Top 7 Best Tool Chests reviews

Top 7 Best Tool Chests reviews
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Experienced craftsmen know that it takes effort to keep all the gear and accessories in order when you use them on a regular basis. After spending hours on fixing one problem at home, you feel too tired to put everything in its right place. The best tool chest is what might ease the mess that gets only bigger and makes you more and more frustrated.

Modern tool chests boast lots of advantages. The majority of them are made of heavy-duty materials that ensure amazing durability. Many tool boxes have three or more sections that enable you to store numerous tools in order. Some are equipped with reliable locking mechanisms that contribute to better security.

They differ in cost, size, and purpose. You can see an endless variety of options on the market, and below are presented the most successful and alluring options among which you have a chance to find your best tool chest.

Read all the reviews to be sure which tool chest is able to meet your budget, personal expectations, and needs well.

Tool Chest Reviews

Stanley 028001L 28-Inch Structural Foam Toolbox

Stanley 028001L 28-Inch Structural Foam Toolbox
This US general tool box is able to carry heavy loads and remarkable for an extra-large capacity that lets you store all the essential tools in one place.

The box is made of heavy-duty materials and has a soft-grip handle that ensures easy and secure transportation of your gear. The toolbox is water-resistant, so you can also keep battery-powered tools in here without fear of getting them damaged. It is also equipped with rust-resistant metal latches that protect your items safely. You may also like V-grooves designed to hold materials that you are cutting, including lumber and pipes.

The Stanley 028001L box definitely wins points due to its ergonomic design. The chest box is absolutely versatile and designed to carry all types of tools of any weight. It also has a portable tray that allows for multiple storage options of your equipment. The chest box is easily portable and won’t be a burden to its owner in spite of its huge size.

I recommend buying this Stanley extra-large box to folks that want to keep both their big and small gear in safety and order.


  • The price is budget-friendly and fully fits the benefits this toolbox offers.
  • The hinges and handle are sturdy.


  • If you keep it open for over 2-3 days, the chest box may bend and the waterproofing seals won’t line up.

TRINITY TWM-3501 Wood Toolbox, Brown

TRINITY TWM-3501 Wood Toolbox, Brown
This US general tool box review might be interesting not only for professionals dealing with tools on a daily basis but also for women that search for a compact and convenient box to store their jewelry and other little items.

The tool chest has eight pull-out drawers of varying sizes that help organize your professional and hobby stuff in the most suitable way. The TWM-3501 box is equipped with convenient nickel-plated handles that allow for simple transportation. The front lid is designed to hide the closed drawers and contributes to a better and more stylish look. Hardware and corners are also nickel-finished and have good contrast with the wood. The tool box has scratch-resistant feet that protect the box surface and prolong its operating life.

Trinity created a splendid design that combines green felt-lined interior and mahogany wood. This mix makes the toolbox look gorgeous and fit with any furniture or decor. You should be aware that the TWM-3501 is small-sized and not fit to store bulky and heavy items.

My recommendation on this tool chest is that you should choose the TWM-3501 if your stuff does not include big things that can break its body.


  • The product looks so gorgeous; it could be an amazing gift.
  • The drawers have a paraffin wax coating for smooth action.


  • The toolbox is fairly expensive.
  • It is not good for mechanics tools.
  • The wood is of poor quality and may split over time.

Viper Tool Storage V218MCBL Steel Mini Storage Chest

Viper Tool Storage V218MCBL Steel Mini Storage Chest
This Viper Tool storage chest is one of the best tool boxes for storing tiny and minuscule tools or parts that are easy to lose in disarray.

The tool box is medium-sized but has an amazing design that ensures optimal space arrangement. The body consists of two drawers with a capacity of 50 lb each. The compartments are mobile and run on ball bearing slides that provide a smooth glide and easy removal. The chest has anti-scratching and chemical-resistant powder coating that makes the tool case less sensitive to wear. Unlike other toolbox options, the Viper Tool promises the highest safety level because the system is protected by the tubular cam lock.

The tool chest has two steel soft-grip handles that allow for convenient transportation. You may also be pleased with extra space that can be added by opening the lid compartment. The product comes in three different colors so that the buyer can choose the one fitting with their décor well.

