reviews

Best Cordless Angle Grinders

Makita XAG03Z — Task- and Budget-Wise Smart Angle Grinder

Makita XAG03Z
This versatile angle grinder is a perfect choice for occasional repairs or DIY. Its cordless design and a relatively small size allow operating it even in hard-to-reach locations. The angle grinder uses durable Makita discs and can do a variety of jobs: tile cutting, metal angle grinding, wood adjusting and so on.

The motor is brushless ensuring the moderate heating up of the tool during the work. It also provides for the shorter maintenance time of the angle grinder, as it does not require brush cleaning over a period of work. It has an electronic control allowing to adapt the speed and torque automatically with regard to the current job needs. This function also saves the energy considerably, letting the tool serve longer during a single battery charge. The 18V Lithium-Ion battery enables solid 8,500 RPM efficiency for most of the household and professional tasks.

  • Fast and toolless disc exchange mechanism.
  • Comfortable grippy handle ensures easy operation.
  • Built-in smart lock for auto-stopping the bent blade works instantly and precisely.
  • No manual speed adjustment.
  • Non-informative manual.

DEWALT DCG413B — Powerful Angle Grinder with Enhanced Protection

This sturdy middle-class tool can handle multiple works and materials including concrete grinding and solid wood cutting. It has a powerful low-vibration motor emitting 9,000 RPM at zero load and a maximum battery capacity of 20V.

The unit has several safety mechanisms. The paddle switch works seamlessly leading the disc to stop in a few seconds upon releasing the paddle. If the operation is threatened in any way (the disc is prone to be bent, the mechanism is cluttered, etc.), the kickback brake mechanism stops the rotating automatically. Another safety thing, before turning on the angle grinder tool again, it requires turning a trigger switch full-cycle.

The tool has a comfortable handle of a good diameter to fit almost any hand. There is also a user hand protection ring on the handle to prevent injury from the disc and/or the flying dust and debris.

  • Magnet-equipped motor has a high torque and is maintenance-free.
  • Motor isn’t loud, emitting little noise when working at a light load.
  • Good ergonomics and compact size lead to less user’s fatigue.
  • Battery gets hot upon usage, so the immediate recharging isn’t possible.
  • Safety trigger is a bit stiff and isn’t always handy to push back.

Hitachi G18DSLP4 — Compact and Powerful Cordless Angle Grinder with Brushed Motor

Hitachi G18DSLP4
This potentially best cheap angle grinder is a multi-tasker designed to fit in the hard-to-reach locations. It has perfect ergonomics to cram in narrow places and be handy to operate. It’s lightweight enough to operate it comfortably at height.

The motor is very powerful for this size of the tool, featuring high torque and steady operation. Though it has a brush-equipped design, the angle grinder doesn’t get hot quickly, even when working heavy-duty. It is powered by a standard 18V Lithium-Ion battery. The latter has good storage properties and keeps the charge well both on the shelf and during work. Recharging is really fast taking a couple of hours.

The tool is equipped with several protection mechanisms. It has a special anti-starting trigger preventing the accidental turning on the grinder when the battery is installed. The overcurrent safety trigger secures the battery from damage in case of overload.

  • Can cut and grind consistently through various materials from a relatively soft plastic pipe to the masonry and concrete boards.
  • Solid build of the tool’s body and supplements, all fitting seamlessly and providing steady reliable operation.
  • Brushes can be reached from the outside and replaced easily.
  • Quick battery discharge during load.
  • Vibration is quite palpable at the high-load work.

Milwaukee 2780-20 — Durable Cordless Grinder with Keyless Adjustment

Milwaukee 2780-20
The first thing to praise about this battery powered angle grinder is its durable build. All components do not compromise in quality and are fitted seamlessly. The grinder feels robust and reliable. It is convenient to hold thanks to the ergonomic shape and rubberized grip area.

The motor is brushless, with no maintenance need and moderate heating up when working at a load. It produces steady 8,500 RPM throughout the whole period of battery supply. The cuts are made easily, so is the sanding. The tool is enhanced with vibration reduction tech allowing to operate it precisely and without much fatigue.

The grinder is equipped with the lever allowing to change the disc and adjust the operation without additional tools. The handle is fixed by a screw, so to change position it must be removed and screwed in again (manually).

  • Quick yet smooth start and good braking mechanism.
  • Motor produces just a little noise at different load levels.
  • Big disc guard protects the user’s hands and the tool from debris and dust.
  • Paddle switch is rather stiff and cumbersome, though it ensures high safety.
  • Fast battery draining at medium and high loads.

Best Corded Angle Grinders

DEWALT DWE402 — Sturdy Powerful Performer with Super High Torque

The motor of this corded angle grinder spins as fast as 11,000 rotations per minute ensuring butter-like cuts,smooth sanding and pin-sharpening. It uses large brushes and the spiral transmission gear for delivering the steady non-skipping performance. This cabled angle grinder uses a smart safety tech for the tool shutdown when the brushes wear out. It also features other mechanisms for securing the user and the grinder from damage.

The paddle switch is conveniently situated in the center of the handle and works well. Just a slight grip release results in the complete stop of spinning. The spindle fix button is situated on top of the grinder and serves for the additional enforcement of the all-metal working part. It allows going deep when making cuts.

The tool has good ergonomics. The central part isn’t wide in diameter and has a finger-supporting “landscape” on the bottom. The auxiliary handle is sturdy and well protected. It can be screwed in on the left or right sides and provides additional stability and control over grinder’s operation.