I see the Viper Tool box as an ideal choice for the folks who are in need of arranging their tools and equipment neatly. Though the tool chest is not huge, it still offers enough space to sort out essential gear and keep it in order.


  • The price point is not elevated.
  • The tool box is not accessible by children because of the secure lock.
  • The drawers stay closed when moving the box.


  • The unit is too small to store heavy and bulky items.

Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Portable Chest Toolbox Red

Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Portable Chest Toolbox Red
This harbor freight tool box review describes a handy and spacious chest designed to organize your tools that are usually scattered in your garage.

The metal body has three drawers with ball bearing slides that perfectly work no matter how many heavy items are inside them. You can also notice a pair of hasps and a pair of staples that together ensure better safety and equipment protection, especially when you move the tool box. Besides, there is also some extra space you can get by opening the lid. But when the lid is closed, the drawers stay closed as well.

The Craftsman box is remarkable for extreme sturdiness. Unlike other toolbox models, it is not equipped with wheels because its weight is about 20 pounds and you will find it hard to move it.

The tool chest has a bright and eye-catching look. The red color is always classy. This is why the tool box will bring a little bit of fashion into your place.

My recommendation on the Craftsman 3-Drawer is that this tool chest is primarily designed for mechanics items that are heavy and need a secure storage area.


  • The product is the cheapest on the list.
  • The locking bar can be removed.
  • The included diagrams show how you can oil the drawer tracks and remove the drawers if needed.


  • The depth takes only 8 inches. It may be too small to store lots of tools at a time.

Homak Industrial 22-Inch Cantilever Steel Toolbox

Homak Industrial 22-Inch Cantilever Steel Toolbox
If you are looking for a high-quality and cheap tool chest, this 22-inch Homak toolbox could take on this role.

The Homak design is focused on delivering better safety and protection of your gear. The metal body allows storing all kinds of heavy and bulky equipment. It is 8 mm thick and features amazing resistance to shocks and damage. The tool chest is also protected with a padlock. You can keep any sharp or dangerous tools in there without having to worry that your children may access them accidentally. You can find four shelves inside the box that contribute to a better arrangement of your tools and accessories.

The toolbox features exclusive durability and promises a long lifespan. The solid construction allows you to carry it around all the time. Individuals doing mechanic work would benefit most from the Homak chest as it has a convenient plastic handle for simple transportation. Yet, it is not equipped with wheels and thereby less attractive in terms of mobility compared to other toolbox alternatives on the list.

One noticeable drawback of this model is its weight that makes 21 lbs. One should be physically strong enough to carry this tool box on a regular basis. With regard to other sides, I’d say that the 22-inch Homak toolbox is fit for many persons who seek increased cabinet security and would like to keep their garage furniture in safety.


  • It is sturdy and heavy-duty.
  • The toolbox is sold at a reasonable price.
  • The unit comes with glue-on corners to protect surfaces.


  • It comes only in brown color.

Omega 92450 Black Tool Box Creeper

Omega 92450 Black Tool Box Creeper
This Omega 92450 model could be the best mechanic tool box for those buyers who need a mobile and compact cabinet to store their gear in perfect order.

The body consists of three 3-inch drawers that let you sort out your tools and accessories effectively. The box is made of heavy-duty materials that provide enhanced durability and long operating life. The toolbox’s rated capacity reaches up to 450 lb and allows for the storage of heavy and bulky tools. There is a pair of trays located on the front and back that you can use to store some accessories that have to stay on hand.

This creeper tool box is mobile and user-friendly. It is rigged with four polyurethane castor wheels that make it possible to move this cabinet easily, even with heavy weights stored inside or on the trays.

The Omega tool box’s design is quite extraordinary. You can see a soft leather seat cushion built on top of the cabinet that transforms this tool chest into a comfortable chair if necessary.

The unit is not lightweight, but it is not big trouble because the user is expected to benefit from a side handle that allows moving the cabinet easily. The Omega 92450 comes only in classic black color that is fit for any décor and furniture.


  • The price is extremely low.


  • The tool box does not have a locking mechanism.
  • There are no similar casters on the market to buy in case you damage these ones.
  • The trays are made of plastic.

Stanley 037025H 50 Gallon Mobile Chest

Stanley 037025H 50 Gallon Mobile Chest
If you are looking for a versatile tool chest option, the Stanley 037025H would be a smart decision and the last tool chest review on our list.

The toolbox boasts a vast capacity of 50 gallons that are enough to store all your mechanic tools as well as other stuff that need a strict arrangement. The body is made of structural foam that features good durability and equipped with a soft-grip handle that helps you transport the toolbox conveniently. The Stanley H 50 has a couple of heavy-duty rubber-coated wheels that allow for the toolbox’s mobility and transportation.

What you may also like about this model is a wide work surface on the top that can be of use when cutting materials or fixing something outdoors. Besides, the tool chest has a locking mechanism allowing you to feel safe while you are away from the cabinet.

My recommendation is that you should go with the Stanley 037025H if you are intent on getting a large and hard-case tool box that provides increased safety and security.


  • The unit is suited to store deep-cycle batteries and battery-powered tools.


  • The hinges are made of poor-quality plastic.

Some Tips on How to Organize a Tool Chest Effectively

Keeping your things organized requires time and patience. If your tool box is messy, here is a simple way of getting it neat.

#1 Empty your tool box

Before establishing order in your tool chest, it is important to assess the situation and make sure that all the things inside the storage box really should be there. Look at the tool box’s contents and see to it that each item is part of your equipment or gear. Then make sure that the tools and the box are both free from dirt and do not require any extra cleaning. If either is somewhat greasy, take it outdoors and get rid of the filth.

#2 Sort it out

After cleaning everything properly, you should examine the tools for fitness. If some are rusty or damaged, they won’t serve a purpose. It is better to throw them away so that there would be more space in your storage box. Leave only those things that are really going to be of use to you. If you have doubts about some tool, it usually means that you probably won’t take advantage of it later. I recommend you to keep that gear that you are sure to apply for sure.

#3 Evaluate the weight and size of tools

The tool box is designed to store mainly small-sized stuff that tends to get lost in disarray. In theory, you can use it to keep some bulky items, but there is no point in doing it because it would be impractical. This is why you should prioritize your equipment and give preference to the most important gear. I recommend leaving out some bulky tools that can be easily placed on the shelf and do not require necessarily the tool chest.

Then you should evaluate your tool box’s capacity. If it is medium-sized with a capacity of 25 lbs, you won’t be able to put lots of stuff inside.

#4 Organize your tools

There are various ways of organizing your equipment. It fully depends on your vision and preferences. I can distinguish three principal ways.

By purpose

Some tools may fulfill the same duty. For example, bolts and washers can be interchangeable in some cases. You could group all similar items to make it easier to find what you need at the urgent moment.

By project

Another method is to divide all your gear into classes where each class is involved with one project. For instance, some tools are strictly used to deal with water systems, while others are necessary for repair work. This might be a bit complicated though because you should possess a tremendous number of items to build upon this classification. If you do, however, this could help you a lot.

By popularity

As a craftsman, you know that some tools are a lot more used than others. I suggest that you could group your equipment by popularity. For example, the tools you use most often should be stored conveniently so that you could access them easily at any moment.

#5 Label your tools

After sorting out your gear, you should label the drawers storing it. It would be much easier to look for a specific item when you clearly see the name of the contents inside each drawer.

#6 Place a cardboard

Take a piece of cardboard and put it on the bottom of your toolbox. This is a safeguard against grease, oil, and lubricants that may accidentally leak. The cardboard will absorb it and save your tool box from unnecessary dirt.

#7 Deal with miscellaneous items

There is always some stuff that does not belong to any group and literally has no storage place. I recommend buying a few trays on which you can place all these extra items that are difficult to sort out. Some tool chests have the built-in trays that are perfect to store nails, nuts, and other tiny stuff.

Now, you can put all your tools in their right places.

Here are some tips on keeping your tool box neat and clean:

  • Lubricate the casters at least once a year. This will help your tool box stay mobile longer.
  • Dust the box only with a soft cloth that won’t scratch or damage its case.
  • If you have spilled something on the tool chest unintentionally, wipe it off immediately because some liquids can eat into the surface and damage it.

These rules and tips will help you extend your tool box’s service and take advantage of it for a long time.