  • Fast and simple keyless wheel removal.
  • The One-Touch guard design enables moving it at 360 degrees without any tools.
  • The integrated dust ejecting mechanism serves for longer operation and life of the tool.
  • No speed adjustment available.
  • The grinder is of medium size and quite heavy — might become an issue at height works.

Hitachi G12SS2 — Durable and Compact Corded Angle Grinder with a Trigger Lock

Hitachi G12SS2
The small size of this cabled grinder is delusive, as it produces 12,000 RPM at no load operation. It grinds off the rust or cuts through concrete equally fast and smooth. The motor is 5.1 amp one with the power output up to 700 W. Its operation is well-balanced ensuring no excessive heating and a long life of the grinder.

All the parts, from aluminum gear to polyamide body, are top-quality ones and are composed in a tailor-made manner. For some people, the G12SS2 will be the best angle grinder due to its convenience. The small weight of the grinder does not compromise with the low vibration and next-to-zero kickback. The tool is handled easily due to a comfortable hand grip on both the body and the side handle.

The lock-on button is situated at the side and is convenient to press with one finger. It allows continuous work of the grinder without the need for holding the paddle/switch.

  • Simple and reliable spindle lock enables quick accessory fitting.
  • Big integrated dust blower fan efficiently removes the dust and debris.
  • Slim body and working gear allow operating the grinder in the tight areas.
  • No overload protection.
  • The cord is a bit short in comparison to an average cabled grinder.

Makita 9557PBX1 — Professional Angle Grinder with Enhanced Motor Protection

Makita 9557PBX1
This versatile heavy-duty tool provides steady 11,000 RPM for cutting all types of hard material. It can sand, grind and cut deep equally efficiently and easy, which makes this model one of the best angle grinders.

The motor is secured from contamination by the labyrinth mechanism construction preventing dust from getting inside. The special varnish is laid in a zig-zag manner in order to repel the dust and debris from the working parts of the grinder.

The guard is large and well-fitting. It is adjusted without additional tools and provides solid user’s protection. Another safety feature is a large paddle switch letting handle the grinder with comfort and disconnecting the motor at once it is released.

  • Soft start tech ensures longer life of the motor.
  • Integrated AC/DC switch enables powering the tool from different sources.
  • Tool comes in a kit of the sturdy metal case and supplementary cut / grinding discs.
  • Lock pin for wheel installation requires time to get used to operate.
  • No speed control/adjustment option.

BLACK+DECKER BDEG400 — Solid and Easy-to-Use Corded Angle Grinder, with Metal Casing

This cabled grinder provides consistently reliable operation at 10,000 RPM, without getting hot or producing much vibration. It fits most jobs of grinding, sharpening, sanding and cutting and deals with the wide range of materials (from wood and plastic to concrete and metal).

The grinder has a sturdy build, featuring a metal working part and the plastic-and-rubber body. For additional user’s comfort, there is a handle that can be also mounted on top of the tool ensuring the consistent work even in tight places.

The simple wheel-changing mechanism provides for the fast disc removal and installation, by means of a spanner wrench.

  • Compact size provides portability and ease of use.
  • Motor stays cool even upon excessive work at a medium load.
  • Bottom-low price for a professional quality tool.
  • Trigger switch is too tight, doesn’t respond instantly and might get stuck occasionally.
  • Supports the Type 27 discs only.

Buyers Guide

Where to Apply an Angle Grinder

An angle grinder is a multi-task tool that can accommodate various wheels fit for a different purpose. Here’s a brief list outlining what is an angle grinder used for:

  • tasks:
    • cutting. The high torque, sharp blades and sturdy build allow an angle grinder to perform straight cuts efficiently.
    • grinding. Removing the remnants of the concrete after concrete casting work or getting rid of the rust on the metal or paint excess is another frequent task an angle grinder is applied for.
    • sharpening. Apply a grinding disc and sharpen a knife, scissors or any other blade.
      • material:
        • metal. A powerful angle grinder can cut through thick metal sheets and rods, make cutouts, etc.
        • cement and concrete. Slicing cement boards is easy with a high-torque sturdy angle grinder.
        • tile. An angle grinder cuts through tile efficiently, however, depending on the tile type, the edge might be crumbled.
        • plastic. A grinder can be used at all types of plastic objects, including pipes, boards, and so on.
        • wood. A grinder tool can replace a circular saw when dealing with wood. However, its capacity is limited by a guard/disc diameter — it won’t go deep into a large log.

        Using an Angle Grinder Tool

        Angle grinders are used for different purposes. Here’s the advice specifying how to use an angle grinder in each case:

        • cutting. Make sure the object is immobilized. Install the blade into the grinder tool (by means of a wrench, if needed), connect it to the power supply (or insert the battery), point the angle grinder at the object and start the tool.
        • grinding. Install a wire wheel or a wire brush to an angle grinder, connect a power source, and direct the grinder onto the surface. Be careful not to press the grinder too tight.
        • sharpening. Install a grind wheel, hold the tool in your hand, connect the power and take the blade near the edge of the disc. Make sure not to bring it too close.

        Safety First! Tips

        • Safe worksite. The place must be free from secondary objects, clean and well illuminated. Good ventilation, no exposure to water, open circuit or fire are mandatory. Children and animals must be safely outside.
        • Protective equipment. Use workwear and protect your eyes, open skin, respiratory system and hands.
        • Grinder condition. Check the tool integrity, its cable, guard position, the handle connection. Clean the ventilation slots.
        • Safe use. Choose the correct disc for your task and use the grinder according to the manual.